10 Best Garden Stepping Stones in 2019

Garden stepping stones are the easiest to use and original accessories when it comes to decorating your garden.  First of all, they are used as a functional tool in your garden; after some time, they became a decorative way to enhance a path. They are now considered an essential part of a garden. There are almost thousands of designs when it comes to garden stepping stones. You can find something suitable for your taste. There also some 3-dimensional garden stepping stones which we will inspect in another topic.

You can also make your garden stepping stones. This will allow you to add more personal touch to them and create unique things. There are some ready-made molds on the market which is available for you. You have to pick the right shape and size. After that, you can paint it the way you like and acquire the desired results!

Cheapest and Best Garden Decorative Stones in 2019

Round Riverstone Stepping Stones Set
HF by LT Rubber Victorian Garden Stepping Stone8.4
Spoontiques Dog Crossing Stepping Stone8.1
Roman Exclusive Terrace Garden Stone8.6

Round Riverstone Stepping Stones Set

A unique way to decorate your garden or yard. These river stones look extremely beautiful under the sun, and they are also surprisingly realistic. However, you might want to look at other decorative stones if the quality is your main concern.

The set consists of three circular maths. Each of them covered with polished river stones. The stones are comfortable to walk on because of their design.

This set will make a great gift if you are intended to buy it as a gift. The person you are going to buy it will use it.

The river stones are made of polyresin, which is an extremely durable material. They can withstand most of the weather conditions. The diameter of the stones is 12 inches.



HF by LT Rubber Victorian Garden Stepping Stone

These stepping stones are perfect for creating an enchanted garden walkway. The surface is made of solid rubber, and it’s high-quality. You will feel the softness of the stone when you are walking on it. The surface can absorb impacts. You won’t even need shoes when you are walking on them.

You can use the whole product year. It’s suited for most of the weather conditions because of the design. Vulcanized rubber build protects the stepping stone from harsh conditions. It’s incredibly suitable for coldest winter situations.

It is made of %100 PVC-free materials. The product also uses fifty percent recycled rubber, fifty percent standard rubber, which makes it more environmentalist.

The diameter of the stepping stone is 11 inches. The set comes with three stepping stones. The brand also has different designs which you should check! It’s a highly suggested product if you are looking for high-quality stepping stones.



Iron Verdigris Garden Turtle Stepping Stone

If you are looking for a much detailed turtle stepping stone, you should buy this quickly! One of the most fabulous looking stepping stones on the market.

The finish of the product looks high-quality. It’s made of verdigris finish. Most of its parts are made of cast iron, which makes the stepping stone extremely durable.

It might be hard on the foot when you are walking on it too much. You should use the stepping stone on hard surfaces. It’s more suitable for places like that.

Measurements are 1/2″H x 13″L x 9″W. The weight of stepping stone is 3.5 pounds. The set only contains one turtle stepping stone. You should keep this in mind!



Roman Exclusive Terrace Garden Stone

If you are in love with Antique Rome, you should get this roman garden stone instantly!

The design of the product looks exceptionally lovely in real life. It looks exquisite and classy.

There is all kind of different details on the product. There is a contrast between the grey border and bronze-colored tree, which makes it more attractive to the eyes. The leaves are also gorgeous.

You can also use it in your living room as a hanging art piece. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the product!


Spoontiques Dog Crossing Stepping Stone

If you love dogs like me, you can get one of these beautiful stepping stones.

You can also use it as a wall plaque.

Suitable for both outdoors and indoors.

It is made of resin and calcium carbonate.

The diameter is 9 inches.

The product is large enough to move on. It’s also really comfortable on foot.

The Dog Stepping Stone looks exceptionally high-quality. I suggest you get this one!



Bits and Pieces – Celtic Compass Glow Garden Stone

The Celtic compass glow garden stone is phosphorescence. You can put it under the sun to power it up.

It will glow brightly during the night and will guide you through your way.

Made of polyresin, and it’s suitable for most of the weather conditions.

If you love garden art, this is a great piece to have.

The product measures 10 inches in diameter, which is average for stepping stones.

The stepping stone is excellent and well made. However, some customers report bad things about the glow function.



Set of 2 Iron Verdigris Garden Turtle Stepping Stone

This one is a better turtle stepping stone than the one above. It’s incredibly detailed, and the design looks exceptionally realistic compared to the other one!

The set also consists of 2 different turtle stepping stones. The price is better than other stepping stones since you get more value.

Measurements are 1/2″H x 13″L x 9″W. If you like durable products, this one is for you because it’s made of cast iron.

The weight of the single-stepping stone is 3.5 pounds. If you are looking for a cheap garden turtle stepping stone, you should get this immediately!



Spoontiques Butterfly with Flowers Stepping Stone

If you like the design of these flowers stepping stone, make sure it matches the decoration of your garden or backyard.

They are made of resin and calcium carbonate, suitable for most of the weather conditions. However, the colors might get dry during winter. Make sure you don’t live in an icy environment.

Suitable for both indoor or outdoor usage. I suggest you use this indoors since it’s a little bit fragile.

