10 Cheapest Floor Lamps in 2019

cheap floor lamps in the market

We all need some sophisticated lighting in our house. We can easily acquire this by getting a pair of cheap floor lamps. Lamps are preferred in almost any home, they are a great part of the decor, and we always need them to complete the ambient. Unfortunately, some of the lamps are expensive, and some people have troubles to afford them! When you are out of budget, you can consider this cheap floor lamps for your home!

Opposed to popular beliefs, not all beautiful lamps should be expensive. You can find stunning and durable lamps at a reasonable price. However, you have to know where you can find them. You can also transform the worst rooms with these beautiful lamps if you know how to use them.

Most of the cheapest lamps have a minimalist design. They can be used in almost any room. You can easily use some of these lamps in any room. They generally have a stand and have adjustable height options. If you have little spaces, you can also consider tall floor lamps. They will add a nice touch to your room. I’m going to review ten cheapest lamps in the market and give you an idea about what you need to know how to buy the best one at a reasonable price!

We added 3 new cheap floor lamps to our list. Make sure you also check them out. They are at the bottom of the list.

10 Cheapest Floor Lamps in 2019

Light Accents Floor Lamp with White Shade (Black)27$7,4
Ikea Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp23$7,6
Simple Designs LF2000-SLV Floor Lamp with Reading Light25$7,2
Ikea Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp, White20$8,2
Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp18$9,0

Mainstays 71″ Floor Lamp, Silver

  • Assembled height is 71 inches.
  • 3-way rotary switch!
  • Body material is plastic, and durability is okay.
  • Lightweight, it’s easy to carry around your house.
  • Uses a 150W lightbulb, which is not included in the package!

Mainstays is one of the cheapest brands in the market; their products are mostly okay. If you need a tall cheap floor lamp, this might do the trick your need.

Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp

  • The bestseller in the market, it’s the most sold product!
  • It requires assembling, which is easy!
  • You can clean the lamp with a dust cloth.
  • You have to buy light bulbs separately. However, it has a buying option that you can include the led light bulb.

This product is 7.5 USD at IKEA. However, if you include the shipping price and other expenses, Amazon.com is advantageous. This lamp can easily light up a 3×4 square room without hassle. It provides a bright white light. You can also buy an LED version of it if you want to save on electricity costs. The lampshade is made of plastic, and it has a standard quality, you might change it better shades if you’re going to, but it’s not necessary. It’s durable and sturdy for this price if you need a cheap lamp don’t want to search deep into the market you can get this bestseller without hesitation!

Ikea Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp

  • It provides a soft white light.
  • Assembled height is 46 inches; the lamp is a little bit short.
  • Uses a standard(E26) lightbulb, which is not included in the package!
  • 2.2 meters cord length, which is medium length.

It would be best if you were careful when you are carrying or assembling this lamp because the shade is not that durable so that you can make break it anytime. Another thing about this product is it’s well made for the price creates a beautiful ambient light for such a price! It seems like this one can make it to the top 3 amongst the cheapest floor lamps, and it’s also a perfect price-performance lamp.

Room Essentials Torchiere Floor Lamp

  • Steel metal with black finishing.
  • Uses a 3-way rotary switch.
  • Uses a 150W incandescent light bulb or 26 watt CFL.
  • Assembled height is 71 inches.
  • Plastic Shade.

It seems like this product has a few problems with its shade and body, but there is nothing to concern. Material quality is okay for this price, it provides a bright white color for any place you use it, and it’s most suitable for the living room. This is one of the best lamps which gives you what you pay for.

Ikea Floor Uplight-Reading Lamp

  •  Both of the lamps can be used separately as a result of that you can use this lamp as a reading lamp or a standard lamp.
  • You have to buy light bulbs separately. They are not included in the package.
  • It’s effortless to assemble, and the assembled height is 71 inches.
  • The adjustable arm is excellent for reading and provides excellent lighting.

IKEA makes excellent products on the low end. You get what you pay for and even more most of the time. The bulbs used in this might be hard to find for some people, but it’s not a problem. You can get them from amazon.com with the product.

