12 Best Rustic Floor Lamps

Rustic floor lamps can be a great decorative alternative for your room. They can be a wonderfully stylish alternative to your home. You will understand why they are on the top when you want to add a vivid luxurious charm to your room. In the old times, these rustic lamps are used in many rustic places, but nowadays, we are trying to imitate the same atmosphere by using them in our houses. However, traditional interiors had more options regarding decorations, but today you can still fit these rustic lamps in almost any place you want, and I’m going to teach you how.

How to Pick Best Rustic Floor Lamp?

There are a variety of lamps available in the market; most of the rustic designs are made of pure wood and metal. Colors do not vary at all; gold and bronze colors are rarely used; most of the lamps look old. You can still easily use these lights as a beauteous accent light or as a standalone decorative item. I want to teach you a few things before you are going to buy one of these lamps, there are some essential factors which you should always follow for a better shopping experience.


First of all, if you are designing your room from scratch, it’s going to be easy for you. You can pick almost any lamp and make the design around it, or you can choose the things you like most and fit in the lamp after all of that. Rustic lamps generally have clean lines with sleek designs. They are usually dark-colored, and they have patterned and dark-colored shades. You can find these lamps in different textures, there are some French and industrial designs in the market, they are generally beautiful, and I made most of my listings around them. You should always look for traditional ones, but they should still be an artistic choice. Although it all comes up to your preference, most of the time, mixing modern looks with traditional items doesn’t work out.


Second, you should always take a look at the height of the lamp; if you are going to use the lamp as a general room lighting, you should always go with taller lamps. However, if you are going to use the lamp as a decorative item and need it just for reading or some ambient lighting, you can pick the shorter ones! You should always search for your local area and some research in the market before buying the lamp you want. You can also still get the help of google for finding other lamps. I’m going to share some of the best sellers in the market for you; I hope you’ll like the honest reviews about them.

Top 12 Rustic Floor Lamps







 Marlowe Woven Bronze Metal Floor Lamp

  • It needs two 100W light bulbs to operate, and they are not included in the package.
  • You can use the lights separately because of the separate pull chains.
  • The lampshade is covered with metal on the outer side, and the inner part is made of burlap, they have great quality and durable.
  • The metal is antique brown colored and will fit in your interior design, whether it is antique or modern.
  • This lamp can provide a lot of light because of two 100W light bulbs; you can use it as a reading lamp by turning on just one light bulb.
  • The lamp looks expensive, and it has quality materials in it, I can highly suggest this lamp if you are looking for something for your living room.

Beautiful rustic floor lamp with a lovely shade! The shade has an excellent quality which will last for a long time! The lamp has two different light bulbs, which can be controlled separately by separate pull switches! The antique brown color on the lamp looks beautiful, and it’s suitable for antique and retro design! The lamp looks unique and elegant compared to its peers!

Franklin Iron Works Floor Lamp with Burlap Shade

  • It requires two 100W medium base light bulbs to operate.
  • Separate switching function for extra control.
  • It has a modern and rustic look at the same time.
  • This will make a great lamp if you are having trouble finding a suitable rustic lamp for your modern interior.
  • The deep bronze finish on the body looks perfect.
  • Tan colored burlap drum shade looks great.
  • You can quickly assemble the product in 10 minutes.
  • This lamp is massive and highly stable.

The cord is around 10 feet long and extremely efficient. The burlap shade looks well compared to other shades in the market. You can use the Edison light bulb for this lamp. It works with two 100w light bulbs, which is high. You can also change the shade with something whiter if you need more light. This is an excellent lamp for people who are looking for some stability!


Travata End Table Rustic Floor Lamp

  • I wanted to share this end table with you because it looks fantastic and rustic at the same time.
  • Understandable and straightforward look.
  • You can adjust the swing arm at any place.
  • It needs a 150W light bulb to operate. You have to buy it separately.
  • On/Off socket switch.
  • Cherry finish on the top of the table. It’s high-quality.
  • Bronze finishing on the legs and metalwork.
  • It’s straightforward to assemble takes around only 15 minutes.
  • You can easily change the burlap shade and make this lamp fit into almost any place!

