Rivet Steel Arc Floor Lamp Review

  • The lamp has two different design options. You can pick the 3-head or standard arc floor lamp version.
  • There are also two color options, and both of them can be used for different designs!
  • You can use this lamp in the corners because of the sleek design.
  • Rivet steel arc floor lamp provides direct lighting at any place you want!
  • The lamp is perfect for providing overhead lighting!
  • It can be assembled within 15-30 minutes.
  • The shade is made of fabric.
  • The total height of the lamp is 69 inches, which is higher than average!


  • The lamp has a lovely modern design. It will look great in most recent models. Some people also use brass one for more transitional looks!
  • The assembling is really for most of the people.
  • The quality of the steel is perfect. It’s bright and shiny and gives great vibes!
  • The lamp is extra sturdy. If you do install correctly, you will have a perfect lamp!
  • The base is massive, which provides an excellent balance for the lamp!


  • The lampshade could be better. It doesn’t suit the quality of the lamp, in my opinion. You can change it with something better in the future!
  • Some people reported upper part tilting because of unbalanced installations.

Using Rivet Steel Arc Floor Lamp in Designs

First of all, this lamp has the perfect sleek design you are looking for! It can be easily implemented in modern designs. However, some people are using it for transitional designs! The lamp itself has the looks alone, and it can suit any design, in my opinion. The 3-head version is also high, which can be used in various ways! If you are a constant book reader, you can opt-in for a 3-head one! It’s great for nighttime reading activities since you can control the lights separately!

They used the lamp in a transitional design in the picture! The colors have a variety, which adds brightness to the room! The lamp can be used with vibrant colors, in my opinion! They look perfect together if you can find the right colors like in the picture! Other than that, the brushed steel version can be complete if you aim to get a modern look. It will suit modern designs because of the colors. You can combine that version with black and white colors. Grey can be another option for that matter!

The height of the lamp is a little bit tall, which might be a problem if your furniture is too small. This lamp is supposed to be used as overhead lighting, and your furniture should be suitable for that matter. You have to buy furniture that is 20 inches smaller than this lamp, which equals the height of 35-45 inches. You can go a bit lower than that, but it might look absurd.


This is a perfect arc floor lamp for any design out there! It’s an excellent lamp for reading activities since you can use it in the corners and it doesn’t consume any space at all! If you are looking for a nice looking and sleek modern floor lamp, you can get this one!

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