Silver Mainstays 72” Combo Floor Lamp

  • Assembled height is 72 inches.
  • Adjustable reading arm for better reading.
  • It requires assembling, and it’s effortless.
  • You can use this one as a reading lamp or a regular lamp.
  • It comes with a rotary switch, and you’ve to buy light bulbs separately.

This lamp is sturdy. It takes only a few minutes of assemblies, and it can light up an entire room without any problems. The reading lamp is also a little bit adjustable, which is a great function. You might have some straightness problems, but it’s okay for this price.

Mainstays 5′ 11″ Floor Lamp

  • Uses a 150W light bulb.
  • Modern and simple looks.
  • Easy to assemble takes only a few minutes for most people.
  • 3-way rotary switch.
  • Assembled height is 6 feet.

Another great lamp in this price segment does what it’s supposed to do. Provides upright lighting at this reasonable price. You might have a hard time finding the bulbs, so I suggest you get them from Amazon.

Simple Designs LF2000-SLV Floor Lamp

  • Perfect lamp with multi-functions.
  • It requires assembly, but it’s effortless.
  • Uses a 100W light bulb.
  • 3-way rotary switch.
  • Comes with three color options, including the black, white, and silver finish.
  • Modern and cheap floor lamp.

This lamp got my attention the moment I saw it. It looks sturdy, and customers say the same thing so you can get it without hesitation. But most of all this product gorgeous and modern for this price, I mean you can’t find this kind of great looking lamps for this price. I suggest this one if you are looking best bang for your money.

Light Accents Floor Lamp with White Shade (Black)

  • Great cheap torchiere lamp for small rooms.
  • Simple and modern design.
  • Perfect entry-level lamp.
  • Assembled height is 72 inches.
  • Uses a 100W light bulb.
  • Has two different color options.

This lamp is great to have; it’s sturdy and beautiful at the same time. It’s also one of the best lamps in this price range. If you are looking for a lamp for your living room or bedroom, this can easily do the trick and light up your whole room!


Brightech Bijou LED Tripod Floor Lamp

  • It’s an extremely eye-catching lamp at a very reasonable price.
  • Cylinder shaped shade looks perfect. It will add some uniqueness to your room.
  • The natural wooden base provides the looks you need.
  • The lamp provides a beautiful warm light. I suggest you use this lamp at your office. It has a modern and sleek look.
  • Provides 800 lumens of light. The LED light has a life span of 20000 hours, which is excellent! You can use it for a long time!
  • Compatible with the latest house automation systems like Alexa and Google Home.
  • The tripod shape is suitable for most of the living rooms. You can put it in the corner without hesitation.
  • It won’t increase your energy bill, which is cool!
  • You can also use the lamp in modern living rooms; it has a contemporary look. The mid-century design is suitable for almost any room out there.
  • The lamp is suitable for retro and vintage design.
  • It comes with three years of warranty.

If you are looking for a modern looking lamp for your office or living room, you can buy this cheap modern looking lamp. It’s one of the best out there when you compare it to other products. The price is a little higher than expected, but it provides everything you need. It will provide the warm light you need, and it also has a reasonable price. It’s highly suggested for entrepreneurs out there who are looking to get most out of their bucks! This one is the most suitable product for people who are looking to get a price-performance floor lamp!

How to Choose the Best Cheapest Floor Lamp?

We all need lamps in our home! It can be a floor lamp, a table lamp, or a desk lamp. Lamps are the main accessory when it comes to adding a unique decoration to the home. They can instantly enhance a room’s look in seconds! However, these lamps can get expensive. There are some things you need to check if you are intended to buy floor lamps. These things will help you in the long run, and they will also help you to get the best cheapest lamp possible! Here are my seven simple tips to get the most functional cheap floor lamp possible. If you want to learn in detail, you can read the rest of the article!

