10 Best Garden Sprinklers in 2019

Garden sprinklers are a great way to spread awareness on our planet. Water availability is a future problem, but it’s not far away. We have to do our best to preserve water for future generations. We can start doing this by getting garden sprinklers for our garden. Water supplies are affected by global warming and human industrialization. If this continues at this level, most of the world’s fertile lands will be facing a big problem. They might turn into arid deserts at any moment.

We can do a few things to conserve water as a homeowner. We need to keep our backyards green, but most of the time, we don’t have extra time to do that. Keeping the garden green also requires extra income to manually water the lawn. You can start watering your garden correctly by getting a garden sprinkler system that you can use.

Cheapest Garden Sprinklers for Your Home

Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler8.2
A5018 Decorative Spinning Sprinkler Set
Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
Melnor Multi-Adjustable Sprinklers8.9

Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler

  • Made of heavy-duty brass.
  • The head is adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • The metal tripod can be adjusted between 25 and 48 inches for maximum efficiency.
  • The surface of the tripod looks high-quality.
  • It can cover up to 5000 sqft.
  • %100 satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Made in China.
  • You can replace sprinkler heads with other ones.
  • If you want a sprinkler that works well for this price, you should buy this immediately!


A5018 Decorative Spinning Sprinkler Set

  • There are three pieces of different sprinklers in this set.
  • Two pieces of connectors for garden hoses.
  • The top sprinkler diameter is 4.5 inches.
  • The total length of the sprinkler is 22 inches.
  • The hoses are about 6 feet long. They are usable for most of the situations.
  • You can change the hoses with the longer ones if you want to.
  • The sprinklers spray about 15 meters long. It also changes with water pressure.
  • If you are looking for decorative sprinklers, you can buy this set.

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

  • There are different choices on the product page.
  • It can cover up largen gardens up to 4.200 sq.
  • The maximum pressure is 100 PSI.
  • The twin touch control allows you to control the width of the sprinkler.
  • You can also control the range with the control function.
  • There is a zoom/flow control on the sprinkler, which controls the overall watering area.
  • Infinity turbo drive is beneficial, and it improves the lifespan of the product.
  • It is highly suggested if you are looking for a high-quality sprinkler.




Gesentur Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler

  • This is a multi-purpose lawn sprinkler. You can use it for roof cooling or lawn irrigation with ease.
  • It can also be used for kid’s playtime.
  • A detailed step to step installation guide comes with the product.
  • You can water up to 32.8 ft distance with ease.
  • The water pressure is 60 PSI.
  • It has three arms, and it is 360 degrees rotatable.
  • The lawn sprinkler has adjustable nozzles, which allow you to switch a different kind of sprinkling mode.
  • The angle can be easily changed between 90 degrees of 45 degrees.
  • Stable and high-quality, durable product.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality product, you can buy this multi-purpose lawn sprinkler!



Orbit 58308 Tripod Base with Brass Impact

  • It can easily cover up to a 40-foot radius.
  • You can change the height of the tripod between 25 and 48 inches with ease.
  • Heavy-duty brass impact head is easily adjustable from 0-360 degrees.
  • Sturdy metal construction with weighted legs provides additional stability.
  • You can use the gooseneck hose attachment for a secure hose connection.
  • The product is excellent. However, the price is a little bit expensive.
  • You can replace the upper part of the sprinkler if you want.
  • The tripod sprinkler is rotatable, and you can also lock it in a single position.



Melnor 3400 sq. Ft. Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Nozzles

  • It can cover up to 3400 sqft.
  • Brass spray jets are high-quality.
  • It has a built-in water gauge, which is pretty useful.
  • You can change the spray range according to your needs.
  • Melnor products come with a 7-year warranty, which is cool.
  • You can’t change the spray pattern of the product. However, you can change the coverage amount.
  • The green frame is made of plastic.
  • The product has some bad reviews on the market. If you like it, you can buy it.



Melnor Multi-Adjustable Sprinklers

  • The set comes with three adjustable sprinklers.
  • The sprinkler set also has two garden hoses which lengths are 15 feet.
  • If you have fancy garden stepping stones, this set will suit it!
  • The hoses are extremely durable and high-quality.
  • They can also rotate to connect with other units.
  • The sprinklers can cover up to 1500 sqft.
  • The products have a two-year warranty.
  • If you are looking for a decorative sprinkler set with high-quality, you can buy this sprinkler set.




GrowGreen Garden Sprinkler

  • The sprinkler provides 80 PSI water pressure.
  • It is 360 degrees rotatable.
  • The product has 32.8 feet of spray distance.
  • ABS plastic is high-quality.
  • Polymer parts are rustproof.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • If you are looking for a cheap garden sprinkler, which is also really useful, you can get this one!



SOMMERLAND Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler

  • You can adjust the head between 0 to 360 degrees with ease.
  • It can cover up to 5000 sqft with ease.
  • Metal tripod height can be changed between 16-37 inches.
  • The premium surface is exceptionally high-quality.
  • The price is a little bit higher than the average.
  • The stand is made of aluminum.
  • Tripods are incredibly high-quality, but I can’t say the same for the head parts of the sprinkler. You can replace it with something else if you want to.




