Using Antique Desk Lamps in Office Design

Antique desk lamps are a great addition to any office or workspace design. Many of us may be familiar with antique desk lamps. When you think of old-fashioned desk lamps, the first thing that comes to mind is the desk at home or office. Desk lamps have a long history as they are not new inventions but are accessories used to help in studying and other work-related tasks. These lamps are great for task lighting, and they also have an ambient look to them!

Task Lighting

These kinds of lamps help a person during the paperwork. I don’t know if it’s the case for you, but antique desk lamps motivate me. They are handy for getting the job done. You may find them tucked away at the back of the desk, as the desk lamp stays on your desk for a long time. Old fashioned desk lamps also keep away the bad looks from cluttering up the interior of the room.

Today’s lighting has brought about an entirely new era of old-fashioned style and class. Many a desk lamp is designed with an artistic purpose in mind. Antique desk lamps are great for the looks and task focus lighting. Others are designers in design, using the intricate details to take the ordinary and elevate it to a whole new height. These lamps have the best looks you can ask from a lamp!

Different Styles

You can find different types of old-fashioned desk lamps in various outlets. They are great ways to provide elegance and functionality to your desk or study area. It is ideal to have in your room if you don’t want to spend a fortune on contemporary and elegant lighting fixtures. Most of the time, there are different options available to you. You can prefer wooden or metal ones with ease. Banker style desk lamps are also in a fashion which increases our preferences!

Antique desk lamps can easily be found. An excellent place to start is your local book stores or local stores. Also, antique stores often feature modern designs and styles that complement contemporary room designs. I suggest you stay away from real antique lamps if it’s possible. You might have a problem with their durability!

You will have to sift through specific items, mainly the craftsmanship. Know that some antique desk lamps can look very authentic and costly. But you can now find them at reasonable prices, especially those that are crafted of glass, mahogany, wrought iron, brass, and bronze. If you are into real antique desk lamps, you are going to spend a fortune I guarantee you. However, those kinds of lamps is excellent for creating the look you want!

Making Sure It’s a Legit Lamp

To ensure that you choose a particular desk lamp that is authentic, it should ideally have the manufacturer’s name engraved on the lamp base. This will make you feel more confident when you are presented with a bad quality item that does not possess this. There are some brands out there that are high-quality. You should be buying these high-quality lamps if you are into antique desk lamps. You should never go with cheap ones when it comes to antique desk lamps! On the other hand, a poorly made lamp will only look as if you were duped into buying it.

Antique desk lamps that have a carved design are trendy. The pattern etched into the desk lamp is an example of the intricately carved wall hangings from the earlier days. Many of the dealers in antique lamps will also showcase their designer furnishings.

Some antique desk lamps have a modern look compared to their peers! If you like modern designs, then look for modern designs that use glass. Today’s contemporary designs are timeless, and you will not have to be fussy about which desk lamp you choose.


Your desk or desktop table can make or break your room. Having a well-loved lamp beside it will create a beautiful look, and you will not have to worry about it being knocked over. Antique desk lamps can add that particular touch to your desk and also to your room. You have to match it with the rest of your table first. Then you can match its look with the rest of the room. If you don’t have any idea what kind of antique desk lamp you need, you should check my post about antique desk lamps!

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