  • Decide what kind of lamp you are going to get first!
  • Versatile lamps are expensive than standard ones.
  • Material quality is critical.
  • You shouldn’t buy lamps which are made of cheap metals or plastics!
  • The finish of the lamp is highly essential. A low-quality finish will peel off after a short time.
  • You should always your room’s shape and purchase according to it.
  • Make sure the lamp fits your decoration.

Style of Lamp

The style of the lamp is essential when it comes to determining the price. Most of the contemporary style lamps cost more than usual. However, there are also low-cost ones in the market waiting for you. You can always get a floor lamp with a sleek design since they cost less than usual. Thin lamps are generally cheaper because of the material amount used in them. You can easily fit these kinds of lamps into your modern designed rooms.

Antique floor lamps can cost higher than usual. There are some cheaply made antique lamps, but I suggest you stay away from them since they don’t look real at all. You can prefer a banker’s lamps if you are looking to get a cheap antique lamp. They are used for the desk, but they can be handy if you are out of budget. Cheap antique floor lamps are made of brass or wood most of the time. Cheap brass floor lamps are great for almost anyone. They are easy to implement in antique designs, and they don’t cost a lot. Wooden ones are the second choice when it comes to designing with cheap lamps. There are some great brands out there that you can implement easily. You can also check my post about wooden floor lamps here to find some bargains!

There are some other designs like tropical lamps, gold lamps, stained glass lamps, sphere lamps, etc. out there. You can check my posts about these kinds of lamps and find something suitable for your budget. Each post has one or two cheap lamps for you to buy!


Price of the lamp increases as it gets more versatile. Every new function adds to the cost of the lamp. If you are looking to get a cheap floor lamp, you should be looking for standard lamps. Features like USB, Dimmable, etc. adds cost to your lamp. If you need these features, you can buy a higher cost lamp, but it defeats the purpose of this post. You can still find some gems in the market if you search enough. Most of the time, I list these gems in my posts, but sometimes I can miss them. Make sure you contribute if you find a great lamp!

Material Quality

Cheap floor lamps use thin material most of the time to reduce the cost of the lamp. This is perfectly normal for cheap lamps! However, you can still pick the material type to suit it for your room. There are lamps made of wood, brass, metal, or aluminum out there. These lamps can be implemented in their ways. You can use brass or wood lamps if you are looking to make an industrial or antique look. Metal or aluminum ones are suitable for modern designs. Make sure you pick an excellent material with reasonable thickness for the lamp. If you get terrible material quality, the lamp can easily break down!

There are some lamps out there that are made of cheap metals. This can be not good because they are not corrosion-resistant. If you live in an environment that has humidity, this might be a problem. If you are buying steel lamps, make sure they are resistant to rust. Plastic lamps are cheaper than other lamps, and this is perfectly normal. If you are looking to get cheap plastic lamps, you should check it doesn’t contain any harmful material at all. Tons of plastic types are harmful to your health. If you are buying the lamp for your kid’s room, you should be looking for products that are BPA free.

The finish on the lamp is also essential. This is related to the material used on it. If the material is of low quality, it can get peeled after short usage. Make sure you read the reviews of customers and find something durable. You don’t want to change your lamp every 2-3 months.

Room Shape and Style

Cheap floor lamps have a variety of options, which makes them great for any room out there. People make mistakes when it comes to buying something suitable for their room. The quality of the lamp is essential, but you can get away with a cheap floor lamp if you know what you are doing! The style of the lamp must be related to the room you are going to use it. If you made a room with a tropical design with bright colors, you should get tropical floor lamps that are suitable for your room’s design.

The size of the room is also critical. If you have a small room, you should be looking for small floor lamps. You can also use big floor lamps to create more dramatic effects. Using a big lamp will also highlight the lamp more. If you want to gather attention around the lamp, you can use a big floor lamp.


If you follow these necessary steps correctly, your efforts won’t go to waste. These are just simple tips that can be followed by almost anyone, and they don’t cost a single dime! Buying cheap floor lamps is some art, and I listed all of the simplest things you can do!

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