A Brief Look into Industrial Floor Lamps

Industrial floor lamps are lamps that have distinct and antique features compared to other lamps. These lamps are mostly used for office and workspace designs. The different look they have creates an industrious, which is essential for productivity! If you wanted to feel like a scientist in the 20th century, you should try one of these lamps!


Industrial floor lamps are divided into two main categories. One is the hanging lamps, and the other is the under-cabinet lamps. The main difference between the two is that the hanging lamps are meant to be suspended from the ceiling, and the under-cabinet lamps are meant to be kept in the walls. This lamp is not going to be suitable if you are looking for a floor lamp. The latter can be challenging to install because they have to be kept on a flat surface and are difficult to fit through the hole in the wall. The floor lamps are placed upon the floor, which allows them to illuminate a specific part of a room.


Both types are beneficial, and for decorative purposes, there is no problem. The hanging floor lamps are generally used for placing in the walls and for highlighting particular features. This type of lamp is lovely to look at, and it serves its purpose very well. You can also use the industrial floor lamps in the corners since they don’t consume any space at all!

The heavy-duty industrial floor lamps that we use today are specially designed for working on floors. The lamps were first used for illuminating factory floors before they were later used for decorating them. This is why people use industrial floor lamps because they give you a sense of productivity, which is essential!

Since the style of our commercial office space is very high, using the right kind of lamps for a particular floor is essential. For example, in a large open room where there is no proper pattern of furniture, the wall lamps will do the job correctly. This is one of the main reasons why wall lamps are used for this purpose. If you lack space in your room, you can go with wall lamps.

Material Quality and Attributes

Another important thing that should be taken into consideration when choosing the kind of floor lamps for a specific floor is the thickness of the wall. Lamps with deeper bases are needed if the walls are thin. On the other hand, the lights with more lightweight bases should be used if the walls are thick. The station also provides stability for the lamp, which is crucial!

Lamps should be placed at the sides of long surfaces such as tall shelves or walls. If the lamps are too big for the area, they may not be visible. The lamp should be suitable compared to the rest of the room! The height of the floor lamp is pretty essential. If you have tall items in your room, you should buy industrial floor lamps that are taller than 69 inches.


If you want to have a good looking room with an industrious feeling, you should try industrial lamps. They have brass, golden, and metallic colors most of the time. You have to determine the general theme of your room and make your purchase according to that! If you are looking for these lamps, you should check this link! I’ve inspected the top 10 products for this year. You are going to find a lamp you like!

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