Best Basement Lighting Fixtures and Options in 2019

Basements are famous for being dark and large. When creating your lighting layout, both these features can be a nightmare. Once it’s been determined how the cellar will be utilized in the house, it is going to be much easier to develop a plan for adequate lighting. The design of the cellar restricts the amount of lighting. Step one of cellar lighting is carefully thinking about the design of your basement.

They’re famous for being the home’s room. Basements are also used for storage and shelter. Lighting isn’t critical if your room is used for storage or shelter. There are instances a basement may be used for entertainment or to extend quarters. If a basement is going to be a functional space, we’ll need to plan carefully to provide adequate lighting. Lighting fixtures will give the majority of the light Since the cellar is entirely or partly underground.

There are a variety of lighting options you can use for basement lighting. I’ve reviewed them carefully and tried to put together something useful for you.

Best Track Lighting for Basement

This one is the boss in your basement lighting. Everything in the basement will be based around this lighting type! They are set up for brightening up the whole space. Track lighting is generally the best ambient lighting choice when it comes to the basement. You can quickly point them in any direction you want. They can also focus on some furnishings in the space. Installing them is pretty simple; almost everybody can do it! You can find some of them in this article too!

Tanbaby 80W Garage Light

  • This one is suitable for the kitchen, garage, and basement.
  • It’s maintenance-free because of the high-quality design.
  • The leaf part is adjustable up to 90 degrees.
  • The 80W light bulb is mighty.
  • It has three different LED heads. All of them are adjustable, which makes it a great utility product.
  • 8000-lumen output so high, it might be too bright for some people.
  • 6500k bright daylight color temperature.
  • 2-year warranty.

If you are looking for powerful track lighting for your basement, this one will work great. The price of the lamp is perfect compared to other lamps in the market. It has a lifespan of 50000 hours, which is a huge plus!

NOMA Track Lighting

  • The 3-Light metal cage design is fantastic compared to other track lights.
  • You can use this one in industrial or retro designs with ease.
  • Lightbulbs are included in the package, which is a huge plus!
  • It can use any E26 light bulbs.
  • The installation is so easy. Everyone can do it.
  • The price could be a little bit lower. It’s expensive than I expect.
  • The track lights are fully adjustable.

I can suggest this one if you are looking for industrial track lighting for your bedroom!

Globe Electric 59063 Norris 4-Light Track Lighting

  • It has a perfect sleek design for any basement out there.
  • Suitable for who people who want to implement a modern design in their basements.
  • Two-color options.
  • Oil rubbed bronze can also look good in antique designs.
  • The track heads are fully adjustable, which is perfect.
  • The lamps are also dimmable, which is excellent for creating ambiances.
  • Light bulbs are included in the package. It works with GU10 Light bulbs.

You have to buy the dimmer switch separately, which is negative, in my opinion, but it gives you some freedom so I will take that. The brushed nickel version is perfect for minimalistic designs. I suggest that one. It can also be used for kitchens!

Best Fluorescent Lighting for Basements

These lamps are still used in nowadays basement designs despite the fact they consume more energy than LED lamps. However, I think they are a more powerful lighting source when it comes to pure power. They can also work great in cold environments compared to LED lamps.

GE 10185 Fluorescent Fixture 22 in T8

  • Excellent quality for the price.
  • It provides a cheap solution for garages, basements, and kitchen.
  • It comes with a T8 light bulb, which is cool for the price.
  • The plastic cover is adequate for moderate needs.
  • 22 inches in width.

I can suggest this one if you are looking for a cheap solution. Most of the customers are extremely satisfied with the product. It’s also effortless to install, which makes it an excellent option for newbies! You can get this one if you want an essential solution for your basement lighting needs!

Lithonia Lighting 10815 BN 2-Feet T8 Fluorescent


  • There are two size options on the sales page, including 2ft and 4ft.
  • You can also pick from 3 different design options.
  • It uses two 17W T8 fluorescent bulbs, which are sold separately.
  • Steel construction is highly durable.
  • It can hold up to four bulbs.
  • It’s effortless to install for most of the houses!
  • You can also use this one in the kitchen!
  • You can also use T8 LED light bulbs for this one.

