How to Pick a Color for Your Basement?

Basements are used for storing unused items in your house. They were designed to be used as bonus rooms before they became famous. This place is designed to store things, tools in your home. Most of the people were doing their laundry in this place. The basement is an excellent place to do chores and other little stuff. Nowadays, they are suitable for almost anything. If you are looking to increase the living area of your home, the basement is an excellent place to start.

If you have a beautifully designed basement, you can split the basement into two or three pieces. The place can be designed like a little home in which you can put a bathroom and a bedroom there. If you are into gaming like many other people, you can put a gaming room there. There are different basement styles which require a different kind of lighting. If you have an older basement which generally has more open space and light, you should think about these features. New basements typically don’t have too much space, and they are mostly used as a mudroom. Now let’s take a look at what you can do with your basement coloring.

Open Windows and Natural Light

If your basement is getting lots of natural light, you don’t have much to do. It’s effortless to pick a color if you have natural light inside your room since natural lighting provides a good amount of flexibility for designers. You can use any dark or light color in your basement, and they will look great.

You don’t have to worry about the colors of your basement when you have natural light. However, there are still things you can do. If your basement has open windows, you will probably see some reflection of green grass through your windows. You have to think about this effect to create a beautiful ambiance. Your walls are going to reflect green color during daylight hours, which is highly crucial. The color of your walls will be directly affected by this reflection effect. If you have windows which are close to the ground, you should make your choice carefully.

No Natural Light Basements

If you don’t have any kind of natural light in your basement, it might be a problem. However, there are still some things you can do. You can use your basement as a media room if you don’t have any real lighting. Lighting fixtures are highly relevant when there is no natural light around. If you don’t pick the right colors, your basement will look like a cave since there is no natural light. You should not use dark or vibrant colors because they tend to darken the room. You have to light up all of the corners inside your bedroom, so it doesn’t look like a cave. The color options are limitless, but lighting is crucial. Adequate lighting is critical when it comes to basement coloring. You have to make sure you picked a middle-range color and have sufficient light in your basement.

There are many ways to light up a basement. However, I will give you a single tip. Using mirrors will enhance the lighting levels of the basement dramatically. IF you combine mirrors with chandeliers or fixtures you can double the lighting effect!

Stone Features in Basement

These kinds of features are widespread in all basements. If you have moisture problems in your basement, you should fix these problems before you paint your basement. Moisture is the main enemy of the paintings, especially in the basements. You have to fix this issue before you cover up your stone features in your basements.

The color of the stone is essential when it comes to coloring your basement. You should match the colors of your basement with the stones in hand. Most of the time, stones cast a shadow on walls, which will weaken the colors of your walls. You have to pick intense colors to avoid this effect.

Large Basements

If you have a large basement, you have a lot of things to do! One paint color is generally not enough for large basements, so you have to use a variety of colors. You have to create visual separation inside your basement. You can paint different areas in different colors, which will generate different ambient for that area. If you have a gaming area, you can paint there with a vibrant blue, which will look very good. You can also use vertical stripes to separate the spaces. The large basements are generally really fun to decorate because there are so many things you can do. You can use something like room dividers, shelves, tables. You can change the colors of the walls, switch it up in the middle way, etc. These are the things you can do to improve the looks of your large basements. However, I have an additional tip to make your basement look bigger!

You can also use light colors and contrast colors to make your basement look bigger. Light walls are perfect for this matter. Light green is my favorite when it comes to making the basement look bigger. You can also paint the trims and moldings to create a dramatic effect. You should use lighter colors than the walls if you want to increase this effect.

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