Best Desk Swing Arm Lamps for Studying and Reading

Swingarm lamps are great if you lack space in your room. They can be straightforward to use because of the area they cover-up. Desk swing arm lamps are also great if you are generally doing focused task work. They can provide lighting where you want. Dimmable swing arm desk lamps are great for reading activities! You can adjust the lighting level according to your needs. Some of these lamps provide very bright lighting, which might be harmful to the eyes. You should pick the dimmable ones if possible. Let’s take a look at the best desk swing arm lamps and review them.

Top Seller Desk Swing Arm Lamps in 2019

ToJane Swing Arm Desk Lamp
Globe Electric 56963 32" Multi-Joint Metal Clamp Black Desk Lamp
Architect Desk Lamp Gesture Control
Phive LK-1 Metal Architect Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp

  • This is a 2 in 1 desk lamp which can be used in multiple positions.
  • You can light up a big area thanks to its flexibility.
  • It can clamp spaces up to 2 inches without any problems.
  • The lamp stands excellent thanks to its weighted base.
  • The lamp has a robust finish, which looks great in real life. It’s suitable for modern and elegant designs.
  • The cord length is 51 inches, which is pretty good!
  • It works with an E26 or an E27 light bulb, which sold seperately!

If you are looking for an entry-level swing arm desk lamp, you should invest in this one. It has everything you need and suitable for workspaces. I suggest this one for students since it doesn’t cost a dime!

Boston Harbor TL-TB-8008-3L Desk Lamp Swing Arm with Shade

  • Beautiful white-colored shade.
  • Uses 60W A19 light bulb.
  • High-quality satin nickel finish.
  • Fabric Shade.
  • Rotary switch.
  • Standard cord.
  • Cheap.

This is one of the best budget lamps on the market. It has a low price for this quality. If you are out of budget, you might want to go with this one. It has a standard cord, which can be hard to hide sometimes. Shade and body quality is okay. It doesn’t have any real flaws at all.

ToJane Swing Arm Desk Lamp

  • Three rotatable metal joints ensure maximum flexibility.
  • You can easily direct the light wherever you need it.
  • The metal thickness is 0.6 cms, which is suitable for products like this.
  • The product has been painted three times to prevent it from getting old.
  • Sturdy design allows for a long lifespan.
  • It can be mounted up to 2.5 inches of thickness.
  • The desk lamp comes with a 7W led light bulb.
  • It supports up to 40W LED light without any problems.
  • One of the best sellers on the market.
  • If you want a price-performance product, this one is great.

This swing arm desk lamp is excellent for the workspace because of the durable clamp and adjustable head! You can point the lighting at any point thanks to three rotatable metal joints! The metal thickness is excellent, which makes the last product longer than usual! The sturdy design of the product allows for a longer lifespan! If you want a price-performance product which is excellent for workspaces or offices you can get this one!

Globe Electric 56963 32″ Multi-Joint Metal Clamp Black Desk Lamp

  • The spring-loaded arm is excellent for providing light wherever you want.
  • The on-off switch is located on the top of the lamp, which is great if you continuously use it.
  • The metal clamp allows you to mount it wherever you like.
  • The cord is extra-long, which is about 6 feet.
  • It requires an E26 60W light bulb to operate.
  • You have to buy the LED light bulb separately.
  • You can also buy the desk clamp version if it’s more useful for you.
  • The product is straightforward to assemble. Even kids can do it.
  • Some people reported poor clamp quality, which resulted in the breaking of the clamp. However, the company instantly replaces the clamp or if you have any other problems.
  • This is another price-performance product on our list, which can be preferred by people who love black color!

The cord length could be longer, but it still does the job! There are reports about poor clamp quality, which might be a problem in the long run! This swing arm desk lamp has a beautiful black color, which will attract your guests! This one can be defined as a price-performance product!

Architect Task Lamp Swing Arm Desk Lamp

  • This lamp is stable than other products on the market.
  • I liked the quality of it despite the price.
  • You can buy different color versions.
  • 6.1 inches weighted base provides excellent stability.
  • The base is made of heavy metal, which is nice.
  • It also has a desk clamp, which can be used if needed.
  • The cable is 51 inches long, which is typical for this type of product.
  • It requires an E27 base light bulb. You have to buy it separately.
  • The metal material used for the product is high-quality.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking to pay less for excellent quality.

First of all, if you are looking for a high-quality swing arm desk lamp, you should get this one immediately! There are different color options on the sales page, which makes it suitable for other people too! The base provides the right amount of stability if you want to use it without clamp! The cord length could be a little bit longer, but it still does the job!

Architect Desk Lamp Gesture Control

  • The lamp is dimmable, which makes it great for studying or reading.
  • There are 12 different dimmable brightness levels, which are cool!
  • The color of the light can be changed between RGB.
  • You can match the lighting level in your mood.
  • The memory function is excellent for constant users.
  • It provides lighting at 1200 lumens.
  • The light is non-flickering, which is excellent for the eyes.
  • One of the best products on the market.
  • The lamp is extremely durable because of the material quality!
  • The customer service is excellent; they will solve your problems.
  • Most of the customers are extremely satisfied with the product. As a result, I can suggest this one!

