Henn&Hart FL0014 Task Lamp Review

  • The blackened bronze tones on the lamp look fantastic.
  • It doesn’t look fancy, but it is a perfect lamp for minimalistic and modern designs!
  • The material quality is excellent. Pole of the lamp is thick and heavy.
  • The shaded part is made of seeded glass, which is high-quality.
  • Each shade looks different than each other.
  • It works with one type A 100w light bulb!
  • Cord length is 6 feet.
  • The total weight of the product is 14.5 pounds.


  • The design of the lamp is perfect, in my opinion. You can classify it as a modern floor lamp!
  • Some people used it for the bedroom, and it looks perfect because of the colors. If your bedroom mostly has black and white tones, it can suit the place.
  • It can be used in the corners thanks to its sleek design. It’s great for saving space. If you have a small room, this lamp can be handy! The light is also stable enough.
  • The height is perfect for most usage styles.
  • It looks better in real life than pictures!


  • Some people have problems with some of the screws in the product! However, it won’t be an issue if you know what you are doing!

Using Henn Hart FL0014 Modern Floor Lamp in Designs

FL0014 is a perfect lamp that has a sleek and thin design, which makes it suitable for minimalistic designs. As you can see, it’s placed next to a sofa, which is a perfect place for the lamp. They have also used another one in the corner because of the light’s sleek design! If you lack space in your room, I suggest you get one of these lamps.

Other than that, you can use this lamp in modern designs with ease. The colors should be based around beige, white, and black if it’s possible. You also use the light with gray colors. The room should look minimalistic, in my opinion.

The glass shade looks lovely in real life. It also has a unique pattern, which makes the lamp extra unique. Some people think it’s handmade and I think it’s not a surprise. It’s a perfect lighting choice for the living room, but some people use it for the bedroom. If you need bright light for your bedroom, you can use it easily!

You can use black and white furniture with this one. It’s suitable for modernly designed furniture. I suggest you getting two of this lamp so you can create a rhythmic look in your living room. If you are looking for a modern light with excellent quality, you can buy this one!

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