Best LED Light Bulbs for Home Decoration

You can learn about best-LED lights for home and all kinds of lighting equipment! Picking the right led home lighting is a critical choice, and it can be tough sometimes. You have to choose the best lighting among the different styles. There are too many factors to consider when you are on the road to buying a light.

Here at the Home Lighting Review Guide, we try to compile all of the latest data and reviews on our website. We reviewed different brands, all high to low-end products, just to help you. Our main goal is to help you save time and money. You can take a look at the comparison chart below for the best home lighting for 2019.

What to Consider When Buying an LED Light for Home?


Some of the lighting products are expensive. Most of it doesn’t even deserve the price it has. I tried to help you with the costs of the products and save you some money. If you want the best thing for your money, you should always look at reviews.


Performance is the second important factor in price. If a product is not as durable as you want, it will still make you lose money. You’ll look for products which have a warranty. The lifetime of light is essential too.

Energy Usage

Most nowadays, lighting products are energy savers. They are a great addition to today’s eco saving environment, but still, some of them lack this feature. Don’t forget to take a look at the energy usage of the lamp.

Light Type

Yellow-colored ones can be a great add-on to your dining room. They enhance the romantic atmosphere of the room. Yellow lights can also tire your eyes quickly. If you are looking for essential lighting, you should always go for white ones.

Bulb Size

The size of the lamp can be important. It’s the most important thing when you are buying for aesthetics.

Harmful Effects of Lights

Damage caused by improper use of light sources should be avoided. The living places are affected by the lighting of the places where the settlements and urbanization are located. As human health is affected, it is negatively affected by the living organisms living in the environment.

As a result of light overload, it illuminates too many places if necessary—much more than the light that the eyes are accustomed to causes the vision to deteriorate. Illumination is incorrect when the object is seen more clearly when the light source is used. As a result of light propagation in the atmosphere, the sky is not seen in its natural brightness. It will be dazzling. It causes light pollution in airplanes flying over cities. Using too much light will damage the eyes.

What Else?

It directly affects the health of the eye, causing the vision to deteriorate. It can cause accidents in the lights used in various areas such as traffic.

Turtles are especially affected by light pollution. The nightfall comes to the beach and leaves their eggs. They follow the reflection of the moon that hit the sea to find their way back. Light pollution causes deaths by causing them to be astonished.

Because of light pollution, we live more stressed and tired lives. Life is inevitable when we are tired of being exposed to light pollution, as we have exhausted us in every sense. Sufficient lighting should be used to be environmentally sensitive.

Why Led Lights?


Led lighting is definitely the number one choice in the market. They are highly energy-efficient, and homeowners always make them their number one choice. Most of the manufacturers see a huge profit in this low energy lightings and started investing mostly in led lights for home. People who choose led lights are mainly looking for energy saving. Most of the customers replaced incandescent and fluorescent lights with LED lighting.

Exterior parts of homes often use incandescent light bulbs. They are mostly used as spotlights or floodlights. If you can change these lights with simple led lighting, your electricity bill will drop down from 60 to 5 watts with ease. It might be expensive in the beginning, but your future savings will definitely worth it. Aside from the bill saving, the amount of illumination will be definitely increased. You will notice far brighter lights than the light we used to. You can also choose different kinds of colors for a more cosmetic result.

1. Energy efficient

LED lights for home are highly energy-efficient. Unlike traditional incandescent lamps, these lamps convert 80% of electrical energy into light. Incandescent lamps use colored filters to light up a place but LED lamps to do this better, therefore, saving more energy and bill. Replacing an old home lighting system with a new led one will definitely help you save more energy and bill!

2. They don’t heat it up

LED lights for homestay cooler than standard lamps in terms of heat. You can also dim them to the intensity you like

3. Versatile and compact

You can use LED lighting in any environment. They come in different colors and shapes, which will allow you huge versatility. Did you know that: A single led can light up a whole stadium without hassle.

4. Long lifespan

Most of the LEDs have a long lifespan, which is excellent for people who are one time buyers. This will also mean you will low maintenance costs.

What to Know Before Buying Led Light Bulbs?

Wattage is not brightness

Most of us think wattage is not brightness, but it’s not true in this case. If you are shopping for brightness, you should always check lumens of your lamp. If you are looking for brightness for led lamps I compelled a little bit table for you, you can easily check the lumens you are going to get.

2600 lm150 W25-28 W
1600 lm 100 W 16-20 W
1100 lm 75 W 9-13 W
800 lm60 W8-12 W
450 lm406-9 W

Check out the chart carefully you can easily see, standard bulbs use more watts to brighten up any place. Therefore making them inefficient and a burden.