This might be the best swing arm desk lamp on this whole list! It’s perfect for all kinds of activities. This lamp has a sleek and modern design which will improve the looks of your room! The color can be changed according to your needs! You can even create romantic ambiances with this one! The memory function of this lamp is perfect when it comes to constant use! You don’t have to worry about your brightness settings! Highly suggested for people who are looking to get a high-quality swing arm desk lamp!

Phive LK-1 Metal Architect Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

  • The design of the lamp is excellent; it is revolutionary and looks great in modern designs.
  • The lighting is effortless on the eyes. You can use it for long hours!
  • The head is 360 degrees rotatable, which is excellent if you want full control over the desk lamp.
  • The arms are adjustable up to 170 degrees, which is perfect!
  • 24-months warranty!
  • 50000 hours lifespan.
  • Six levels of brightness are excellent for reading or task-focused activities!
  • RA85 high CRI LED.
  • One hundred forty-four pieces of high-quality LED lights.
  • Costumers are satisfied with this lamp. The lamp is extremely high-quality. If you are looking to buy a high-quality lamp at a reasonable price, this one is great!

The LED lighting quality of this swing arm desk lamp is perfect! The head is rotatable up to 360 degrees without any problems at all! The arms can rotate up to 170 degrees! The CRI rating is excellent compared to other ones! If you are after lighting quality, you should pick this one!

Newhouse Lighting NHDK-WR-BK Wright Architect LED Desk

  • This is a perfect lamp for any office or desk.
  • The clamp is adjustable and okay quality.
  • You can adjust the brightness according to your needs.
  • It comes with an LED light bulb.
  • There are two different models and two color options on the sales page.
  • The style of the product is excellent for the price.
  • This is the cheapest swing arm led desk lamp you can get at this price.

This lamp does the job as advertised! It works great as a swing arm desk lamp, but it is not that high-quality. If you are looking for a cheap swing arm desk lamp, you can get this one!

MUTUW Wooden Swing Arm Desk Lamp

  • High-quality materials all over the product.
  • The wood is good looking.
  • If you have an industrial design but don’t have a budget, you can get this one!
  • It operates with an E26/E27 light bulb. It’s not included in the package.
  • The cord is 97.5 great inches.
  • You can adjust the angle according to your like.
  • If you are looking for a cheap swing arm desk lamp with style, this one is great!

I love the wooden lamps when it comes to offices! They look extra elegant and modern with their designs! The wood quality is perfect for this kind of price! The wooden part is also adjustable, which allows for better control over lighting! If you are looking for a cheap wooden swing arm desk lamp, you can get this one!

Phive LED Desk Lamp


  • If you are looking for a mid-end product, this is your best shot.
  • It is not harmful to the eyes because of the lighting it projects.
  • It provides soft light without glare or flicker.
  • The swivel head is highly adjustable. You can turn it 180 degrees.
  • Clamp supports up to 2.36 inches tabletop.
  • 50000-hour lifespan for the LED.
  • The stepless dimming feature is cool for people who like to read.
  • There are two versions, including silver and black!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price, this one is great!

The LED quality of this lamp is perfect too. You can also set the lighting level with dimming feature, which is excellent for readers! The clamp works great and holds the lamp well. It didn’t like the sloppy design of the lamp, which might cause some stability problems! Make sure you inspect this swing arm desk lamp before you purchase it.

How to Pick Best Swing Arm Desk Lamp?

The variety of swing arm desk lamps are not that great in numbers. There are different designs, of course, but most of them look like each other, but we can still separate the best from the rest with ease! Make sure you follow the article until the end and gather all of the information you need!

Material Quality

The material quality changes too much between products. First of all, metal products have a wide variety between them. Some companies use metals, zinc, alloys for the production of these lamps. Most of the time, you should go with alloys or steels since they are more durable than other metals. Alloy ones are the best ones, in my opinion, since they are more resistant to rust and corrosion. Wooden swing arm desk lamps can work great too, but they have some restrictions.

Most of the time, wooden ones are painted with harsh materials, which might be bad for your health! You should look for wooden swing arm desk lamps, which are not harmful to your health! The painting is also essential for the looks of the lamp! The shade and base material colors must match with each other. You can never go wrong with a classic white combined with a brown wooden base.

LED Quality

Some of the lamps have a shallow quality led lights which are not helpful for desk lamps. Desk lamps are highly used lamps, which means they need to have high-quality LED Lights. The lamp should not leave any strain on the eyes and protect it. If you are going to use your swing arm desk lamp more than 2-3 hours a day, you should invest in high-quality LED lights. By doing that, you will protect your eyes from harmful effects fo LED Lights.

The dimming feature could be useful for readers out there! If the lighting is too powerful for your taste, you can get a lamp with a dimming feature to control the lighting level! The dimming feature is also great for nighttime readers since it allows better control over the lamp!


The price of these lamps is close to each other. However, there are some bangers in the house! You should compare all of the other functions and pick the best one for your self! Everyone has different requirements when it comes to swing arm desk lamps. I can not guide everyone in the same direction for these lamps, but in my opinion, you should go with higher priced ones since swing arm desk lamps are a good investment! You are going to use this product for long hours, and you will surely want some quality in it!


Swingarm desk lamps are great investments for people who lack space on their desk! The clamp function can be a great lifesaver for anyone out there! This function is extra crucial for students since they generally require space on their desks! These are all I have to say about swing arm desk lamps. Make sure you follow my guideline to acquiring the best possible choice.

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