15 Best Wooden Floor Lamps in 2019


The living room is where most of us spend our relaxing time; it’s nice to have a cool ambient and relaxing figures in our living. When it comes to having a cool ambient wooden floor lamps help with both ambient and lightening up this particular room. There are also other factors including your sofas, rugs and other things but if you don’t have a good lamp in your living room, most of these don’t even matter.

As an amateur decorator, I use two wooden lamps in my living room; they are the most modern and plain-looking lamps at the same time. Also, they are in the same condition for long years! Can you believe it? There are some factors about wooden lamps. They are durable without metal pieces. Most of them are made from sturdy material and heavy. This provides more stability for these beautiful lamps. There are also some handmade choices in the market which cost more than fabricated wooden lamps. If you are going to buy a wooden lamp, you should always look at the design, style, finish, and quality of the light. I’m going to review some wooden products for you to give you some ideas about this topic.

Top 15 Wooden Floor Lamps in 2019


K-SHION Modern Nordic Style 1.6m Creative Home Wooden Standing Light

  • Plywood was used during the making of this lamp.
  • The shade material is cloth.
  • It’s suitable for most of the places, but I suggest it mostly for offices.
  • You can choose between 4 colors, including; butternut, walnut, ash, teak.
  • Uses an E27 lighting bulb. One comes within the package.
  • Height is 63 inches.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It’s the best looking wooden lamp on the market, and it also looks unique!
  • Adjustable light direction.
  • Product dimensions: 30.7 x 11 x 63 inches

This is a perfect wooden lamp for most offices; you can direct the light in any direction you want because of the mobile head. It’s straightforward to assemble and takes only 10 minutes for most people. Great and different looking design. We inspected this unique floor lamp in another article on our website. You can create a separate looking room with this cool wooden floor lamp. The human figure is great for creating different emotions, as you can see in the picture. I suggest this one for designers out there!

Adesso 1523-01 Stratton 62″ Floor Lamp

  • Great classic design with some modern touches.
  • Easily fits into anyplace but mostly suggested for the living room.
  • Burlap bell shade is made of high-quality material; it’s secured with a wooden finial.
  • Uses a 150W standard lamp.
  • 3way rotary switch.
  • The base material is sturdy metal.
  • Made in CHINA.
  • Total product weight is 8 pounds.

It’s a great lamp at this price; you can’t find this quality at this reasonable price. I mean, it is cheap. Most of the people can afford it without hassle. The rotary switch is a bonus which allows for better lighting adjustment. Great for living room, provides a modern and simple look. This lamp can be used in corners without any problems because of the sleek design. The shade is a little bit bigger than compared to other lamps. It might look wrong in small rooms.

Yescom 57.5″ Wooden Detachable Floor Lamp

  • Minimalist design with a cotton lampshade.
  • The Wooden stand is made of oak.
  • Assembled height is 58 inches.
  • UL certified.
  • 10 Ft cord for better adjustment.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Foot-switch makes it easy to use.
  • Beige colored.
  • Product Weight: 8 pounds.
  • If you are looking for a cheap wooden floor lamp, you should buy this immediately.
  • Yescom detachable floor lamp looks great, the base is made of oak, and it seems highly stable. You might change the shade for a different ambient. The 10ft cord is an excellent bonus when you combine it with the footswitch. I recommend this product if you are looking for something simple.

Yescom 57.2″ Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

  • Tripod provides better stability than other products.
  • Assembled height is 58 inches.
  • UL certified.
  • 10 Ft cord for better placement.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The footswitch is perfect for usage.
  • Minimalist design with wooden finish.
  • This is another cheap wooden floor lamp, as you can understand from the shade quality.

This is a perfect example of a standard wooden lamp, shade quality is okay, but I suggest you change it to something better. Other than that, this lamp looks better than most products and has a reasonable price.

Noblespark Zk008l Modern Contemporary Wooden Floor Lamp

  • Modern style with great looks.
  • Wooden base and body.
  • Pure white wood with elegant looks.
  • The product weight is 9 lbs.
  • Uses 3 E26 light bulbs.
  • You can use LED lamps without hassle.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Perfect addition for the living room.

If you like modern floor lamps you can buy this product, it has a different look and excellent material quality. It’s sturdy, and stability is okay. It’s also handmade, which makes it greater, in my opinion. This lamp looks cool in the modern designed room. It can increase the looks of the room within seconds!

Noblespark Modern Contemporary Wooden Floor Lamp

  • Perfectly designed white handmade modern wooden floor lamp.
  • Uses 3 E26 light bulbs; you can also use LED lights.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • High-quality handmade design.
  • You can even use this as a decor.
  • Provides the average amount of lighting. Great for living room or art galleries.
  • Free shipping.

Perfectly designed handmade product. Price shows the quality. Highly durable with solid materials. It’s mostly suited for art galleries and living rooms. If you are looking for something different and out of the book, you should go with this product.