Choosing the Right Color

Most people think only standard light bulbs provide yellow light, but LED light bulbs also can provide red to purple light. You can get warm white or soft white if you want to produce yellow light. Bright white produces a more normal color like daylight. So if you are looking for something like daylight, you should get something between 5,000K and 6,000K. If you want something like incandescent bulbs, you should go for between 2,700k and 3,500k color temperature range.

You are Going to Pay More

You are going to pay more for LEDs; however, this is just only at the beginning. If you do the math more detailed, you will see, you are going to save more up on the bills, especially if you have a big home, it’s going to make a massive difference in your bills. I can definitely suggest LEDs for bigger houses. They are going to make a huge difference!

Questions and Answer About LED Lighting

Can you easily replace my existing lamps with LED lamps? 

Of course, you can easily replace your lamps with LED lamps. Most of the time, you don’t have to change your existing system if you want to change your lamps.

Why should I go with LED lamps instead of incandescent lamps?

LED lights have multiple advantages over normal light, as listed before. Those benefits include:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Higher durability
  3. Longer lifespan
  4. Low heat
  5. Smaller size
  6. No UV or infrared radiation.

You should also consider the bill saving more detailed, at first you are going to pay more LED lights, but in the long run, they are going to save you a lot of money. ROI for these replacements is one year for most houses. There are also some maintenance costs which you are not going to pay for the next ten years!

LED lights for home also produce little heat if you compared them to incandescent lamps, this means you are also going to save electricity bill on air conditioner usage. They also don’t contain any harmful ingredients like other lamps, which can hurt the environment!

What is the color of the LED light?

The color of the LED light was calculated in Kelvins. Some of the most common led light colors;

  • Warm white: 2,700 -3,300k – standard incandescent light color
  • Cool white: 4,000k – moonlight
  • Daylight: >5000k

What is the CRI( Color Rendering Index )?

According to Wikipedia: A color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. If I translate this for you: Higher CRI = Better Light Quality. Most of the LEDs have around 80 CRI scores. If you are into a more detailed or visual inspection, you should go with >90 CRI score.

What about LED light efficiency?

LED lights for home manage to convert most of the electricity to light. This means they have better efficiency. Incandescent lamps have an efficiency of 2-3%, and fluorescent lamps have an efficiency of 15-20%.

What are lumens per watt? 

As I said before, watt indicates how much power the lamp uses and lumens is the brightness of lamps. This is an essential factor when you are looking for LED lights; however, you should always take a look at CRI too. Higher CRI and Higher LPW(lumens per watt) mean better quality!

What about the lifespan? 

Led lights are great when it comes to lifespan. They are highly durable and only lost up to 3% of light power after the first 1000 hours of usage; they also don’t get affected by frequent switching.


Now you know all the things about buying the LED lights for home, always keep in mind these simple things, and you will never fail.

  • Higher CRI
  • Higher LPW
  • Lower Wattage

Please take care of the environment and your electricity bill! We are living in an age of wasted resources. If you want to help the world make it a better place, you can always start by changing yourself, which means buying LED lights.

Where Can I Use Led Lighting?

LED lighting systems are energy-saving, durable, environment-friendly, and decorative at the same time. Since they are like this, we started to use them more and more. Some of the manufacturers are producing LED lights that can suit almost any environment. LED lights for home are great because they can light up your home in different colors, and they can be used in virtually any place. Those two benefits are really great and make them used even more in today’s world. I already talked about the benefits of LED light, and now I’m going to give you some examples of how you can use the LED light for decorative purposes.

The bedroom is a great place to use LED lighting. Most of the time, designers use ceiling lights for bedrooms. They are great for small bedrooms since they can light up a small room quickly. You can also use high-quality, color-changing LED lights in your bedroom.

Bathroom LED Light

led lighting bathroomA bathroom is always a good place where you can use the led light! These tile covered places can instantly turn into something different by using LED lights. If you use bright and colored LED lights, you can immediately acquire extraordinary designs. There are silicone-based or water-resistant LED lights in the market which you can use for your bathroom. You have to pick the best color according to your bathroom if you want to have a complete design of your bathroom. The color must always suit the walls and floor covering. You can also check the internet for various color choices; the one image at the left is just a sweet example of what you can do.

Living Room LED Light

LED strip lights can be an excellent tool for your arsenal since they can bend easily and cover around your pieces of furniture without any problem. You can create variations of looks with these beautiful lights. These items are generally sticky on their own, so you don’t have to apply any other thing to them. These tips for lighting games can be great for nights if you are used to visitors.

