Best Ikea Floor Lamps to Buy in 2020

IKEA is the first place when you are looking for reliable and price-efficient lamps. You can find some of the best floor lamps possible without any problems. Floor lamps are an excellent choice to improve the looks of your room. They can create a beautiful ambient effect within seconds. You have to pay the right amount of price if you want to achieve a good look in your room. You can still get away with cheap IKEA floor lamps, but if you have the budget, I suggest you take a look at these IKEA floor lamps.

Top Sellers

Ikea 201.109.03 Lersta Floor-Reading Lamp
IKEA Samtid Floor Lamp
Ikea Floor Lamp with 3-spotlights
IKEA Vidja Standing Floor Lamp

Ikea 201.109.03 Lersta Floor-Reading Lamp

  • The lamp is made of aluminum, and it’s high-quality.
  • It will be suitable for the workspaces which are designed in a modern-looking way.
  • The grey color of the lamp looks bright in real life.
  • You can direct the light wherever you like and get a focused task lighting.
  • The height of the lamp is 62 inches, which is lower than the standard floor lamps.
  • The base diameter is 10 inches, but the lamp is stable.
  • You have to buy the light bulbs seperately. It can support up to 60 watts.
  • The base of the light bulb is an E26 base.
  • The lamp is excellent for the price.
  • The first foot of the lamp is made of metal. The rest of it made of elastic material.
  • If you are looking for a well made reading floor lamp, this lamp can be right for you.


IKEA Samtid Floor Lamp

  • The shade of the lamp is not that high-quality; you can change it if you want to.
  • The height of the lamp is 60 inches, which is shorter than average, but this is because of the design.
  • The base diameter is 10 inches, but the lamp is stable enough.
  • The cord length is 11 long feet.
  • The total weight of the product is 11 pounds.
  • You can move it around the house because of its weight.
  • The wattage of the light bulb is 100 watts. It’s not included in the package.
  • It is made of Polycarbonate plastic.
  • You can buy this lamp if you like the design of it.

Ikea Floor Lamp with 3-spotlights

  • Each of the lamp’s heads has different colors. You can turn on them separately to create a beautiful look.
  • You can direct the lights at any point you like.
  • The heads are adjustable, and this makes this lamp perfect for any task!
  • You can easily use the lamp in your living room because of the design!
  • Most of the people use the top lamp for uplight lighting.
  • Bottom heads are great for reading activities!
  • Material quality is okay. You won’t have problems.
  • The price is perfect for the quality.
  • Extremely compact and flexible product.
  • If you are looking for a 3-headed floor lamp, you can try this one!

IKEA Vidja Standing Floor Lamp

  • This is a significant pillar floor lamp from IKEA.
  • The material quality is excellent. You are going to love it.
  • It provides a warm glow but not harsh light.
  • The lamp comes with six light bulbs that provide white color.
  • The height of the lamp is 4.5 feet.
  • If you are into Swedish design, you should check this one.
  • The light bulbs are LED, and they are included in the package.
  • If you want a pure white radiant lighting, this floor lamp is excellent.
  • The lamp is extremely easy to assemble; you will have an easy time.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality floor lamp, you can get this one!

IKEA – HEKTAR Floor Lamp

  • The head of the lamp is a little bit oversized compared to the rest of it.
  • It’s useful for getting a reading light.
  • Suitable for living rooms.
  • The switch is easy to use; it’s placed on the cord. You can hide the cord under your rug.
  • You can aim the light whenever you work to create a focused light.
  • The head of the lamp is adjustable. It can be turned up to 120 degrees.
  • It can be used as an uplight lamp.
  • The weight of the lamp is 30 pounds.
  • Epoxy powder coating is high-quality, rust-resistant.
  • The price is reasonable for this kind of quality.
  • The lamp comes with an E26 light bulb. You don’t have to pay for it separately!
  • Highly suggest if you are looking for a mid-end Ikea floor lamp.

How to Pick the Best IKEA Floor Lamp?

IKEA floor lamps are nice for decorating your room at a reasonable cost. If you are short on the budget, you can always go for these products. They have a few products which can be used to decorate your rooms properly. If you know what you are doing, you can create beautiful ambiances with these beautiful lamps. There are various factors you need to check before you make a purchase. You have to inspect material quality, price, room design. If you follow my instructions, you will have an easy time decorating your room!

Material Quality

The material quality of IKEA floor lamps is generally close to each other. They mostly sell mid-end products that can be used in any room. You should pick the material according to your room’s design. If you are looking after a cheaper lamp, you can prefer plastic models. I think IKEA has beautiful plastic floor lamps that can be used in any room. They have a reasonable price, and quality is subtle compared to other floor lamps in the market.

You can prefer metal ones if you are going after a more modern or straightforward look. Modern designs require sleek-looking products that are generally made of metal. Metal ones also have more durability, which is excellent for long term usage.


IKEA floor lamps have reasonable prices; they are cheap most of the time and do the job efficiently! You have to decide what kind of floor lamp you need and make your pick according to that! I’m going to give you a few tips about room decoration in the next section, which will help you to determine the IKEA floor lamp you are looking for.

Room Design

The room design is the most crucial factor, in my opinion. IKEA floor lamps are the perfect solution for workspaces since they have a basic design most of the time! If you are buying these lamps for your living room or your workspace, you will have an easy time. They do not have an adequate design for bedrooms and other elegant spaces, in my opinion.

If you have a small room, you should look into small lamps. A big lamp can look absurd in a small room, but if you want to highlight a place in your room, you can prefer more prominent lamps! Bigger lamps are also more suitable for corners since they can distribute the light better! If you are looking for a lamp to use in the corner, you should get a taller lamp!


There are not too many choices on the internet when it comes to IKEA floor lamps. However, you can still make the right decisions if you read all of this article. Make sure you leave comments below so we can discuss the floor lamps.

It seems like IKEA doesn’t have new versions for 2020. The products still work perfectly in 2020 so you can buy them without hesitation!

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