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Perennial plants are the best choices of flowers for your garden all year round. Although I read about Yuval Noah Harari’s statements (in Homo Deus) about lawns and gardens, I still like the idea of having plants. Yet, he’s done an excellent job of increasing awareness. He’s made us aware of the weird history of lawns. So-called ‘nobles’ of the middle age used hard-to-care lawns as the symbol of wealth. No farmers were able to have funds or time to have all those unnecessary lawns.

Building and maintaining a beautiful garden is not an easy challenge. It pretty much depends on where you live and how you care. But, this topic is not about those expensive and hard to care adorns.

Instead of showing off like I’m rich and powerful, you might just like flowers for their real beauty. If the decoration is straightforward and practical, having some vision won’t hurt anyone. So, using perennials is a bright idea. With this in mind, you can use all year round plants and flowers to your yard ornament. Indeed, they are effortless and cheap to maintain.


Coneflower is easy to grow. We mostly see them in colors pink, purple, or sometimes red or white. They attract birds. So, you can hear Passeriformes in the morning.

The most preferred species of coneflower is narrow-leaf coneflower. When you successfully plant, and it sets, it endures many conditions, almost with zero care.

Perennial geranium

23171207 – zonal geranium

Perennial geranium endures winter if it not too harsh. They won’t require much maintenance. They go dormant in winter and bloom again in spring. If you keep them indoors with enough light, they can bloom. Their foliage parts are dark green, and flowers are sapphire blue.

There are various types of geraniums. They attract bees and butterflies—geraniums like fertile soil. You might use composts to provide it the required habitat. Besides, if the weather is too hot and sunny, you’ll need to water more frequently. Except for this, you don’t have to care too much. They adapt to most of the garden conditions and weather conditions. They’ll shine from spring to fall, and foliage still looks beautiful in winter.


They turn golden-yellow in autumn and look beautiful all year long. In summer, they are fade-blue flowers. Their foliage looks fantastic in the gardens. The original name is Amsonia tabernaemontana. Thus, we choose the easier name ‘Blue Star.’

They like medium watering and well-drained soils. Also, they like full shade or part shade situations. They have a drought tolerance. Thanks to all of their features, they require almost no care and still look beautiful.


I gave only three examples of the famous all year round flowers. Of course, there are a lot more options for perennial flowers. In garden decoration, plants are like the finishing objects. I’d finish with ‘Blue-Star.’ When I searched for myself, I found a crowd of information with boring explanations. I do not care about their names in Latin. Only a few readers understood from those boring essays with many parentheses in a hard way. I tried to make it easy to read some opinions. I hope you enjoyed it.

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