Best 15 Gold Desk Lamps in 2019

gold desk lamp

There are tons of desk lamps in the market when it comes to buying a lamp. People always have a hard time picking the best one! But there is another problem, the color of the lamp. The gold color is suitable for modern environments. If you are looking for a golden-colored lamp and having a hard time picking one, I’m going to help you!

Now let’s take a look at the lamp on the left. The interior part has a minimalist design. It’s not too attractive. I like the keep office design something not showy. Simpleness will go a long way. The more detail it has, the more distraction it will cause. You can take the picture on the left as an inspiration and design your deck around that picture. You can also pick between black and gold colors to make the design according to it. Since we can find the black and yellow colors in nature, they will go along with each other well. You can also use white and gold colors since they can create harmony easily too.

15 Top Seller Gold Desk Lamps in The Market


EROS Foldable Dimmable LED Desk Lamp


Euro Style Collection ESCTL-LYON-CP Metal Finish Modern Table Lamp

EROS Foldable Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

EROS Foldable Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

  • You can switch your dimmer between 6 levels of light and three levels of light colors!
  • There are three color temperatures, including warm light, cool light, natural light!
  • It comes with a built-in USB port, which is great for charging your smart devices!
  • You can use this one for reading, studying, or as a nightstand lamp!
  • The color looks too bright and suits well for most ambients!
  • You can easily adjust the angle you want and get the result you want!

This product is excellent; the material is durable! You can get it without hesitation, most of the products in this price range don’t have this quality, and this product is one of the best sellers!

Ominilight LED Dimmable Desk Lamp

  • It is made of aluminum, which can rotate 360 degrees! You can fold it and carry it anywhere you want!
  • It will shrink down to the size of an iPhone 6s Plus!
  • The shaft is made of durable material; it’s not easy to deform this product!
  • It just uses 3 watts of power but provides a considerable lighting amount(105 lumens).
  • The built-in lithium battery of 1000mAH.
  • You can charge it with USB, and it will work up to 4 hours of usage!
  • Offers two brightness levels for your needs! You can change it as the situation requires!

It can light up a room quickly, I got shocked when I see this, but it’s true. You can carry it to any place you want if you want something portable, then this is definitely for you. The battery might die after some usage, so be careful about it. Overall, this product is cool at this price!

Antique Gold Scoop Desk Lamp

  • Has cool antique shaped golden-colored shade!
  • Lamps are dimmable, which is a cool feature!
  • UL certified, which is excellent!
  • IT uses 40 Watts and CFL.
  • You can adjust the light directed at any place you want!
  • It provides bright light for studying or reading!
  • Product Dimensions 19.5 x 13.7 x 9.9 inches

This product is on a little bit expensive side, but it’s cool and durable if you are looking for something different you can get this one!

Euro Style Collection ESCTL-LYON-CP Metal Finish Modern Table Lamp

Euro Style Collection ESCTL-LYON-CP Metal Finish Modern Table Lamp

  • Height is 17 inches!
  • Diameter base: 5.9 x 0.7 inches
  • Lampshade: D 4.3 x H 5.5 inches
  • Dimensions 17 x 10 x 5
  • Total item weight is 2.5 pounds.
  • Uses 60 watts.
  • The product is made in China!
  • You can use a dimmer switch for this product.

I’ve to admit this product is costly, but it’s durable, and design got me hooked up! If you are looking for something with a metal finish and modern looks, you can get it! You have to use an E12 light bulb for that, so keep that in mind!

 Morocco Transformers Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Gold

Morecoo Transformers Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Gold

  • You will understand why this lamp is called Transformers when you get it! You can fold it 360 degrees! Total weight 0.4KG, which equals to 1 lb! It’s so easy to carry around.
  • It comes with a built-in lithium battery, and you can carry it around in your house with ease!
  • Battery power is 500mAH, and it’s rechargeable, of course, it will last up to 3-4 hours of using.
  • The aluminum metal case is durable enough and lamp. The lamp is dimmable, which means you can adjust the light if it’s too bright for you!
  • The product comes with a 12 months warranty, which is also cool!

Some people reported that it’s not bright enough for their needs, but this lamp is not a very powerful one; you should be careful about what you are looking for! It’s easy to set up, and use consumes no space at all. You can easily buy this one as a Christmas gift for younger people! Cheap and effective.

