Best 13 Ceramic Table Lamps in 2020

If you want to increase your room’s elegance, you can do it by only getting a ceramic table lamp. I bet you have been to many places around the world and seen these beautiful lamps everywhere. They complement any style without any problems. There are a variety of ceramic lamps out there, and they are used almost everywhere! This is why I’m talking about these lamps. They are everywhere, but why? Because there are tons of styles when it comes to ceramic lamps. You can always find the one for your room, even if your apartment looks like a mess. You can find the suitable for it! There are tons of choices, so you can make tons of combinations with these beautiful lamps! I’m going to give some of my experience with ceramic lamps in the reviews below; I hope you will like the reviews!

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    We have a newcomer for the list, and it looks promising! Most of the customers prefer this one because of its price and quality! I’ve put that one at the top of the list so you can read it asap. The comparison table is also updated, so you won’t have to worry about the ratings!

    Tayanuc Small Geometric Ceramic Bedside Nightstand Table Lamp

    • The newcomer of 2020. The product is high-quality and it has good textures on it.
    • The pineapple shape is perfect for who wants to combine the looks with an oceanic theme!
    • There are plentiful textures on the lamp which also has the modern look in it!
    • It’s a perfect gift for any event.
    • The materials are normal quality but it looks great with fabric linen shade.
    • The measurements are 7.5×12.6.
    • UL certified.

    If you are looking for a bedside ceramic table lamp this can work pretty well. It also has a reasonable price which separates it from the other products!

    Stone & Beam Ceramic Geometric Cut-Out Table Desk Lamp

    • There are two height options on the sales page. You should pick the suitable one for your table.
    • If you are buying the ceramic table lamp for your bedroom, you can prefer the 25 inch one!
    • The shorter one will work flawlessly work living room or dining room.
    • The lamp comes with a light bulb so you won’t have to pay for it separately!
    • The assembling part is pretty simple. You have to read the instructions and make your moves according to that!
    • The lamp is suitable for indoor use only like the other lamps on the list!

    If you are looking to add an artistic flair to your room, you can prefer this lamp! This lamp is on the rise for 2020. It’s getting trendy, and most of the customers prefer this one!

    Mid-Century Teal Ceramic Gourd Table Lamp

    • It requires a 150W light bulb to work.
    • Fully handcrafted lamp. It looks brilliant.
    • Perfect teal glazes shaped like a square.
    • There might be some differences in the color since it’s hand-applied.
    • 26 inches high.
    • The white shade looks good on this one, but you might want to change it with something small.

    If you like sea colors, this one is a great lamp. I like the teal decorations on it. They look perfect since they are handmade. There are tons of choices when it comes to ceramic lamps, as you know. You might want to try this if you like the teal color like me! It’s highly suitable for nautical or tropical designs!

    Teal Temple Jar High Ceramic Table Lamp

    • The total height is 27 inches.
    • It needs a 150W light bulb to operate.
    • Handmade with great textural details.
    • Teal color suits most bedrooms.
    • This lamp can make a great gift because it looks exquisite.
    • The brass finish complements the teal color. Great color combination.
    • The white drum-shaped shade looks okay quality.

    Colors might vary on this lamp since it’s handmade. The teal coloring suits well with the brass finish. I always liked the color of the brass combined with teal color. It looks more classy and beautiful in real life. You can never go wrong with teal colored ceramic lamps! It’s suitable for nautical designs out there. If your walls are mostly white and blue, you can think about this lamp.

    Ashley L123884 Niobe Table Lamp, 2-Pack

    • 3-way switch.
    • You can clean this lamp with a dry cloth, be careful when you are cleaning it.
    • Fabric shade looks okay with a ceramic base. You can change it if you want to!
    • It needs a 15W light bulb or 25W CFL light bulb. They are not included in the package.
    • The great ceramic coloring looks classy!

    This lamp is high-quality; it looks fantastic in almost any place. I like the grey coloring on the ceramic. White shade complements the design well, but you can use a different tone. You can also two-pack of this product at a reasonable price. This set is excellent for people who are looking to add some elegance to their room. It also works well with a minimalistic design.

    Ceramic Table Lamp in White – Set of 2

    • Set of two lamps at a reasonable price.
    • Height is 25 inches.
    • Looks elegant and straightforward.
    • 3-way switch.
    • The drum-shaped shade looks great.
    • Full white colors.
    • It needs a 150W light bulb to operate.

    I don’t generally like the all-white products because they might get dirty, so cleaning this kind of ceramic and fabric shades can be hard sometimes! But if you like the white color, this product can easily do the trick for you! Great lamp for people who love minimalistic designs.

    Blueish Gray Tone Ceramic Table Lamp with Drum Shade

    • Beautiful curvy design.
    • It can use a 150W light bulb.
    • You can clean this lamp with a soft cloth.
    • It provides warm white lighting.
    • Excellent fitting if you are after contemporary design.
    • White fabric shade is high-quality.

    I like the shape of this ceramic table lamp. It looks gorgeous. The shade color suits the lamp and its high quality. The product is highly stable, and it’s heavy. If you are looking for a quality lamp, these two are great!

    Kenroy Home 32107IRD Facade Table Lamp

    • The total height is 27 inches.
    • 3-way socket switch.
    • It needs a 150W light bulb.
    • White tapered drum shade looks great with iridescent colors.
    • Made in CHINA.

