4 Best Blown Glass Chandeliers in 2019

If you are looking for a unique chandelier, you guessed it right; it’s blown glass chandelier! Blown glass chandelier lamps are excellent for those who are looking to add uniqueness to their rooms! They have that custom look everybody is looking for! Every lamp is different than the other one because of the produce principles! They made in a way like stained glass lamps. Those lamps have unique designs and patterns too! Let’s take a look at the best products on the market and figure out which one is best for you!

Top Seller Products in the Market

Paradigm Design Large Red Burst Chandelier


  • The glasses are a hundred percent hand-blown.
  • The price extremely high compared to other products.
  • It has a high cost because it’s hand-made.
  • Assembling instructions are straightforward.
  • It works with G9 bulbs.

You can get this one if you want to spend too much money on a lamp, but I don’t suggest it since it costs too much.

7PM Modern LED Due Bubble Glass Chandelier

  • The lamp has two different height options.
  • The glasses hand-blown, and they look really clear in real life!
  • Full assembling can be hard for some people.
  • It works with 4 GU10 LED light bulbs up to 50W.
  • It can work with dimmer switches.
  • Suitable for living room or bathroom usage.

This lamp can be used in bedrooms if it has a modern design. The price of it is excellent. You have to be careful while installing because the crystals are extra fragile, which might be a problem.

Saint Mossi Modern Glass Raindrop Chandelier

  • The assembling process can be complicated for some people.
  • It requires 4 LED GU10 light bulbs to operate; you have to buy them separately!
  • Measurements are Height 31 inches x Diameter 20 inches.
  • It looks better in real life compared to the picture.
  • Customers are satisfied with the product.
  • The raindrops are first-class crystals that look elegant in modern room designs.
  • The lamp is only suitable for 110V.

This bubble blown chandelier will look perfect in the master bedroom, in my opinion. It has elegance and looks suitable for modern designed bathrooms. The stainless steel will suit the looks of a bedroom. Some people use it for the living room too. It has a minimalistic look,which makes it eligible for living room usage. I can suggest this one since the price is reasonable and it looks beautiful!

ELK Lighting Huarco 6-Light Chandelier

  • The mouth-blown amber glass looks fantastic. It represents the Amazon rain forests, which are burning right now as I’m writing this article.
  • The canopy in the middle of the product looks fantastic.
  • Each blossom is covered with chestnut hues, and it looks perfect.
  • Extra elegant look for vintage or retro-designed rooms. It can be suitable for nautical or tropical designs.
  • The price of the product is suitable for quality.
  • 28w x 28l x 24h.
  • Suitable for traditional styles.

This lamp is dimmable, which makes it a great candidate for the bedroom. You can use it as ambient lighting for your bedroom. I think this one will look perfect in a living room because of the design. It goes well with walls which are painted around the green and yellow colors. I suggest this combination. If you are looking for a beautiful product which worths the price you should get it!

How to Pick Best Hand Blown Glass Chandelier?

Before you make an instant purchase of blown glass chandelier online, you have to know about various steps. You have to be careful and make sure the lamp suits the room you are going to buy! This lamp is going to get all kinds of compliments from your guests, I guarantee!

Style and Design

The style and design of the room are essential. Some people use blown glass chandeliers in modern designs, and it looks incredibly absurd, in my opinion. You have to pick the right style of blown glass chandelier, and it has to be suitable for your room. These chandeliers are great for dining rooms and living rooms, in my opinion. Because they have a vibrant and bright look, which will improve the looks of your room, you should identify the place you are going to use the lamp and make sure it’s suitable for that place!

You can also use chandeliers in your bedroom too. They are great ambient lightings if you can dim them. It changes the atmosphere to romantic in a few seconds. Hanging fixtures are perfect when it comes to bedrooms. If you find a suitably blown glass chandelier for your bedroom, you can use it. Some people are using these lamps for bathrooms, but I think they are too fancy, but you can still use them if you are going for an elegant look. Use a blown glass chandelier, which is suitable for your room’s theme.

Size and Dimensions

The lamp’s size should be suitable for your room. There are a variety of calculations that can be used for finding the diameter of your chandelier! If you are buying the blown glass chandelier for the dining room. The size of its diameter should be less than 12 inches than the width of the dining table. This is a standard thing when it comes to chandeliers! You can always buy big ones since they will look better compared to a small one. However, if you use too big chandeliers in a small room, it will seem absurd.


The price of this product changes a lot because of manufacturing quality. Most of them are hand-made, which increases the cost a lot. There are various products in the 100-200$range, which can be a bargain for these products. However, if you are looking to get a high-quality blown glass chandelier, you should spend more than 200USD.


The variety of products are limited in 2019 because of manufacturer deficiency. I hope this will improve in 2020. Other than that, there are four cool lamps in the list. The bottom one is the best, in my opinion, and it looks perfect. Please make sure you leave a comment if you find a lamp online so I can review it!

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