Avoid Doing These for an Easily Clean House

Many cleaning habits are traditionally earned. We mirror our elders when we do not do research. It mostly works well. Instead, we can make them work better with some more information. Here we’ll be talking about some cleaning habits you should stop for your good. All these bad habits seem to make things easier, but they won’t.

We generally have many decoration tips to help you fancy the chances on this web site. While it is a fact that no matter how high-quality furniture or tools you have, they won’t make you happy if you do not use the clean and properly.

You can clean your home quickly if you know where to start. This post shall be a good start!

Proper cleaning should be done every three days. Make it a week at the widest.

Stop postponing the inevitable.

This is sad, but almost we all tend to ‘snooze’ the alarm. For example, when we leave the laundry for later, we prepare ourselves a nightmare. Somewhere inside, the brain won’t allow that and keep processing below just like a stubborn software you installed. Your very self won’t realize it consciously, but the process would take the same slice from the cake. I feel like hearing from one of the readers saying that what if they died just after they finished the laundry. Well, you almost persuaded me!

Most people today take a look at the smart-phone screen just the check time and see a worthless notification. Another incident is giving an intended social media break. It is mostly supposed to be resting, but it is not. Scientifically believe that postponing the inevitable won’t save your energy for the reason that the brain is already the most energy spending limb.

Stop Cleaning First and Dusting Last

Start cleaning from the top and go down. Have several clean dusters. When you trap some dust inside one, start using the new one if you wouldn’t like to spread mud. The dirty duster would be rewashed and used, but remember, dusting is not supposed to be a wet type of cleaning. Leave your dusters some time to use them with a very little moist.

Do not have many types of cleaners.

Of course, they try to sell you many different kinds of products for the kitchen, for the bathroom, for the surface, etc. For most parts of the house, you need bleach. The amount of water in the mixture might depend. For instance, use a lot of water and only a little bleach for the kitchen. I assume you obey all the other rules within this article and I suppose you do some cleaning every three days. Otherwise, you’ll need those oil solvents.

Please note this if you have unique surfaces or furniture, need individual cleaning products, make exceptions for them.

Above all, storing cleaning products is already a big problem.

Read the descriptions

If you anyway buy some types of cleaners, at least read the things written on them. There is a lot to know about them. One most obvious is that some of them are concentrated. A minute of reading might save hours for you in some cases.

Stop leaving the bed unmade.

Even when you have a particular hurry, you should spend 20 seconds at least to make it look OK. Otherwise, it follows and leads a mess eventually.

When I was looking for a visual for this sub-title, I learned that untidy bedroom triggers asthma. I didn’t even know that, but it was still in the article.

Stop randomly stocking the fridge.

Your memory will keep all the records, but it sometimes won’t give you the information about the location of a rarely used yogurt! You don’t recall the day you put something in the fridge. On the contrary, your brain will go on worrying about contamination.

If you leave empty packs in the fridge just because it looked hard to use the trash at that time, you’ll have a contaminated fridge very soon.

Make everything visible in the fridge. If you feel like the fridge is not big enough, please consider buying fewer things rather than buying a bigger refrigerator.

Outside shoes should not step into the house.

Do you like wearing shoes at home? Wear specials shoes you spared for home. Wearing the same shoes is never a good idea. I hope you won’t, but one day, those who bring outside shoe home would dramatically learn what they brought home.

Stop leaving dishes in the sink.

This bad habit is very widespread. People leave the dishes in the sink with the wrong idea. Putting some water on them takes a very similar time with kindly wiping them and loading the dishwasher. If you do not use a dishwasher, I suppose you live alone. In that case, wash this tiny dish that you have.

Do not leave the tools dirty.

Please remember that if you do not clean the vacuum cleaner after you use it, the dirty mess is still inside the home. Clean them after every use. It will consequently improve your cleaning performance. I handled the vacuum cleaner as an example. You should apply it to all the cleaning tools.

Stop pouring too much of a cleaning product.

In most cases, just a little of a cleaning product would suffice. However, people exaggerate the scale. Gushing products can never make cleaning easier. Indeed, it will cause rinsing to be harder. Even more, you waste your most valuable resources: time and money.

Do not leave towels and bathrobes messy.

The picture is a decent example. Otherwise, I have two words: ‘it stinks.’

Do not leave your study table in chaos.

Make tidying a habit so it will take less time. You might still be able to find what you need. A tidy table will be easier to clean. Besides, you will not lose anything while cleaning. I know it sounds complicated, but it is not more difficult than trying to enjoy a coffee break surrounded by necessary cables or precious papers.


They say intelligent people tend to be messy. They might be right. I won’t be discussing this. However, they say it about the tendency. To use that intelligence better, give it a tidy table. All those paper clutter would cost you, dear.

I hope the intelligent people would have better use in the world. Maybe then, we’ll still have a similar number of problems because of the nature of the issues, but those problems might be way more innocent.

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