Luxe Cordless Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp

  • Here comes the best product of this list!
  • You can change between 6 levels of brightness and three lighting modes with ease!
  • You can charge it with a USB and carry it around.
  • The battery lasts around 35-40 hours of usage!
  • You can twist and bend the product at 360 degrees! Direct lighting at any place you want!
  • The battery is 2000mAH Li-Polymer, which is high quality!
  • It comes with 28 LEDs, which means it’s eye caring and durable!
  • You can fully charge the product in 3 hours.
  • Another fantastic thing about this product is it has 1-meter fall protection! It can endure small drops or bumps with ease!

This is the best product on this list! You can get it without hesitation! If you are looking for a product with quality, mobility, durability, this is the best one on this list!

 BenQ Genie-Gold Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp.

  • BenQ is a great company, and this product’s lifespan is excellent, it can work up to 50,000 hours without any problem.
  • You can alternate between lighting choices with the twist knob!
  • It’s easy to switch reading lighting or mood lighting, provide what you need.
  • Eye-Friendly provides non-flicker lighting.
  • You can also switch to automatic mode for intelligent lighting adjustment. It will adjust itself according to room brightness.
  • The lamp is highly balanced because of the torques.
  • You can also position the lamp according to your needs.

This lamp is great to have; if you are looking for a white and gold desk lamp, this can easily do the job for you. It’s one of the best lamps on the market, and it has no flaws at all. The dimming feature is cool and works as expected. If you love your eyes, you should go with a high-quality product like this! I suggest this one!

HAITRAL Desk Lamp Metal Basic Adjustable Flexible Arm Antique Brass Traditional Style Table Lamp

  • The material used during production is metal.
  • Assembled lamp height is around 17 inches.
  • You can rotate the head of the lamp for better adjustment.
  • The price is really low; it will make an excellent lamp for students.
  • It uses a 40W E12 light bulb to operate; you have to buy it separately.
  • 1-year warranty.

If you are looking for a cheap antique gold desk lamp, this can be the one for you, it’s cheap, and it’s okay quality. I can suggest this lamp to people who are out of budget or students for a quick fix!

BUTEO Desk Lamp LED Touch Lamp

  • You can easily bend the product and carry it around; it’s lightweight and compact.
  • It has three levels of brightness, which you can change with simple touches.
  • Minimalistic and elegant design for your office.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • The lamp will automatically shut down if you fold it.
  • Cheap golden LED touch lamp with reasonable quality.

This lamp has the quality; it looks perfect for a price like this. However, it’s a little bit small. If you are looking for something to provide a considerable amount of lighting, this product is not for you. It can still do some job as a reading lamp. If you like the design and minimalistic looks of it, you can get this one!

ZoomZam 10W Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

  • It comes with three lighting functions, including; white/yellow/neutral. You can switch between them effortlessly simple touch-sensitive panels.
  • Each one also has seven different levels of color temperatures, which are excellent.
  • You can rotate the head up to 270 degrees!
  • As you can see, the arm is foldable; you can easily carry around, great for traveling.
  • Provides natural and flicker-free lighting. All of the benefits of LED light is included in this product!
  • It has a 5V/1A USB port, which is excellent if you are looking for the charge of your smart devices!
  • 1-year warranty and excellent customer service.

This lamp is great; it provides a significant amount of lighting for a room. You can almost light up your entire room with this simple golden desk lamp! It’s also really convenient and easy to carry around. The price is also great! I highly suggest this product!

LED Desk Lamp, KuGi ® 5W USB Rechargeable metal folding LED Desk Lamp

  • This lamp is cordless, which is excellent! If you read the blog, you probably know what I think about the cordless table lamps!
  • It’s simple to use and easy to carry around—an excellent lamp for traveling.
  • You can quickly charge it and use it in any place you want!
  • It has a built-in 3400 mAH lithium battery. The light source can provide an enormous amount of lighting, and it can last up to 12 hours!
  • You can return the product in 30-days, it has a no question return guarantee.

You can also charge your device with this beautiful lamp. This lamp is great if you are looking for a cordless gold desk lamp! It will provide all the things you need in a second. The battery power is great; it will last up to 10-14 hours of usage if my calculations are right! I suggest this lamp since the price is excellent!