This is a perfect example of a floor lamp with a table. It’s effortless to assemble, which makes it a valuable option. You can use this one in an antique and retro design with ease. It looks rustic and vintage at the same time. It’s great for small rooms because you can use it as task lighting. The swingarm is useful when it comes to reading and other task jobs. The bronze finishing suits all kinds of antique designs with ease! You can use another lampshade to switch the design of this lamp!

Iron Twist Base Wood Tray Table Floor Lamp

  • It requires a 150W light bulb to operate. It’s not included in the package.
  • Dark rustic finish, wooden walnut table, they are all high-quality and look better in real life.
  • You can change linen shade with different colors if you want to make more use of this lamp.
  • Shelf makes this lamp ideal for living room usage.
  • If you are living with cats or rowdy children, you must be careful about the shelf part. Cats might jump on it, and it might cause some stability problems!
  • The lamp is a little bit hard to assemble, but it’s highly stable and durable.

First of all, if you have problems with assembling you should stay away from this lamp. It has some stability problems, and that might cause some issues if you have naughty pets in your house. Other than this lamp looks excellent modern or antique designs. It has a distinctive look, which is a plus for decorators. You can use this one on the corners with ease. I suggest this one for people who lack some space in their living room area.

Industrial Cage Metal Floor Lamp with Edison Bulbs

  • The lamp works with three 60W Edison light bulbs; you have to buy them separately.
  • It can also make use of another type of light bulbs.
  • Three pull chains to control the lights separately.
  • It can be used to light up a room or as a reading lamp.
  • The industrial rustic bronze finish looks great.
  • Metal cage might heat up, be careful when you are touching it.
  • Heavy and stable.

Another rustic floor lamp with a unique look. This lamp is used by decorators out there! You have to use Edison light bulbs with this one to create that industrial look. The chain pulls excellent for controlling light separately. You can use this as a task lighting since you have separate control over three light bulbs.

Averill Park Industrial Downbridge Bronze Floor Lamp

  • Oil rubbed bronze finish looks great.
  • It comes with a 60W Edison light bulb.
  • On/off switch is on the pole. Easy to use.
  • It’s easy to put together; it will take less than 10 minutes for most people.
  • Sturdy and attractive design.
  • The lamp is also heavy and has no stability problems.
  • If you are looking for a cheap rustic floor lamp with high-quality, this is your lamp!
  • It can be a great addition to hardwood floors.

Another beautiful rustic floor lamp by Averill Park. This is a perfect example of a rustic floor lamp. It has all the basic functions of this design! The rubbed bronze design looks great in modern or antique designs without a doubt. You have to use an Edison light bulb as a default. It’s also effortless to assemble, which makes it a great choice!

Adesso 3227-15 Brooklyn Rustic Floor Lamp

  • This is only a wooden rustic floor lamp worth mentioning in the market.
  • The lamp looks great, and it has a sleek design. It also has another version on the sales page; you can check it out!
  • It requires a 150W light bulb or equivalent.
  • You can fit this one into a modern or rustic room without any problems.
  • Rotary switch.
  • Walnut finish on the legs.
  • Made in CHINA.
  • The shade is colored between white and off-white keep that in mind, please.
  • The lamp is easy to assemble and takes around 10 minutes easily.
  • I suggest this lamp if you are looking for a rustic lamp, but you don’t have any idea which one is right. This lamp can fit in anyplace.

The base material is wood, but it has a rustic color which is suitable for industrial designs! It can be used in different designs because of the wooden material used! It operates with a 150W light bulb, which emits high amounts of lighting! The rotary switch is great for controlling the level of lighting. I suggest this one for people who are looking to get a high-quality floor lamp!