Pacific Coast Lighting Birch Tree Floor Lamp in Natural

  • Natural finish with a round shape.
  • The shade is made of linen, and it’s high-quality.
  • The natural base and body look perfect.
  • A different design with modern looks but looks simple at the same time.
  • Product weight is 21 pounds, which means it’s stable.
  • Brown/beige colored.
  • If you are looking for a cheap wooden lamp with a unique look, this is your best bang!
  • There are color options, including white birch and yellow birch, which is cool.
  • The quality is high, and the lamp is sturdy.
  • Perfect for the living room or office. High quality from head to toe.

Great design for nautical design lovers. It also has some kind of tropical sense of it. If your room is colored with white, blue, or grey colors, this lamp will look awesome.  This one is suitable for families with pets out there. It’s incredibly stable because of the weight. The base also has a sturdy design, which is excellent!

Nautical Antique Finish Brass Spotlight Searchlight Wooden Tripod Floor Lighting

  • Antique looking lamp with brass finish.
  • Tripod makes it stable than usual lamps.
  • Provides perfect light for reading and living room.
  • The nautical shade is different, makes it look unique!
  • The total weight is 18.00 kilograms.
  • Assembled height is 75 inches.
  • Uses an E27 light bulb. (standard)
  • UL certified.

This lamp is huge and well made. The lamp is stable and provides both looks and durability at a reasonable price. It looks handmade if you carefully inspect this piece of art. Brass quality is okay for this price; I can suggest this piece of art! If you are looking to implement a nautical design in your room, this lamp can be useful!

Aspire Home Accents Isa Square Floor Lamp Set

  • Geometrically shaped fabric shade.
  • It uses two 60 watt lamps and provides beautiful ambient lighting.
  • Assembled height is 47 inches.
  • It is mostly suited for a living room or office.
  • Wooden base with black finishing.
  • The designer looks for a reasonable price.
  • This lamp looks elegant and simple at the same time. The base is made of quality wood, and shade quality is excellent too.
  • You can use lower wattage lamps for different ambient lighting.

This wooden lamp set is perfect for people who need extra lighting in their houses. It looks great in modern and minimalistic designs. The shade is made of fabric that might attract cats inside the house. You should look at other lamps if you have cats in the house! The base is sturdy, but the cats can harm the fabric shade around it!

Brightech Maxwell – LED Shelf Floor Lamp

  • If you are into two in one product like me, you should think about this beautiful wooden floor lamp.
  • You can easily store your favorite books with this beautiful item.
  • The shelves are three-tiered, which is enough for most people.
  • You can also store other items like vases, photographs.
  • The lamp is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. It requires a smart outlet to perform these functions, and it’s sold separately.
  • The white shade of the lamp softens the light. If you have sensitive eyes, this shade can provide an adequate amount of protection.
  • Brightech Maxwell Led Shelf Floor lamp is suitable for indoors! The light bulb has a lifespan of twenty years! It comes with a 9.5W light bulb.
  • The light bulb saves up to %85 of electricity bills.
  • This lamp is suitable for most of the designs; you can easily use it in modern environments or antique looks. It will suit most of the places because of the wooden design!
  • The product comes with a three-year warranty; I highly suggest this lamp if you are looking for the best bang for your buck! It was the best seller in 2018!

If you expect utility from your lamp, this one is great because of three shelves. It’s handy for book lovers out there! This wooden floor lamp with shelves comes with an LED light bulb, which also reduces the cost. You can display small items on the shelves, which is excellent! If you are looking utility from a lamp, this one does the trick!

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

  • The lamp is made of high-quality material. The wooden base of the lamp is made of ash tree wood, which is highly durable!
  • The shaded part of the lamp is made of cloth. It’s also really high-quality.
  • The design is incredibly stylish. It looks plain and simple but provides the classic look you are looking for!
  • It can easily fit into modern architecture and designs!
  • The lamp is stable enough because of the three wooden legs!
  • It requires an E26 light bulb to operate, and it’s not included in the package.
  • I suggest you use a 10-12W LED light bulb for this product.
  • The lamp has a footswitch for easy turn on and off!
  • It comes with a year’s warranty.
  • High-quality wooden tripod floor lamp at a low price. If you lack money, you can buy this one!
  • I can suggest this lamp if you are looking for something plain simple!

High-quality wooden tripod floor lamp for designers. It can be used in retro and vintage designs without any problems because of the base material. The colors look nice in real life, which is a huge plus! You might want to change the shade of it with something better!

Rivet Olive Storage and USB Charging Station Lamp

  • This lamp can enhance the look of any room within seconds!
  • It can easily fit into contemporary places.
  • The design is extremely classic; it has four brass poles, which makes the lamp extremely stable!
  • It has two shelves which you can use for storing various items!
  • The shade of the lamp is extremely high-quality, and it will last longer than you think!
  • The lamp is extremely versatile; you can even use it in the kitchen, and people won’t find it awkward!
  • This lamp is extremely lightweight; it’s only around 10 pounds!
  • You can easily carry it around.
  • I can suggest this lamp for people who are looking for a little bit luxurious item!

Another wooden floor lamp with shelves. I love these lamps because they are so useful. This one has bigger shelves than another one, which is a plus. You can also use this one in the kitchen to store kitchen items in it! I highly suggest this one if you are looking for a high-quality product!