    This lamp looks classy; the iridescent colors on the ceramic part are great. The shade quality is also excellent. You can get this one without any hesitation if you like it!

    Ore International 606IV Ceramic Accent Table Lamp

    • It provides decorative accent lighting at a low price.
    • Height is 15 inches, which means the lamp is a little bit small but still does the job.
    • You can choose between 3 colors, including; pink, white, and black.
    • Linen shade is okay quality.
    • The lamp is one of the best sellers in the market.

    If you are looking for a cheap ceramic table lamp, this one is great. It looks cool with three different color options. You can instantly create ambient lighting with this simple lamp. It works well within modern and minimalistic designs. You can change the shade of it to make it suit for another kind of plan!

    Signature Design by Ashley Antique White Ceramic Table Lamp

    • 3-way switch.
    • It needs a 150W light bulb to work.
    • The drum-shaped shade is made of high quality.
    • One meter of cord length.
    • Item weight is 12 pounds. It’s highly stable.

    This is an excellent lamp for this price. The shade looks high quality. I also like the ceramic part; it seems well designed. No flaws at all, you can get this one too if you want white ceramic table lamps. This one can work in the living room because of the design! It emits the right amount of lighting thanks to the 150W light bulb!

    Signature Design by Ashley L100254 Ceramic Table Lamp

    • Contemporary design looks fantastic.
    • Height is 30 inches.
    • The green color looks great on the ceramic part.
    • There is also a black color choice. You can pick the one according to preference.
    • Made in CHINA.

    If you like contemporary design at a reasonable price, this is the lamp for you. The price is extraordinarily reasonable and doesn’t even reflect the real value of this lamp. Usually, a lamp at this quality will sell between 80-120$. You can get this one if you love the dark colors on ceramic table lamps! It will suit modern designs with ease. I also suggest this one for offices and workspaces.

    Safavieh Lighting Collection Mae Long Neck Navy Ceramic Table Lamp

    •  There are nine color options to pick, which are great. You can pick the one according to your room design.
    • It needs a 100W light bulb to operate.
    • The white cotton shade is high-quality and undoubtedly gorgeous.
    • Height is 30 inches.
    • Made in CHINA.

    Having color options is significant when buying a lamp; it allows you to pick the one according to your needs. The lamps are a little bit large, as you can see, since they are 30 inches. They look beautiful and gorgeous, but if you love handcrafted materials, there are better products in the market which you can get for the same price. I can suggest this lamp if you are looking for some variety.

    Kenroy Home Kenroy Home 32366TEAL Tucson Table Lamp

      • Perfect teal ceramic finish.
    • Height is 30 inches.
    • 3-way socket bulb.
    • It needs a 150W light bulb to operate.
    • Excellent handmade quality, the color might vary since it’s handmade.

    I think this is the most beautiful lamp in this series looks fantastic. I’m in love with the design. It looks classy and modern without going overboard! I can highly suggest this one since it also has quality! This lamp also looks like a stained glass table lamp because of the design!

    How to Pick the Best Ceramic Table Lamp?

    Ceramic table lamps are great for increasing the overall elegance of a house. We’ve all been to places like hotels, offices, and clubhouses! Most of these places are decorated with ceramic table lamps! They have a variety of designs and styles. These styles are making it harder for us to pick a decent table lamp! The ceramic lamps are a great choice because you can find something suitable for your room! Here are my few tips when it comes to buying a ceramic table lamp.

    Online or Shop

    You are probably wondering where I should buy it? You should walk right into a store that sells lighting products and learn about ceramic table lamps. This is a great way to start and learn about ceramic lamps. You will come across a few designs which will create an image of a ceramic table lamp in your head! The choices are limitless, but you will have an idea! You can ask all of the questions you have then buy the lamp online because it’s cheaper most of the time. If you like the store, you can buy it from there, of course!

    Price Tag

    Since there are too many designs on the market, these lamps are cheap most of the time! It’s a meager cost which enables us to use these lamps to renovate our houses! You can easily buy a couple of these lamps to increase the look of your whole home! You might think ceramic table lamps are of low quality, but that’s not the case. The manufacturers use ceramic because it’s easy to mold in a distinct look. They can be produced in mass, which makes them cost less than usual.

    The low cost benefits many people in different ways. Most of us can decorate our house with these beautiful lamps. Most people think these lamps are made of low quality because of their price tag. However, that’s not the case. The base of these lamps can be produced by hand, which can look at a complicated work of art. There are high-quality ceramic table lamps in the market which cost a fortune! These lamps are great for people who are looking to add some uniqueness to their room. Handcrafted ceramic lamps do not look like each other. You can’t even find something like yours anywhere.


    You’ve to decide where you are going to use the ceramic table lamp. The lamp height should be chosen according to your needs. If you are buying the ceramic table lamp for the bedroom, you should go with taller lamps since they will more suitable for bedrooms. The ones between 15 and 25 inches of height can be suitable for other places like the living room or dining room. You should make your decision before you make the final purchase!


    They are all made of ceramic, as you know. Some manufacturers use artificial stuff to soften the ceramic. This can help increase the life span of ceramic. As you know, ceramic is hard, which can break down easily! By adding these softeners, it lasts longer than expected.  That means material quality is close to the same. You might find some high-quality, handmade products, but this is rare!

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