Calyx Cognac Glass Industrial Bronze Floor Lamp

  • It comes with a 60W Edison light bulb.
  • Inspired by factorial looks, pullers look great.
  • The top arm is non-adjustable, so keep that in mind.
  • Bronze metal finish is high-quality and has no flaws at all.
  • Footstep switch.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality rustic industrial floor lamp, this is the step up you require!
  • You can easily add an old character to your room with this beautiful lamp.
  • If you are looking to add a final touch to your industrial or rustic design, this can be a great addition. It’s highly suggested!

Another unique rustic floor lamp for decorators. This lamp has a distinctive factorial design which is suitable for industrial designed rooms. The adjustable head is great for book lovers out there. You can use it in the corners because of the design.


Black Forest Decor Fishing Pole Floor Lamp

  • This fishing pole floor lamp looks perfect in most situations.
  • If you have a retro design, it will probably look really good in it.
  • The switch is on the cord; you have to turn off the lamp by using your feet.
  • Unique design for people who are looking for something different than standard lamps.
  • You are going to fall in love with all of the details on the lamp.
  • Most of the people can assemble this beautiful lamp in 30 minutes without any problems.
  • I can suggest this fishing pole floor lamp if you are looking for something extraordinary.
  • It’s one of the best rustic floor lamps out there on the market!

Another beautiful rustic floor lamp with black finishing. The assembly is easy, but it takes some time! The lamp has a distinctive look, which is great for unique lamp seekers! The fishing pole design is different, and it’s not a common one. If you are looking to implement a retro design in your room, but you also seek variety, you can get this one!

Franklin Iron Works Garryton Industrial Oil-Rubbed Bronze Floor Lamp

  • The lamp has a height of 62 inches.
  • It works with a standard 60W medium base bulb.
  • You can turn on/off the lamp by the rotary switch on it!
  • Edison style antique light bulb will look with this lamp as you can see in the picture. However, it’s not included in the package; you should buy it separately.
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish looks good, and it has good details on it!
  • There are three different styles of design; you can also inspect them at the amazon.com.
  • If you are looking to buy the best and cheapest rustic floor lamp on the market, go buy it instantly!

This brand produces great antique and industrial floor lamps. All of their products have a unique look in them. You have to use an Edison light bulb with this one like other industrial lamps. The bronze finish on the base part looks great. I suggest this one since it has three different designs. You can pick the suitable one for your needs!


Signature Design by Ashley L207171 Jaak Floor Lamp

  • You can take your design to the next level with this industrial and torchiere lamp.
  • The lamp is made of clear glass shades, and they provide a fantastic look.
  • All of the heads have separate on/off switch on them.
  • Curvy metal arms have different heights, and this creates a beautiful look.
  • You can install your own Edison lamps into the shades,
  • The height of the lamp is 59 inches.
  • If you are looking for something for your living room, this lamp is good for you.

This lamp has the quality you are looking for. It has a reasonable price because it is directly sold by the producer, who is a huge plus. You can use Edison light bulbs or LED bulbs in this lamp. The 3-heads are a great way of creating the lighting level you want. You can control them separately, which is a huge plus!

Brightech Montage LED Floor Lamp

  • If you are looking for a classic lamp which can suit almost any decor you are looking at the right thing!
  • The montage floor lamp has a beautiful and classic design that can suit almost any place.
  • It has two different base choices; you can pick the black or brown color. Each one is oil rubbed and will match with the looks of the lamp.
  • You can easily use the lamp as a reading lamp near couches, beds or desks.
  • The lamp is extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. It’s only 12.2 pounds.
  • The height of the lamp is around 5 feet, which is perfect for most situations.
  • Another cheap rustic floor lamp is ideal for students or small families!
  • Most of the weight is located at the base of the lamp, which makes the lamp stable!

This lamp is great for people who are looking to get the best of both worlds. It has a rustic design combined with modern looks! The shade suits the design of the lamp, which makes it a complete package.

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