Brightech Harper LED Tripod Floor Lamp

  • Brightech is one of the well-known brands out there. Most of their products are high-quality at a reasonable price.
  • This lamp can be used as a versatile lamp. It can work as a reading lamp, or you can use it in the corners.
  • I can suggest this one for minimalist, vintage or urban designs with ease. It has a model that can suit a variety of designs.
  • You can make it work with smart home systems like ALEXA, Google.
  • This lamp can be used for yoga studious out there because of the light it provides. It’s also minimalistic, which is suitable for yoga studios!
  • The drum shade creates a significant downward lighting effect, which will improve the ambiance of your house! It’s about 19 inches in diameter, which is big.
  • The LED bulb comes with the product. It has a lifespan of around 20000 hours. You can also check LED bulbs for home at this post.
  • The product has a 3-year full warranty!

If you are looking for a tripod wooden floor lamp, this one is great for you. I highly suggest this lamp for yoga or meditation studios because of its design. It also creates a light ambiance for a soft mood. It also doesn’t cost much, which enables you to combine three or four of this lamp. The lamp is extremely easy to assemble, which makes it an excellent product for newbies. If you are looking for a price-performance wooden floor lamp, you can get this one!

Kenroy Home 32237TA Bennett Floor Lamp

  • If you are into sophisticated products, this wooden floor lamp is excellent.
  • The lamp height is 59 inches, which is average.
  • It’s going to take an attraction from your guests!
  • The drum shade is 15 inches diameter, which is normal.
  • It requires 3-way 150 watts light bulb to operate. You can also use an LED equivalent.
  • The almond finish perfectly combines with vintage or urban designs.
  • You can change the lighting level with the 3-way switch.

The assembling part of this lamp is a little bit hard for some people, which results in bad installations. Some people reported adverse stability problems. If you trust your assembling skills, you can get this wooden floor lamp. It has a charming and elegant look, which makes it an excellent alternative for bedrooms. If you are into vintage designs, you can still use it in your living room. This lamp also has a table lamp version which can be combined with it.

Brightech Charlotte: Rustic Shelf LED Floor Lamp

  • Another price-performance product by Brightech!
  • This lamp has two different design options, including; Havana Brown and Natural Wood.
  • Suitable for mid-century designs.
  • The shelf on the lamp is handy. If you are looking for a floor lamp with shelves, this one is a great alternative.
  • You can use it near sofas for reading books. The shelf makes it a useful utility lamp.
  • Suitable for usage with Smart home systems.
  • LED bulb comes with the product, but I don’t like the quality of it.
  • You can get a separate 9.5W light bulb. The default lamp has a 3000k color temperature. If you need bright colors shot for higher temperatures.

This is a great lamp that has functions of tripod floor lamps combined with shelves! It looks beautiful in modern and minimalistic designs! If you love to read books, you can prefer this one since the height is also adjustable!


How to Pick the Best Wooden Floor Lamp?

Picking the best wooden floor lamp can be hard for some people. There are several things which you should inspect.  However, I want to mention how you can use them in your design. They are great for retro, vintage, industrial, modern, or any kind of design. Wooden floor lamps have a different pattern, which makes them suitable for any type of use. They are ideal for almost any type of design out there.

You got tons of color choices when it comes to wooden products. The ability to pick any color you want is the reason why you can do anything with them. Dark-colored products are suitable for modern and minimalistic designs with ease. Classic wood color can be used for industrial, retro, and vintage designs with ease. You can also use light-colored wooden products for all types of designs! Wooden floor lamps are extremely versatile because of these factors. There are some important things you should be careful.

Material Type and Quality

There are different types of wood used in furniture; The by-products obtained from wood and wood are mostly used in furniture production today. Except for special coated (leather/fabric/ PVC coated) plastic and metal raw materials, most of the furniture is produced entirely from wood. Wooden floor lamps are mostly made of woods. You should pick your wood type according to your furniture. You can pick chipboard, MDF, plywood; these are the massive technical terms that you are quite likely to encounter. These terms all refer to a particular type of wood and wood product. If we know the characteristics of the tree species used in furniture, we can make the right choice according to the place and purpose of the furniture. Each type is suitable for a different kind of usage.


Wood Types Used in Furniture, For example, using a water-resistant chair for gardens and balconies indoors is not a problem, but may cause unnecessary costs. If you are looking to buy furniture for indoor usage, you should stay away from these products. On the other hand, it would be a big mistake to use a table that is not resistant to moisture or water produced for indoor areas in the balcony or garden. The water is harmful to outdoor products. If you don’t get something resistant to water, there will be swelling in the furniture. After one year it will decay the furniture, which will cost you a lot of money!

In this case, how do we know which wood is resistant to which conditions, and how to deal with these technical terms in furniture selection? With which wood should furniture be produced? What are the types of wood used in the furniture? Which wood type is more durable? In this article, we will introduce you to the kinds of wood from which a considerable proportion of the furniture you want to buy is produced, so we hope to help you choose the right furniture for your needs.

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