Verilux Heritage Deluxe Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp

    • Antique looking golden brass finished metal body.
    • You can easily adjust the head for reading and other fine work activities.
  • It provides the perfect amount of lighting.
  • ETL and FCC certified.
  • Verilux is a big brand, so you won’t probably come across too many problems.
  • Made in the USA.
  • If you are looking for an antique gold desk lamp, this is the thing you need!

If you love antique lamps like me, you can get this one! It has quality since it’s made in the USA. However, the price is on the high-end. If you have money to afford it, you can buy this one.

HAITRAL Industrial Gold Desk Lamp

  • This lamp has four different designs on the sales page.
  • The product has a modern vibe combined with industrial looks.
  • The height of the lamp is 17 inches, which is perfect for desks.
  • It is suitable for minimalist and elegant looks at the same time.
  • The lamp works with an E26 base light bulb. You can buy a lamp with a bulb.
  • The material quality is great; the base of the lamp is made wood, which is extra stable.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 2-years warranty.

If your room is designed industrially, you should think about this lamp. The wooden and gold color combination of this lamp looks nice. The price is also reasonable if you consider the product’s features. This lamp is most suitable for offices or workspaces, but some people use it for the bedroom too.


  • The brand new flasher of 2019. This lamp has the design, looks, and quality you are looking for!
  • It has 28 LED beads that emit lighting at a color temperature of 3000k.
  • The lighting level of 630 lumens, which is great for studying or reading.
  • The arm is rotateable up to 90 degrees. The product can position well thanks to its design!
  • Great for college and university students.
  • The height can be changed between 12 and 19.5 inches.
  • The dimming feature is great for studying.

If you are looking for a stylish and functional gold desk lamp, you should buy this one! It has the looks and quality you are looking for! The material quality is top-notch. The lamp is sturdy thanks to the materials used. I suggest this one for anyone out there! It might be the best gold desk lamp on the list!

COTULIN Gold Small Table Lamp

  • If you are concerned about trends, you are going to have an easy time with this lamp!
  • The total height of the lamp is 15 inches.
  • The metal base is made of high-quality materials, but it’s really thin.
  • It has got ETL certification.
  • The white fabric shade looks good with the gold base.
  • This one can be used for nightstand since it looks elegant.

If you are looking for a cute and modern gold desk lamp, you can buy this one! It has the elegance you are looking for, and the price is reasonable! The lamp is smaller than it looks to make sure you read about the dimensions of it. It’s used as an accent lamp and does not expect too much lighting.

How Can I Pick the Best Gold Lamp?

There are various factors when you are buying a lamp; those factors apply when you are looking for a gold lamp; meanwhile, the color is more critical for you, and this is why you are here. You should always take a look at which painting method is used for your lamp, and “is it healthy for you?” I suggest aluminum for health and easy painting purposes; you will have no harm. It’s durable and able to handle the painting properly. Steel choices are also excellent if you are looking for the most durability! But they are mostly not available on the desk lamps because of the design!

Size: If your desk size is small, I suggest you go with smaller based lamps. They might be hard to find at first, but I’ve listed a couple of ones in this post so you won’t have any problem. More prominent lamps suit bigger desks, and they look outstanding. If I were you, I would always go with bigger desks and more prominent lamps since they create a better harmony but each one to their own.

Material Quality and Price

Material: Gold desk lamps are generally made of two materials; alloy and aluminum, but companies list them as metal most of the time. Alloy products are great; they are heavy, stable, and durable. However, if you are after more bright colors, you can pick the aluminum ones!

Battery-Operated: Battery operated lamps are still a great choice when it comes to gold desk lamps! You can find a golden battery operated desk lamp and carry it around freely in your office. I have a battery-operated lamp at my office, and it helps with the work I’m doing. I suggest this kind of lamp.

Price: There is a lot of rant going in the market. Some products don’t even belong in the top-tier, and they have high prices. You should always read the reviews and make your choices around those words. I also gave a rating to products here so you can easily understand which product is better than others!


Most of these lamps are great, but they have some price differences! You probably know how to pick a golden desk lamp and where to use it! Always keep in mind the decoration tips I gave you at the top of this article! You can never go wrong with them! Also, when it comes to picking the best lamp, please always compare the price. A lamp can be 200$, but it won’t have the quality and durability of a simple lamp. This is all I have to say about golden desk lamps. Please feel free to comment and share this with your friends.

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