You can also design a cinema room for yourself with these beautiful lights. There are various colors and choices when it comes to stripping led lights. It’s up to you what kind of design you are going to choose. You can also design your kitchen with these beautiful LED lights to acquire a modern look. You can use the countertop for a different outlook. Designers should definitely check the designs. Maybe you can come up with unique ideas! In my example, they created a great vision, which also helps with the pattern on the couch. It looks perfect under the blue led light.

Kitchen LED Light

As I told you before, the kitchen can be an excellent place for LED lights, and these two are a perfect example of it! In picture one, they used blue lighting over the countertop for a great outlook, and in the second picture, they used a pink light under the countertop. Both can work great for almost any situation. I highly suggest LED lighting in the kitchen if you are living with an older person. They might need water at night, and the LED light covered kitchen will be great for them, and they won’t have any trouble with seeing in the night. You can keep the lights open all night long since they are energy-saving and eco-friendly. It won’t be a problem.

You can also use led lights for ceilings in the kitchen. They are great for lighting up the kitchen since you get the lighting from above. You can easily see the food you are cooking by doing this simple thing. Make sure you also check my article about led light bulbs for ceiling fans.

Single Color LED Lights

I always gave colored led light examples, but in reality, you don’t have to use colored ones. As you can see in the picture on the left, there are some perfect design options for white color too. It looks absolutely fantastic. It all comes to personal preference of what you want when it comes to LED lights! In these pictures, LED lights were used above the benches, which created a fantastic atmosphere. If you push the limits of your creativity, you might go even beyond the borders of decoration and acquire the perfect design you want! Whether for decoration or lighting, there are many great decoration tips on the internet, and you might even surpass them!


Finally, there are many great examples of perfect lighting and decoration on the internet. Nowadays, people don’t use the lighting at their brightest level; sometimes, you can acquire by keeping them low. However, lighting decoration in a room doesn’t only include LED lights. Table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps are also very important for your decoration game. I also review the best products on the market constantly to help indecisive people. You can read the reviews on my website and ask me questions about anything!

LED Lighting Decoration for Homes

A house is always an asset to the homeowner. All of its furnishings and fittings must be the best as far as the homeowner can afford. The lighting has an influence on the house, not only for performance but also from the aesthetic perspective. So you have to improve the looks of your home. You can do this by installing small led lights for decoration. This is the principal reason many homeowners consider LED lighting for their homes now. They also use LED lights for home for different spaces such as gardens, offices, garages, patio, and other environments where they spend some time at. You should improve the looks of your house at all costs if you want to create a beautiful environment for yourself and your loved ones!

Styles of Led Lighting

LED lighting is the modern-day consumers’ choice for brighter and more beautiful houses or rooms. There are lots of lighting designs for LED-based lighting products; there’s a number of shapes, sizes, designs, and power ranges to decorate and beautify any desired space. You have to pick your desired led lighting styles according to your needs and personal preferences.

LED lighting for almost any home today isn’t limited to the standard light bulbs or fluorescent lighting fashions; they come in many different styles and designs with unique functions. LED lighting allows a home to be beautiful, bright, warm, and inviting with no harshness of mild and high bills. There are also different led lighting designs for outdoors or indoors, you can find a variety of designs on our website!


The LED lights for home is designed to operate exactly like any light product, but LED technology has added on more to LED-based lighting solutions. These lighting elements can last considerably longer than the conventional tungsten-based lights. This is a great thing if you want to use your lighting for a long period of time! This permits the customers to save more money; there is not any frequent changing of lighting elements.

The LED at a house gives a consistent performance in their performance; the brightness is constant while some home LED brightness can be adjusted to suit the occupants’ taste. Bulbs wouldn’t be fused easily in spite of frequent switching on and off the LED. Such lighting can add warmth and coziness to the surroundings to create the ideal ambiance for a comfortable living.


It’s easy to buy LED lights for home today with the plethora of retail lighting stores out there in town. I suggest you should look online before you make a purchase in real life. You must always compare the prices of the internet with retail stores. You can save a couple of bucks by doing that. People who love shopping would like looking at every piece of light-emitting diode personally to evaluate their brightness and appeal before buying anything.

Other customers who are more IT savvy want to find online and browse at every LED piece and understand all of the technicalities of this component before putting it in their virtual shopping cart. Some innovative lighting web stores have a digital part where buyers can decorate their house space almost and have an idea of the way the LED lights elements would look like in their real home space before buying. Hence, this sort of internet purchase style is becoming popular among tech-savvy customers today.

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