20 Best Arc Floor Lamps in 2020 – Check Them Out!

There are tons of choices when it comes to buying an arc floor lamp for your house. These lamps are also called arco floor lamps for the record! There traditional classic floor lamps that come out of a single pole. This type of floor lamps is generally best used near a sofa or some reading chair. Torch lamps are another choice, which can be used when you want to direct the light upwards. Tree lamps also another option, and they can be combined with arcshaped floor lamps. Arc floor lamps are generally listed under modern floor lamps. You can also check the other shape models, including sphere lamps, cool and unique lamps on our web page. If you have any questions about the design and decoration, please feel free to ask!

crescent arc floor lampBrightech – Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp9,2
SH Lighting 6938-2 81"H White/Brush Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp8,6
Revel Akira 80" 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp9,6
IAdesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Lamp9,0
BHG Burlap and Metal Arc Floor Lamp8,0

Top Products

Rivet Steel Arc Floor Lamp

  • The lamp has two different cool design options. You can pick the three-headed one if you need more distributed lighting.
  • The one headed version is cool if you are intended to use the lamp for reading activities.
  • The price is on the higher end. However, the quality of the product is excellent.
  • Sixty-nine inches of height, which is average for these products.
  • You can quickly assemble the lamp in 20-30 minutes if you have a basic understanding of tinkering.
  • Fine-brushed steel looks great.
  • If you require overhead lighting, you can get this one.
  • You can take off the shade and use a separate one.
  • I suggest you change the lampshade if it’s possible. Most of the people don’t like the shade of this lamp.

Brightech Hudson 2 – Living Room LED Arc Floor Lamp

  • You can get the black one or bronze one according to your needs.
  • I suggest you get the black one if you are getting this one for your bedroom.
  • The bronze one looks great in living rooms.
  • The price is excellent. You get a perfect lamp at this price.
  • One of the best sellers on Amazon.
  • The product comes with a 20000-hour life LED light bulb.
  • 9.5 watt, 800 lumens, and 3k color temperature.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, the product comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The adjustable arm can be extended, and this makes the product extremely mobile.
  • If you are looking for a LED arc floor lamp for reading, I suggest this one!

Versanora – Arquer 66.93″ Arc Floor Lamp

  • The height of the lamp is 67 inches.
  • It has four different design options.
  • The gold one looks great, and I think it’s the best.
  • It requires a 50w E26 light bulb which is not included in the package.
  • UL listed.
  • The price is excellent for the quality.
  • Massive marble base, but some customers reported stability issues.
  • You can quickly assemble the lamp in 20 minutes.


Kira Home Akira 78.5″ Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

  • I fall in love with the design of this lamp.
  • It has three different design options, and all of them are fantastic.
  • The price of the product is on the higher end. However, it is one of the most top quality products on the market.
  • If you want to add uniqueness to your room, you must get this lamp.
  • Three-way lamps look better in living rooms. This is where you should use it.
  • Total height is 80 inches, which is higher than other arc floor lamps.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • UL listed.
  • One of the best sellers on the market!
  • All of the light bulbs have different setting options. If you are trying to create a pleasant ambiance, you should buy this one!

Brightech – Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp

  • A metal stand is made of flexible material, which is excellent. You can gently bend the wire to any curve above you. It can smoothly be arched over tables or desks. I suggest you use this one mostly for your office because it has an effortless design.
  • This product has a 15-watt LED energy-saving module. You can produce excellent, bright, and soft light with ease. One of the most satisfactory things about this product is, it produces no heat at all! You can read your favorite book under it, maybe you will even finish 100 books under this bulb and wouldn’t also change the light bulb! It’s so durable
  • You have to assemble the product, but it’s effortless. It only took around 10 minutes for me, and people are suggesting the same.
  • This product produces 3k light, which is a warm white color. You can easily switch it on or off with the pedal switch.
  • This product comes with a 3-year warranty as other Brightech products.
  • It creates a modern and neat looking room!
  • It can light up a modern and small workspace with ease.
  • You can use the led controller with this product.
  • Produces ambient light close to golden white.

