Cheapest Reef Tank Lights for Hobbyists

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about reef tank lights, this article will teach you the basics you should know. Reef tank lights should be suitable for your needs in the first place. Reefs are susceptible; therefore, the light should be ideal for the reef. The temperature of the lights is critical. Wrong lighting choices can cause some bad things in the long run. It can shrink down the reef and deteriorate it in the process. You should learn the basics of coral reef lifting if you want to start.

There are corals inside the reef, and you need to take care of their needs. The reefs are sensitive, so you have to be careful. The lighting type depends on the safety of the animals inside the aquarium. You should pick the right kind of intensity and color spectrum the reef needs!

Best Reef Tank Lighting

LUXCARE Marine Saltwater Reef Coral Aquarium Light

  • Full-spectrum light with 7 bands. There are 100 pcs of LEDs inside the product.
  • It includes all o the colors that make it suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums!
  • It has a PMMA lens. The light operates at 25W with 120 μmol PAR value at 11.8 inches height.
  • There are two lighting modes that make it suitable for coral growth and saltwater aquarium lights.
  • The light color is adjustable which makes it perfect. You can check the sales page for more details.

This is not a well-known brand, but this product sells really well in 2020. You can try it if you are looking for an alternative.

Relassy APP Control LED Aquarium Light Panel

  • The product contains all the lighting spectra between 6000 and 20000 color temperature.
  • Suitable for most of the aquariums.
  • The material quality is excellent and professional.
  • It promotes algae growth at a superior level.
  • The brightness level can be changed automatically. You can mimic the day and night circle for the aquarium.
  • The timer function is excellent. You can use the desired brightness level according to your needs.
  • Product size is impressive for middle size aquariums. Product Size:22 x 12 x 0.7”.Ideal for 32×18” coverage.
  • It doesn’t have any fans so it won’t produce any noise at all.
  • 2-year service warranty.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series LED Aquarium Light

  • This is an excellent product if you want to control PAR output and reef coverage.
  • The internal timer is excellent for controlling the lighting levels. You can adjust the brightness levels according to your needs.
  • V165 is a full spectrum aquarium light that is used by thousands of members.
  • 1-year local warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

  • One of the best seller aquarium lights in the market.
  • You can pick the size according to your reef.
  • The new design comes with brighter and more colors.
  • The product produces a limitless number of color spectrums, which is perfect for reef owners.
  • It mimics the natural 24-hour biorhythmic cycle, which is cool.
  • If you are looking to buy the best seller in the market, you can get this one!

How to Pick the Best Reef Tank Lighting

There is a variety of reef tank lighting used for aquariums. You might find fluorescent tube lights, led bulbs, or metal halide lighting in almost any store. These are the most used lamp types for reefs! Each one has distinct advantages and specifications based on the reef and plant types. The reef aquariums should be handled carefully! Most of the people use different color temperature light bulbs to provide a suitable environment for plants. Color temperatures between 10,000k and 20,000k are the best spectrum for reefs. However, you need to learn some other basic stuff if you are a beginner.

Plan the Future

You have to know what plants are inside your tank. The plant type is critical because each plant type requires a different lighting. Are there any living animals inside your reef? What kinds of fish you have? These are critical questions because we should base your choices on these. The lighting type you prefer is essential too. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to LED lighting. You have to pick enough intensity for some plants, and it might be great if you have a large reef. You should use fluorescent bulbs if your reef is massive.


If you want natural daylight, fluorescent lights are your best choice. This is the lighting suitable for almost any plant out there. Color temperatures vary between 5000 to 7500 kelvin, which is ideal for most of the plants. This is a great beginning place for most of the aquariums.

Metal Halide

This is one of the most popular reef tank lighting out there. Most of the hobbyists are using metal halide light bulbs because they have many color spectrums available. The intensity can be picked according to your needs. You can find a 10000-Kelvin color temperature light bulb easily if you choose metal halide light bulbs. These can do an excellent job in a mixed aquarium.

You have to take proper care of corals and plants inside your reef as they grow. They need different lighting spectrums as they grow up. It might be better if you mix the color temperatures and provide adequate lighting for the plants. The color of the light is also essential. You can get red and blue lighting if you don’t want to deal with lighting later on. Make sure you read more articles online and learn about the process.

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