How to Clean Granite Countertops in Kitchen

Granite is a high-quality material, but it’s highly absorbent, and most people have no idea about it! There are better materials for countertop when it comes to the kitchen, but people prefer granite because of its natural look! If you are a fan of natural stones like me, you should think about granite countertops! If you are looking for solid material, you should look into other products!

If you want to own a granite countertop, you should start with sealing it! By doing that, you can avoid the surprises that come with the granite! Every material has its properties, and when it comes to stones, it’s porosity. If you take care of this problem, your granite will last longer than usual.

Types of Sealers

There are different granite stone sealers in the market, which you can try. You can check out for bestsellers. The price is a big factor when it comes to granite sealers. You don’t have to pay more than usual. The brand should not be your main concern when it comes to granite sealers! Most of the time, a single sealer can last more than three coats on a single counter!

If you are going to use the sealers for granite countertops, make sure your granite doesn’t get permanently damaged for life! You should seal your granite counters before the water gets inside of it! The stains also a big problem because you can’t get rid of quickly once they get inside. Make sure you take proper precautions before this happens too!

The Secrets

There are some secrets in the industry of cleaning. Removing stains can be a painful experience. You should try these things before completely giving up. You can always mix hydrogen peroxide with diatomaceous earth and place it on the stain. You should cover it with plastic tape, so it doesn’t get any air in it. You can mask it with masking tape so it can stay in for a couple of days. After a couple of days, you can remove the plastic wrap and let the mixture dry. You can repeat the process as many times as you want. You can also add bleach to the mixture!

You can also visit this video to get the basic idea behind the process. It explains the whole process quite well!

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