Information About Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent lights are used in our everyday life. The fluorescent grow lights have another function which can be useful if you have a garden or greenhouse! They can be used indoors as a grow light which will also reduce the energy costs! They are also great for improving plant yield which is really cool! You can get a CFL light start experiencing the power of fluorescent lights! They should be used with reflectors or small light bulbs all over the place to create strong lighting. You can turn your small vegetable garden into a highly efficient system by doing that.

Color Temperatures

There are a couple of choices that can you make when purchasing the Fluorescent light. Most of the people use daylight color which is about 5000k color temperature. This one is the best for most of the plants because it mimics the actual sunlight which is great for vegetable development. There are some plants which require a different kind of temperature and you must learn about them if you want to grow them. You can contact greenhouse experts and pick the best thing suitable for your garden!

You can find a compact fluorescent light for your garden easily! They are built in various temperatures and color ranges which will be really helpful! You have to pick the one which can yield the most return based on your vegetable or fruit choice! By picking the right one you will have lights setting which will get you the best crops possible!

You can spread the lighting around by hanging them. This is a great way to install these fixtures inside your garden. If you use fewer lights than usual, the heat from light bulbs will not be an issue. It’s a great way to do because too much heat can burn your plants which is a really bad thing!

Fluorescent Grow Lights for Indoor Growing

There is a decent spectrum of fluorescent grows lights that can be used for indoor growing! They are great for encouraging growth for the whole year! This advantage is really great but these lamps have other benefits too. They are extremely cost-effective when it comes to indoor growing! These lamps are great if your garden is in constant low temperatures! The ones used for indoor growing are mostly compact-sized which means they don’t consume any space at all!

Ferns and vines are the most used houseplants. Incandescent lights are great for providing lighting for these plants. The lamps use 10 percent of energy to produce lighting for your plants. The rest used to generate heat which will keep your plants warm! If you are growing plants like cactus, CFL lights won’t be enough for these ones!

T5, T8, and T12 grow Lights

There are some grow lights which are used especially in growing plants. These are called T5, T8, and T12 lights which come in a variety of lengths! The T5 grow lights specially designed to emit twice the light of a fluorescent light! These light bulbs have 6500k color temperature which is extremely bright. They are designed in the full spectrum which is great for greens, herbs, or seedlings. You should also put space between your T5 or T8 lights if you want to work them in full potential. You can place the light bulbs 2 or 4 inches away from the plant. Fluorescent lights have their own advantages when it comes to gardening, you should make sure your research really well before you make a purchase.


Can you use standard fluorescent grow lights to grow plants?

Any type of fluorescent light will help the growth of plants because it mimics the natural sunlight. Plants don’t know the difference between natural light and grow lights. Some people grow all types of plants including orchids and lettuce with standard light bulbs. However, if you want the best results you should work with what you plant wants. Each plant is different therefore they require different types of lighting!

Which Type of Light Bulb is Best for Growing Plants?

There is no single answer to this question. However, you can never go wrong with a T5 bulb because they are highly powerful compared to other bulbs. You should look at light bulbs with HO rating which stands for high output. This will be better for growing your own plants.

Here is another helpful video if you need help with choosing the fluorescent grow lights you need.

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