Best Bulb Types for Floor Lamps

Getting the best bulbs for floor lamps can be a challenge, especially if you want them to last for a long time. If you are after durability, you should look into LED bulbs for floor lamps since they will last longer than standard lamps. However, in this topic, I will discuss some of the bulbs that are most likely to work well in this situation and avoid the ones that won’t. Every situation needs a different approach, and you will better off if you listen to my tips!

Best Bulbs for Different Situations

If you are going to use the lamp more than usual, this means that you will be replacing it reasonably often. To maintain it well, a bulb that stays cool for an extended period is required. Standard light bulbs will have problems when it comes to continuous usage. One such type of bulb is one made by an incandescent bulb. These light bulbs will become unusable if you use them too much during the day.

Some people believe that fluorescent lamps are the best bulbs for this lamp. That is a widespread misconception. Fluorescent bulbs are indeed less expensive than incandescent bulbs, but the drawback is that they don’t work as long as incandescent bulbs.

Cylindrical bulbs work well on a ceiling because the heat from the lamp is directed downward. They are more expensive than other bulbs, and they are not that cheap to purchase. A bulb made by a CFL does not need to be replaced every few years. The LED Bulbs are your best best when it comes to durability. They will last longer than standard light bulbs, and they consume less energy compared to their peers!

LED light bulbs are the best options when it comes to floor lamps. They will consume less energy than standard light bulbs, and I can guarantee you they will have a better lifespan. However, if brightness is your main concern, you can prefer standard light bulbs, in my opinion!


I think you should learn about three different types of bulbs for floor lamps. First of all, you should learn about incandescent bulbs. They cost a little more than CFLs, but they are much better for this kind of lamp.  Next, you should understand that CFLs are a good choice because they can work for many years. They last longer than incandescent bulbs, and they can be easily bought. However, LED bulbs will last longer than these two. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, so do not spend too much money. LED bulbs can cost higher than these bulbs, but you are going to save that money in a few months.

Finally, make sure that you are getting the right bulb for your lamp. If you don’t know how to pick out the right one, consider purchasing some tips online or in books. There are tons of guides out there that help you to find the best bulb possible. If you don’t know what kind of light bulb you need, you can visit my post about the best light bulbs for floor lamps to get an idea of what you can buy!

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