Possini Euro White Flower Arc Floor Lamp

  • One of the lamps made by Possini out there.
  • It has an elegant and fancy design for your needs.
  • The base is made of grey marble, which is robust and durable! Which makes the arc lamp harder to fall.
  • Beautiful and curved shape for your design needs!
  • You have to buy the bulb separately.
  • The bulb is a standard socket type, which is the GU24 type.
  • It might be hard to assemble for some people.
  • Metal-constructed base with satin nickel finish.
  • The shade is covered with white acrylic, which goes along real good with a white and grey marble base.

SH Lighting 6938-2 81″H White/Brush Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp

  • Energy-saving and energy-efficient.
  • The marbled design gives the lamp excellent stability, but it’s not that heavy.
  • You can easily add elegance to your home or your office with the arc design of the lamp.
  • The material is brushed steel, which looks sexy!
  • You can easily rotate or extend it with simple touches!
  • Price and cost-effective!
  • Assembling this one can be hard for some people, but in reality, it’s so easy!
  • Wrenches come with the product, so you don’t need to get separate ones!
  • Most of the products below this price range are ugly or unavailable. You can easily buy this one. This one is in the stock all of the time!
  • It’s delivered in two days with Amazon Prime for me, which is fast!
  • The instructions manual can be hard to understand for some people.
  • Shade gives a cool and warm light, which is bright enough for night reading and other simple stuff.
  • You can easily use this one in the corner of your living room!
  • Some people also used this arc floor lamp in the dining room, which is also perfect!
  • Assembled Height x  Lenght x Width : 81 x 57 x 16 inches!

Revel Akira 80″ 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

  • Arc floor lamp with three different drum-sized golden shades!
  • Floor Lamp Dimensions: 80″(H) x 36″(L). Shades: 7.5″(H) x 11″(D), 7.5″(H) x 11.75″(D), 7.5″(H) x 12.25″(D)
  • Shade Dimensions: 7.5″(H) x 11(D), 7.5″(H) x 11.75(D), 7.5″(H) x 12.25″(D)
  • You can use three 60w Led lamps or traditional bulbs.
  • The cord is 6ft long.
  • You can turn on the three different lights separately or all at the same time!
  • It’s easy to assemble, takes around 10 minutes of total time.
  • You can easily use this one behind L-shaped sectionals.
  • It’s sturdier and heavier than most of the products.
  • You should use three 60W LEDs for this product, which makes it optimum for the brightness of this product.
  • There are five simple steps when you are putting in this product, which are easy to follow.
  • None of the other products can beat this one for the price!
  • One of the best price/looks products out there! I highly suggest you buy this!

Ore International 6962SN 5-Arm Arch Floor Lamp

  • 5-arm arched lamp design, which is cool, you can check more pictures of the models at Amazon!
  • It comes with a dimmer switch, which gives you control over intensity!
  • Sturdy and metal base design! It’s a resilient design, which is excellent.
  • Install instructions are a little bit weird, but it’s straightforward to assemble this product!
  • You shouldn’t get this lamp if you rowdy children or pets because they can easily break this product!
  • One lamp is bright enough to light up the entire room!
  • Lamp dimensions are : 84″ x  45″ x 50″
  • The lamp doesn’t use standard bulbs. You should use candelabra bulbs for this product.
  • Retro-modern sleek looking design.
  • Great product for this price range! I suggest you buy this!

Coaster 901199 Contemporary Lamp

  • Measurements : 28 L x13-3/4 Wx 85H
  • The product is made in China.
  • Chrome finished lamp with a solid black marble base.
  • Instructions are attached to the shipping box, so please check it before you throw away the box!
  • Installation can be hard for you, but’s it’s effortless if you have a screwdriver! Assembling the product takes around 10 minutes for most people.
  • The lamp is made of heavy and quality materials!
  • You can buy a 100W light bulb and use it with ease.
  • The light looks more expensive than it is. Great design and great material.
  • One of the best designs out there if you are looking for price/performance!