The bronze scroll version is suitable for antique designed basements. Other designs of this lamp can also be used for creating different looks!

Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 24-Inch 840 Contractor

  • This is a mid-end product for customers who are looking to get the best bang for their money.
  • You can get a 2ft or 4ft version according to your needs.
  • It also has five different color temperature options.
  • It’s straightforward to install thanks to universal mounting plates. The product also has a beneficial manual!
  • It provides lighting at 1400 lumens.
  • It can be used for hallways, utility rooms, kitchens, and basements with ease!
  • The product has a Limited 5-year warranty.

The specifications on the box of the product are different than the sales page. They might send you a fluorescent lamp, which might have 1200 lumens power. Keep that in mind before you make the purchase!

Air and 5000K LED Shop Light Fixture for Garage

  • The lamp provides more than 1800 lumens of light.
  • 150W equivalent of standard lamps, and it only consumes 18 watts.
  • There are five different color temperature options on the sales page.
  • Each lamp contains 120 pieces of LED beams.
  • No flicker
  • Eye Protection
  • Three years warranty.
  • 30000 hours lifespan.

This one is great for any basement out there. It’s handy with different color temperature options. You can create the ambiance you want with this one!


Lighting Fixture Types for Basements

Track lighting is now a highly popular light fixture. Unlike other fixtures where there’s one position, monitor lights have. With lighting positions, the positions can be located in light areas or areas.  You can point the light bulbs in any direction you like. Track lights are much like spotlights but are more effective and more attractive.  They have a beautiful design, and it will attract your guests if you use them correctly! If track lighting doesn’t agree with the manner of décor or the look and feels desired, fluorescent lighting is also an alternative.

Fluorescent Lights or LED Lights for Basement

They can work in a cellar while lights are utilized in offices and schools. Fluorescent lights use vapor and power to generate light. This lighting system uses too much power, and it’s losing its popularity. However, there are some people still using fluorescent lights. LED light fixture is getting increasingly more popular because it’s over 50 percent less expensive than traditional lighting. Light bulbs have a longer life span, and they don’t give off heat. If you live in a hot environment, LEDs are a good idea! All the factors above call for basement lighting that is functional, powerful, and reasonably priced. You’ve to think and figure out which one is best for you, but you can always use a light bulb with detectors. They are perfect for basement lighting.

Detectors are started to use for indoor lighting because they are great energy savers. The lamp will only operate when there is an object moving inside its range. Usually, these lights are used for outdoor security. But what if detectors are utilized to enhance lighting? Yes, they become indoor lights.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a viable option if you have access to it. If your home isn’t built on a slope, it will be hard to get natural lighting. If you don’t have access to natural lighting in your basement, you should look for artificial lighting, which might be a cheaper solution!

Artificial lighting is the best solution when there is no natural lighting. The solutions are endless, and it’s for everyone! You can find something suitable for your needs. You can go overboard and get something bright or something soft, which creates an ambiance!

Secondary Lighting Options

Other than this main light, you can use other lighting options that are too long to mention in this topic. Task lighting is the second lighting when it comes to basement lighting. They are used for little jobs and hobbies. This stuff needs more focused illumination, which can’t be provided by ambient light. It would be best if you positioned your task lighting so they can eliminate the shadows.

Pendant lights can be used for task lighting too. There are pendant lightings that can be installed into the ceilings, which light over areas that need extra illumination. Lamps are also excellent choices for task lighting. You can find a variety of lamps designed in antique, modern ways. You can visit this link to get information about the latest floor lamps in the market that you can use.


Whether you’re using the basement for storage or entertainment, lighting will undoubtedly be expected in your basement. It’s an important thing whatever you are going to do. Pay attention As soon as you’ve decided using the room. To make a practical design for cellar lighting, it’s essential to know about the type of light you need for the basement.

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