Material Options for Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is one of the places where we spend most of our time. It creates significant stress on the body, especially on your legs and back muscles. If you have weak muscles, this situation can create other problems. Most of the kitchens use hard flooring like ceramic and hardwood tiles. These materials are hard on the body. Not all of us have the option of using soft flooring material or carpet in our kitchen floors. These materials are vulnerable when it comes to stains and moisture in the kitchen. Even carpeting requires extra attention, which requires delicate care and constant upkeep. This is hard if you are short on the budget!

You have to make your kitchen flooring material according to your preferences! If you need high-quality kitchen flooring, you have to find a material that combines durability with cleanliness. This might be hard at first if you don’t know what you are looking for. Some materials are designed for easy cleaning. You can easily clean them with a single swipe of a paper towel or cloth. I’m going to share four different materials that are perfectly suitable for kitchen flooring so that you will have a basic understanding!

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl is a synthetic material, as most of you know. You should not confuse it with other natural materials. These vinyl sheets are sold in construction markets, which can be found easily! They are generally sold as 6 foot wide rolls, which are quite common! You can pair these vinyl sheets with a thicker and resilient foam underlayment, which is your best choice. This ensures more cushion, therefore, positively affecting your body! There are different versions of vinyl which are designed to provide more comfort than standard vinyl material. These are pretty common too, and you can find them easily!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF)

This is a different type of vinyl, which requires special attention! It’s a thicker form of the standard vinyl flooring, which is great! It’s a flexible material with a more stable base layer. These floorings are perfect for decorative purposes because they create color and pattern. You can find it in two various forms, including planks or tiles. These are easy to install thanks to the modified tongue system installed in them. This function also is known as click lock by most of the designers. You can install them like laminate flooring planks, which is quite easy!

These planks have joints between them, which makes them easy to install. However, this function allows for some moisture, which is terrible in the long run! The flooring is waterproof so that it won’t be a problem for the flooring part. However, the wood underlayment can have serious issues! The materials are high-quality, and they won’t be affected by the water. However, the same can’t be said for the surface.

If you are looking for pure comfort, you can think about luxury vinyl flooring since it works perfectly! You can also install underlayment for them to make it even better!

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a natural choice for any room. People generally don’t use it for the kitchen because of its looks. However, its a highly durable material and extremely comfortable. These materials are usually made from rubber trees or recycled rubbers. If you are a green person, you should think about these. They are also being used in gyms and some hospitals, so they are high-quality and durable.

There are some drawbacks when it comes to rubber flooring, which can be listed as stains and acids. Clearing agents might cause some trouble for the surface of it. If you are continually making your kitchen dirty, you should look into other materials because they will be celebrated in the long run.

Cork Flooring

This is the best for comfort, and it’s a tough flooring material. It can be the best choice for the kitchen because of its utility. You can feel the warmth of it since the moment you step on it. If you want the best support, you should look for the thickest underlayment possible. There are manufacturers out there, which are easy to install. You should pick them if you don’t know what you are doing!

The only downside to cork flooring is pets because it can easily get stretched with damage. You should protect it from stains by applying sealing agents on it!

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