BHG Burlap and Metal Arc Floor Lamp

  • You can easily adjust the arc and acquire the design you want.
  • You can extend the arm and the swing in your favorite position and get the results you want.
  • Shade texture looks excellent, in my opinion, provides modern and classical design at the same time!
  • Height: 67.9″ Shade measures 13.9″ L x 14″ W x 7.9″ H
  • Rotary switch 26W CFL bulb included Metal base color: antique bronze Material: metal and linen.
  • The arc lamp looks beautiful and has a fresh design.
  • The quality doesn’t match the price I suggest you take a look at other products!

Black Rain Drop Arc Floor Lamp

  • Durable construction with modern-looking five different lights!
  • Stylish and simple design at the same time!
  • The black color matches the golden chandelier looking design at the top!
  • Assembling can be hard for some people but quickly done in 30 minutes on average!
  • Please pick the black one, because the other ones look ugly…
  • Elegant and stylish design for your living or even dining room!
  • It comes with a dimmer switch, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the light.
  • A great light that has high-end design and quality material.
  • Easily makes into the top 3 in this arc lamp reviews!
  • I suggest you buy this because it looks great!

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Lamp

  • Lamp Dimensions: 82″ H x 44″ W x 43″ D
  • Shade Dimensions (all): 7-5/8″ H x 11″, 11.5″, & 12″ diam
  • Takes (3) 100W Incandescent or 26W CFL (not included)
  • Come with two design choices: Antique bronze and steel design.
  • If you are looking this into your dining or living room, you can go with the Antique bronze design, which is cool looking and has incredible golden bronze shades.
  • If you are more into a simple and minimalist design, you can choose a steel design for your office or workroom.
  • You can easily fit this one into a tiny space. Outstanding design for the price you are paying!
  • It’s easy to assemble takes around 20 minutes.
  • Torchiere arch lamps provide excellent lighting.
  • Overall, the lamp is excellent for the price and looks around 300$ if you ask me, but it’s only 150$, so great bargain for the looks and quality it provides!

Artiva USA Micah – Modern & Stylish – 5 Arc Brushed Steel Floor Lamp

  • Micah measures 88″ tall, 36″ wide, with a 15″ diameter base; Weighs 40 lbs – Recommend two people for assembly
  • 5-arm design with a simple dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the lighting!
  • You can place it behind a sofa in your dining room, which will give you chills.
  • The lamp provides bright light around 4k kelvin, I guess. You can also easily adjust it, as I said with the dimmer switches!
  • This product is sturdy and heavy. If you have kids, you can go with this product.
  • Bulbs last about 6000 hours of usage!
  • If you are looking for a cheap arc floor lamp with a modern design, you can get this product!

Brightech Litespan LED Gooseneck

  • First of all, this lamp is a semi-arch led lamp which might be not suitable for people who are looking for a full arch lamp.
  • Extremely great for reading, working, sewing. It promotes 6k cool white LED. You can view all of the details in your work and work according to that. It’s highly suggested for crafters out there.
  • It works great because of the gooseneck design. You can easily adjust the light wherever you want to with ease.
  • This lamp promotes natural daylight, which is cool if you work in dark places. You can easily use this one in your garage and enjoy the perfect natural daylight it provides!
  • It comes with a power-saving 12W Led light bulb, which you can use for a lifetime! It has an output of 2k lumens, which is cool!
  • Brightech Litespan has five different color choices, and all of them look nice, especially the black one!
  • This lamp has okay stability. You can make it more stable by placing it in the corners of your room or have something to support it!
  • It comes with a full 3-year warranty, which is also great for most of the people!
  • The cord is around 6 feet, which is enough for most of the places!
  • The turn-on switch is on the top of the lamp. It’s not on the cord. Keep that in mind before you buy it!
  • Overall, it’s a great entry-level product to have, it has a LED light, which is great for energy saving, and it has a perfect design for minimalist rooms! It’s highly suggested!

