How about Wicker Furniture?

Wicker furniture may not be trendy in the market, but I found them remarkable. Therefore, I start with a description here. The term ‘wicker’ refers to a crafting process. It could either be done by a machine or handmade. You can also vary them with the material used. Wickers are made of natural materials or artificial materials.

Before going into further detail, let’s see a simple pros & cons. Artificial materials could be durable and affordable. If you are looking for natural and durable wicker furniture, you’ll consequently spend more.

The process of wicker production

Wicker is generally made of plant origin. These can be willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo, but synthetic fibers are now also used. Wicker weighs light, but it is sturdy.

Manufacturers have different types of materials for indoor and outdoor wickers. Bamboo, willow, reed, and rattan are accessible materials for indoors. They weave indoor wickers to look more stylish. On the other hand, they use synthetic and artificial fibers for outdoor furniture. The durability is more important outdoors.

Organic and synthetic materials come together. They (kind of) knit materials and shape them with framing logic. They sometimes color them because sometimes, the buyers like the original look of the materials.

Some types

There are mainly four types of indoor wicker furniture. These types are based on the material used. These could be bamboo, willow, reed, or rattan. All these four types are not meant to be used outside. They fade or fray easily. If they become too dry, they will be useless. Likewise, keeping them over-moist will ruin them as well.

Most outdoor wicker furniture may have some iron or aluminum frames. Producers tightly weave artificial fibers for this type.

Mixed wickers are pretty stylish and healthy. As they weigh very light, they can be convenient as well. I saw many high-quality cafes using them with some cushions. White or blue cushions go well with these mostly light-brown wicker arm-chairs.

In some creations, they use wickers as ornaments. A regular table or a chair can look beautiful when they do so. Check the pictures to get some ideas. If possible, find somewhere to craft your custom build. You might have an opportunity to get something according to your pleasure. Surprisingly, prices remain similar.

Maintenance of Weaved Wicker Furniture

If you jumped to this sub-title, I suggest you take a quick look above. You should know about the production process. So, you can care for wickers better.

The first step is keeping them clean. If you kept your wicker furniture clean, caring would be less frequently needed. More importantly, it will be easier to care. Especially, indoor wicker furniture can be very mildew prone. Similarly, wipe outdoor wickers after the rain. They can be more durable against the rain, but still, water should not stay on them too much. Imagine snowfall conditions.

Sun exposure is another factor to avoid. Organic wicker should stay shadowed. It has fewer effects on synthetic furniture, but it does not mean you can cozily leave them under the sunlight.

If you manage to keep them clean and well cared for, you can use them for many years.

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