8 Best Bedside Lamps in 2020

Bedside table lamp preference changes according to your taste. Each person is unique therefore we have different styles we can use for the bedside lamps. The primary choice depends on your preferred theme of the room. You can prefer Industrial, antique, or minimalist design based on your preferences! Let’s take a look at the options we have.

Top Sellers

HAITRAL Modern Desk Lamp

  • The lamp has a perfect size for a small bedroom.
  • It’s only 16.9×5.9 inches which is tiny but useful at the same time.
  • If you are looking for a compact bedside lamp this one can work graet.
  • You can also use it as a desk lamp which increases the utility of the product!
  • The lamp is perfect for any type of designed room!
  • The stylish and modern design separates it from the others. The marble base looks fantastic but I think it’s not real marble.
  • The product operates with a 60W E26 regular light bulb.
  • The materials are high-quality considering the price.

I really like the hair products because they provide value at a reasonable price. This product is not any different. You can use it LED or CFL light bulb which makes it stand out.

Limelights LT2024-WHT Brushed Steel Lamp

  • This lamp has different colored shade preferences on the sales page.
  • It has a contemporary look which makes it suitable for only modernly designed rooms.
  • The shade is made of cotton and it’s perfect to find a cotton shade at this price!
  • The product is imported.
  • The brushed steel base looks fantastic. However, it doesn’t provide too much stability which can cause some stability issues.
  • It’s perfect for any bedroom or kid’s room.
  • The shade diameter is 8.5 inches to 19.5 inches
  • It uses a 1x60W type A light bulb.
  • The corded electric could be better. The cord is short in my opinion!

If you like colorful shades this product is perfect for you. It’s perfectly fine for any type of bedroom in my opinion. However, I would use it for sleek and modern designed bedrooms!

AUKEY Table Lamp

  • The lamp has an RGB version which is great if you want to change the mood of the room. ( 2020 updated version)
  • You can also get other color options on the sales page.
  • It also has two size options which make it suitable for different sized bedrooms.
  • You should get the large one if you need more lighting gin your room.
  • The modern design looks perfect. I really like modern designs because they will provide more utility which is a must for me.
  • The shade is made of ALuminum alloy which is a durable material. You can use it for a long time!
  • The control base is 360 degrees which allow full control over the table lamp.
  • The colorful display of the product is perfect. You can pick an autocycle which allows full control over the map.
  • The package comes with a full manual that introduces the whole product!

The product comes with 45 days money-back guarantee which is perfect for unsatisfied customers. If you have worries about the quality, you can prefer this lamp and see if you like it!

TaoTronics Rechargeable Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

  • The modern design of this lamp is out of this world. It also has a couple of brightness options which is great for nighttime reading.
  • It provides a color temperature between 3000-3500k which is great for ambient lighting.
  • You can also use it as a table lamp to read your favorite book.
  • Some people use it in the corners to light up their bedrooms!
  • The product has a 4000mAh battery which is plenty for long term usage. It can work up to 110 hours at the lowest setting which is a long time!
  • The memory function of the product is perfect. It will operate from where you left it before.
  • The product is eye-friendly. It doesn’t cause any strain for the eyes.

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps

  • These two lamps are specially designed for bedside usage.
  • It also has a black version which might be useful for another type of design.
  • The pull switch works fantastically. You can turn it on easily during night time.
  • It’s perfect for nighttime reading and studying.
  • The white lamp has the perfect size at 20.5 Height and 5.9 inches.
  • You can use it in any type of bedroom.
  • The black base and white shade create the look you need in the room.
  • The product is UL listed which makes it extra safe.
  • It operates with A E26 60W light bulb!

This is another product from the Haitral brand. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes it a perfect deal. You can get these two bedside lamps if you are l

3-Way Touch Control Table Lamp

  • The beige shade looks fantastic in real life.
  • It will be a perfect traditional lamp however the looks of the lamp is modern.
  • You can adjust the lighting level of the lamp easily. It comes with 4 different lighting levels.
  • The lamp has a USB port with an Outlet. It has two %5v/2.1a output USB ports. You can use it to charge your smartphones and tablets.
  • The product comes with E26 non-flicker dimmable 2700k warm white LED light bulb. You can change it later if you want.
  • The touch lamp is easy to use.

I really like the looks of this lamp it looks fantastic in real life and creates a beautiful atmosphere. The lighting brightness levels are fantastic. You can also charge your smart devices which is a huge plus!

ZEEFO USB Table Lamp

  • I really like the USB table lamps because of their convenience! This one has one USB charge spot. However, you can get the newer version with two USB charging ports.
  • It accepts products up to 1500 watts. However, the company suggests using low wattage products for safety.
  • You need to turn off the main switch and remove all of the USB cables which will increase the lifespan of USB ports.
  • The pull chain switch makes the lamp useful for late-night situations.
  • The lamp uses an E26 base bulb. You need to buy the bulb separately.
  • The company suggests a color temperature of 4500-6000k with this lamp. This also depends on the shade. You can use brighter lights for the gray shade. The white shade will be suitable for lower color temperatures!
  • The lamp is perfect for any decoration out there.

I definitely suggest this lamp if you like USB Lamps. It works flawlessly and has a reasonable price.

JS NOVA SUNS Bedside Table Lamp Set

  • Each lamp is 15.4 inches high which makes them perfect for small bedrooms.
  • The lamps operate with one 60 watt standard medium base light bulb. This is not included in the package.
  • The black metal base and linen shade is perfect for basic fashion lighting needs.
  • It’s perfectly suitable for any room out there. I suggest this one for students the pair is extremely cheap.

This might be a perfect alternative if you are short on the budget. It has a reasonable price compared to other lamp sets in the market!

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