The diameter of the product is 11 inches. If you have Asia designed backyard, you can get this because the flowers on the stepping stone are Asian Lillies.




Evergreen Garden Mother’s Garden Polystone Memorial Stepping Stone

This will be a great remembrance gift for your mother’s house. The precious lady will remember you every time she steps one of these beautiful stepping stones.

If you like yellow and pink flowers, this one is a great choice!

You can easily use the product both indoors or outdoors. There is a keyhole on the back, which makes it easier to attach to the walls!

The memorial stepping stone has a unique finish that will protect it from sun and rain.

Measures approximately 12” W x 0 -5” D x 12” H.

Materials of Garden Stepping Stones

Garden stepping stones are made of 3 necessary elements. Regular concrete is the most used one when the stone is the part of a pathway. They are generally covered with small mosaic tiles and colored stones to enhance the looks of them. Stepping stone concrete is used when there is an intricate pattern is used. This product is fine-grained, and it’s better than the regular concrete. There are also garden stepping stones which are made of plaster of Paris. These products are very fine-grained. These stepping stones generally can hold of all the details, and they are high-quality. Plaster of Paris can hold up under harsh weather conditions. They are the most durable product you can ever get when it comes to garden stepping stones.

You can create almost any decoration with these stones. Your imagination only limits it. You can create your favorite piece of art if your inner artist runs wild! Some photographs can be used on these stepping stones. You have to silicone them on to your stepping stone!  There are many design options, as you can see. Now let’s take a look at the best stepping stones for the garden and pick the one most suitable for you!

How to Pick Best Garden Stepping Stones?

Garden stepping stones can be hard to pick for some of the customers out there. They have distinctive features and looks, which makes it hard for us to choose. However, there are tons of products on the market so that you can find something suitable for your needs! You will have to learn about a few factors. Material quality, price, design, and garden type is essential for the stone you should buy! If you read all of the elements I’ve listed here, you will have an easy time!

Material Quality

There are three types of material used for garden stepping stones, as I said before! You can find plastic garden stepping stones with ease since they are the most produced ones. These are mostly low quality, and you will face problems in the long run! If you want high-quality plastic garden stepping stones, you should look into ones that are produced in the USA. Those stepping stones are suitable for long term use most of the time.

You can also make your garden stepping stones with water, concrete, and a couple of other items. This can work well if you love creating stuff by yourself! Mosaic garden stones are great when it comes to quality and looks! They are also highly affordable, which makes them a perfect option for any garden out there! You can easily change the looks of your house entirely with those pure stones!

Polyresin also really good when it comes to different weather conditions! You can easily use it in any weather you like. If you are living in an area where the rain and snow is constant, you should look into polyresin materials!


The price of the garden stepping stones is generally close to each other.  Quality determines the cost of the product. There are no well-known brands in the market so that the price won’t be affected by the brand. You can buy anything you like without checking the brand. The bigger packages also cost less than usual, which can be an excellent option for people on the budget. You can also check out DIY projects for garden stepping stones, which will reduce the cost. However, it will affect the beauty of the final product. Most of the products in the market have an excellent design, which makes them perfect candidates for any garden out there!


Decorative garden stepping stones look cool in any garden, in my opinion. If you want to create an edible looking garden, they are a must. There are tons of designs on the internet, which makes it easier for us. If you know what you are looking for, buying a stepping stone is natural. You have to determine what kind of material you are going to use in the first place. This is crucial for assessing the design of the stepping stone.

The shape of the garden stone is the second step you should be careful about. Round garden stepping stones are great, and they can be utilized efficiently! They will look great in most small gardens because of their shape. These stepping stones also have a softer look, which makes them preferable by some people.

Flagstone garden stepping stones are the second option when it comes to a natural look. These stones are preferred mostly by people who like a more natural design! They look great in most of the situations. If you don’t have little kids in your house, you can prefer flagstones. They generally cost less than other stepping stones in the market, which makes them a valuable option.

Stone Shape

Square stepping stones are my choice when it comes to decorating the garden. The rough edges create a distinctive look in the garden, and it amuses me! If you are after a sharper look, you can prefer square garden stepping stones. They are also great for creating harmony and symmetry, which makes them preferable by some designers!

Slate stepping stones are the last option you can choose. These stones have better quality than other ones, but they cost a little bit higher. If you are after quality and lifespan, you can prefer slate stepping stones because they are the highest quality you can get!

Garden Type

The size of your garden affects the stone type you should pick. If you have a smaller yard, you can prefer flagstones because they don’t consuıme a lot of space, which is crucial for small gardens. You can put them in any place, and they will create the pathway you are looking for.

Bigger gardens can use any product, but the shape of the garden is still essential. You can prefer round garden stepping stones if you are going for a more stern look. Round ones are perfect for the more original design.


Using garden stepping stones comes to your preference. You can determine your style and purpose of usage to get things you like. There are excellent options on the market so you can easily find something you want. Make sure you do proper research before your purchase so you won’t face problems in the future!

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