Brightech Mason LED Modern Arc Lamp

  • If you are into versatile designs, this lamp might do the trick for you!
  • You can easily fit this one into your urban, modern, minimalist designs with ease! It will meet one of these designs perfectly!
  • I also used one of these in my living room next to my reading table. It fits perfectly. It also allows you to see all of the reading areas with ease because of the overarching design!
  • You should use this one next to your couch or sofa! It looks incredibly brilliant in most cases if you have trouble finding a spot for your lamp, you can check out my website and read the basics of the interior design!
  • The lamp has a height of 81 inches, which makes it easy to use everywhere!
  • It comes with a 9.5-watt energy-saving LED! It will save some bill costs in the long term!
  • The shade has a brilliant color. It will fit into most of the living rooms because of the color!
  • The lamp is extremely stable because of the marble base! It’s the giant lamp you have been looking for for a long time!
  • Tall, heavy, and sturdy design!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality arch lamp with the said specifications, you must get this one! It’s exceptionally high quality and gives you what you need!

Milton Greens Stars Sophia Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp

  • The cord length is around 64 inches! You can easily place the lamp wherever you want with the help of this feature!
  • It needs a 100-watt type-a a light bulb to operate!
  • You can quickly improve the looks of your room with this elegant lamp!
  • The arch part is adjustable, which makes the lamp more valuable!
  • You can add more arch to lamp according to your needs!
  • The marble base is weighty, which provides extreme stability for the lamp!
  • It’s one of the best sellers in the market if you are looking for a high-quality arch lamp you should get this one!

Teamson Design VN-L00010 Modern Arc Floor Lamp

  • It’s around 67 inches in height. You might have a hard time using the place you like. I think it’s on the short side.
  • It needs an E26 50W light bulb. It’s not included in the package.
  • An average person can quickly assemble the lamp in 20 minutes with ease!
  • I suggest you get this one for your children’s room!
  • The copper shade looks extremely brilliant! It will brighten up the look of your room.
  • You are going to love the design of the lamp.
  • The base is of the product extremely stable. You won’t have stability problems with this lamp!
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a cheap arch floor lamp!

Brightech Logan LED Floor Lamp

  • If you are looking for a modern design with good looks, this one will do the trick for you!
  • I like the design of the shade! It looks extremely great, and you won’t have to replace it!
  • It has a height of 76 inches, which is pretty cool! You can easily use the lamp wherever you want!
  • You can easily adjust it over couches or desks! The head part is adjustable with a maximum height of 44 inches!
  • It will come with a 9.5 Watt led energy saving bulb, which is great for saving some money!
  • The lamp provides a 3k warm white light color, keep that in mind before buying the lamp, it’s vital because the lamp will enchant the looks based on this!
  • The marble base is massive. It will provide the stability you are looking for!
  • If you have pets in the house you can get this one, the lamp is exceptionally stable, and you won’t face any problems!
  • You can quickly assemble the lamp if you follow the instructions. It takes around 20 minutes for an average person!
  • To conclude, this lamp is excellent for living rooms! It will enchant the rooms look with 3k warm white color. If you are after an authentic look, you should get this one!
  • The price of the lamp raised since 2017. However, it still protects its position in the top 20 arc floor lamps.

SH Lighting 6933BK Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp

  • The marble gives normal stability. It’s a little bit lighter than the other lamps!
  • If you are looking for excellent stability, you should take a look at other products!
  • However, this product looks brilliant.
  • There are not too many black steel adjustable arch floor lamps in the market, so if you need it to get this one.
  • It has a cord length of 64 inches, which is pretty enough for most of the situations.
  • The lamp operates with a 100 Watt type-a light bulb. It’s not included in the package!
  • If you are looking for a cheap arc floor lamp, you should buy this one!
  • You might have some trouble while installing the lampshade! Do not get this product unless you trust your assembling skills!

Be Careful About These Things Before Buying an Arc Floor Lamp

These factors are highly important before you decide to buy an overarched floor lamp. You can read all of it and make the perfect decision before purchasing the lamp of your dreams. You can also check out the latest list of arch lamps I’ve listed here. In 2020 there are few new lamps on the market. I will review them and add them to the later stages of this post. If you have any questions about them, feel free to share them here!