Milemont Garden Sprinkler

  • The Milemont garden spray can rotate up to 360 degrees, which makes it extra powerful!
  • There are three rotating arms which are specially designed to water up to your whole garden!
  • There are 12 angles you can set on the spray nozzles, which makes the sprinkler extra powerful!
  • It can cover up to 26-32.8 sqft with ease. The psi is 80, which is a pretty cool number.
  • You can connect multiple water hoses to this, which makes it extra efficient!
  • The sprinklers are made with premium ABS plastic. The inside parts are encapsulated with TRP material, which makes it extra durable!

If you are looking for a durable garden sprinkler that can be used for multiple purposes, you should think about this one! The material quality is pretty excellent compared to its price! The product also has an 18 months warranty, which is a huge plus. You can also return it in 30 days.

Uses of Garden Sprinklers

You should use garden sprinklers sparingly because they can soak your lawn in water if you use them without attention. A sprinkler can use much water as a family. You can always invest in water-efficient garden sprinklers. You should always invest in these products because they save water about %30 percent, which is an outstanding amount when you compare them to their peers. Popular water-efficient lawn sprinklers are generally shaped like a heart. They can shatter water through water droplets from their heart-shaped heads. Now let’s take a look at the best water sprinklers for gardens and pick the one most suitable for you.

How to Pick The Best Garden Sprinkler?

I’ve listed ten garden sprinklers in this article, and all of them have different features. You have to know what’s crucial about these garden sprinklers before you make your purchase. There are various factors like garden size, water power, coverage, material quality, price, and design. If you read my instructions about these points, you will have an easy time with your purchase. Make sure you read about all of the factors so your experience will be smooth!

Garden Size & Arms

The size of the garden is significant when it comes to buying the best possible garden sprinkler. The garden sprinkler should be suitable for your garden. If you are buying a garden sprinkler for a small yard, you should check the coverage of the garden sprinklers. Small sprinklers generally work well for these situations, and they are compact. You can also move them around quickly, which is excellent for covering the whole. Most of the small gardens can use two small sprinklers and do all the work!

Bigger gardens, on the other hand, need better planning for the coverage. You have to calculate the square feet of your garden and pick your sprinklers according to that. Every part should be covered with the sprinklers you are buying. PSI power is also significant when it comes to coverage. You should make sure the sprinklers have enough power for your big garden!

Rotating arms are crucial if you want to cover up your whole garden. They come in convenient in most situations. You can set them into the direction you want for a full garden watering. It’s crucial to cover up the whole garden. You can do this easily by getting adjustable arms. Some products also have angles on the spray nozzles, which can be utilized for a perfect watering experience. You can set these nozzles in any direction you want.

Water Power & Tripods

The power of the water should be enough for the sprinkler. Some water sprinklers require a minimum PSI, which is pretty crucial. You should check the information about the product before you make the purchase!

Tripods can work pretty well if you have tall plants in your garden. You can also use them over fences, which makes them a great alternative! The height of the tripod should be adjustable because you can make them suitable for any situation. Most of the tripod models have heights starting from 25 inches. The height goes up to 50 inches, which is pretty good. Tripods also should be stable if you want a pleasant experience. If the sprinkler is too powerful, it might knock itself over. You should check the stability of the product and make sure it has beautiful pointy legs!

Material Quality

There are tons of different materials used for the sprinklers. You can find plastic, aluminum, and metal products with ease. The metal ones are the best, in my opinion. They are stable and suitable for big gardens. If you have a big backyard, you should think about metal garden sprinklers.

The plastic ones are useful because they cost less than usual. If you have a big garden, but you are short on the budget, you can prefer plastic ones. They work well if you follow the usage instructions. Aluminum ones are cool if you are looking for more durability! They also have more PSI than plastic ones, which makes them great alternatives.

Brass products also work perfectly! However, some brands play tricky games here. They only made the body part from brass, which is good, but they use zinc for head parts. This can be a problem if you use the product a little bit harsh. You should read the product descriptions properly if you don’t want to buy something bad. The brass products generally work well, and they are better than plastic versions! You can prefer them if you can’t afford metal ones.


The price of the product is directly related to the quality of the materials! However, some brands cost more than usual. You should stay away from these brands if you want a long-lasting experience. If you are short on the budget, there are great alternatives in our list specially selected for people on the budget!


There are tons of products waiting for you to buy. It might look hard at first, but if you read all of the articles, it will be a breeze for you. You should learn about the factors I’ve listed above so you won’t buy a lousy product. There are deficient quality imported products in the market that lacks durability. If you are buying something long term, you should be concerned about sustainability. Other than that, you won’t face too many problems, in my opinion. Most of the products have a similar quality. You can get away with product quality if you pay a little bit more than 30 dollars.

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