Material can make it or break it when it comes to arc floor lamps. If you are buying something for your house and you have children in the house, you have to pick robust and durable material. Most of the arc floor lamps are made of metal. The body material is generally metal, and it’s sustainable in most situations. They use typically zinc, alloy, and steel in these lamps. If you want more bending options, you have to go with alloy bodies. You can go with zinc if you are a little bit into the design and finally if you like some durability and stability you should get steel lamps.


This is also hugely affected by the weight of the lamp. Balance can be a significant problem with these lamps because of the design. Arc shape of these lamps is generally provocative for the pets, especially cats! If you are looking to get an arched lamp and you have a naughty cat, make sure your lamp doesn’t have torchiere shaped crystals.

Size & Height

Size also another factor, some arc lamps can be too thick, and they look hideous. The same applies to thin arc lamps. If you want a great reading lamp, you should always pick the taller lamps. They make great reading lamps since they are lighting from above! Smaller lamps are generally out of choice when it comes to arch lamps because they are typically made tall.

Î think arc lamp’s height should be around an average person should height. Which always makes it more usable! However, you can always pick the taller ones for a better reading environment, as I said in the size part.

Bulb Type

This is generally not a concern, but some bulbs are not as usable as others. These lamps use typically LED lights or incandescent light bulbs! If you want to create different designs or if you love using colored LED lights, you can go with LED light bulbs! They are always great, as you know, because of energy-saving and durability!

Design Tips About Arch Floor Lamps

Interior design starts with the lights in the room because light allows us the create the ambient we are looking for! Light enchants the look of everything in the room! It will provide the brightness you need in the place. You can set the brightness according to the mood of your room! If you are throwing a party, you can design it according to the party theme you are looking for! Lamps are trendy when it comes to setting the mood of your room! You can also correctly do this by getting an arch floor lamp!

Arch floor lamps are generally not a common choice when it comes to design if you inspect the rooms of your neighbors you probably don’t even see a single arch floor lamp in their houses! This has various reasons. First of all, most people afraid of these beautiful lamps, they don’t know what to do with this kind of lamps and how to use them! If you are one of the fanatics of these lamps, let’s see what we can do with these bad boys!

Flexible Necks

The necks of these lamps are generally flexible, which allows us to direct the light to the place we like! You can easily fit this style of lamps to any contemporary designs with ease. The tall design allows it to be placed anywhere in the room. As you can guess, they need to have a stable base. It’s especially essential if you are living with pets. Sometimes cats can get nasty with this kind of lamps!

You can also use this lamp in the corners of your room. They will provide an adequate amount of light to your room, which will improve the design of the place. If you want to take the attention of your guests somewhere, you can point to the lamp in that direction! It will easily magnify the thing you aim to! You can also easily use these lamps if you want to create a more romantic ambiance! By doing this, even people won’t have to look at the bright light it emits! If you are an artist, it’s incredibly great for you to get an overarching lamp! You can point them to your beautiful art pieces. Highlighting your work will be comfortable with the help of these lamps!

Design Choice

If you are a minimalist, you can also get an arch floor lamp! They generally have a sleek and simple design! Most of them don’t look extra radiant as other lamps, which makes them great options for minimalistic designs! The narrow neck and thin body can easily enchant the looks of your minimalistic room. There are also arch lamps with several heads, which can also be great for these kinds of designs! You can implement and use them at any place of your room! There are a few of them on our list, which you can check! If you follow these tips and check our reviews and buy one of the suggested arch floor lamps, you won’t face any problems at all! These sleek designs are generally cheaper too.


I reviewed a total of 11 products for you, the list has some bad ones, but they are mostly okay, though. You can get the ones I suggested and do some little bit more research on the bad ones I said. If you still don’t have an idea on how to design your room, you can read my decorating tips or the last part of my homepage article to get some idea about lighting decoration! You can always choose between a different set of lamps, please don’t limit yourself just to arc floor lamps, there are many great and stylish floor lamps out there! If you have further questions about the topic, please write a comment below.

crescent arc floor lampBrightech – Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp9,2
SH Lighting 6938-2 81"H White/Brush Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp8,6
Revel Akira 80" 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp9,6
IAdesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Lamp9,0
BHG Burlap and Metal Arc Floor Lamp8,0

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