Best 12 Himalayan Salt Lamps in the Market in 2020

Himalayan salt lamps are the favorite lamps of holistic people. They are viewed as a helpful health agent by most of these people! Health experts have reported some health benefits to these beautiful lamps, and they are cheap! However, you have to pay the price if you want a real Himalayan salt lamp! You can put these lamps in your room and enjoy the health benefits of them! They create some ambiance too, so they are pretty cool! Let’s take a look at the best ones on the market and review them! I’ve also added two new lamps at the below of the article, you should check them out!

Top Sellers

Salt Lamp with Dimmer Himalayan Crystal Rock
Natural USB Himalayan Salt Lamp Crystal Salt
Himalayan Glow 944AC USB Heart Salt Lamp
Himalayan Glow 903AC Lattice USB Lamp

Himalayan Glow 900AC Multicolor USB Salt lamp (4-5lbs)

  • Each of the lamps is hand made.
  • All of them have a unique style because of their design.
  • The multi-color lamps of this brand are unique.
  • The price is excellent compared to other products!
  • The base part is made of neem wood. It’s incredibly stable and preferred for furniture.
  • The lamp is not dimmable.
  • It can be used with a USB adapter.
  • It will change colors all the time.
  • One of the best sellers on the market!
  • Customers are satisfied with the product.

Salt Lamp with Dimmer Himalayan Crystal Rock

  • One of my favorites when it comes to Himalayan salt lamps.
  • The material quality is excellent. It’s placed in a hand-blown lead-free glass.
  • Himalayan lamps have various health benefits, which I will list below.
  • This one makes a great gift as a decoration accent, highly suggested.
  • It will be useful for creating a romantic environment in a room because it provides warm light.
  • The container of the product is made of glass.
  • The salt is not made for eating, make sure you keep this in mind!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality blue Himalayan crystal lamp, this one is great.

Natural USB Himalayan Salt Lamp Crystal Salt

  • If you are looking for a cheap solution for your Himalayan salt needs, this is a great one!
  • The price is meager compared to other lamps on the market.
  • It’s a standard product, and it does what it says!
  • 1-2 lbs in size.
  • It’s a tiny lamp.
  • It will change color from time to time.
  • It can be lighted up by USB.
  • The LED light is only 1 watt.
  • UL approved.

Evolution Salt 853 USB Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • It rotates color and emits excellent lighting.
  • Each lamp has a custom cut, which makes it unique.
  • The quality is low compared to other ones in the market.
  • It can create a calming ambiance because the colors look great.
  • This product is another cheap solution for people who are on a budget.
  • Weight is 1-2 lbs.
  • Five inches in height, which is pretty low.

ESOW USB Salt Lamp Mini with Wooden Base

  • Each lamp is specially hand-carved, which results in unique products!
  • The wooden base is gleaming and looks high-quality compared to other ones!
  • It’s made in Pakistan, which is the home of Himalayan salts.
  • You can get a new cord for your salt lamp.
  • This is an ideal gift for your kids. It will create a soothing and calming ambiance in their rooms within seconds!
  • It changes colors between Blue, Pink, Red, Green, and Orange.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking for a mid-end product!

Himalayan Glow 944AC USB Heart Salt Lamp

  • This is the first time I’ve seen a heart-shaped salt lamp!
  • It looks fantastic, and it will make an excellent gift for your loved ones!
  • It comes with a 7W multi-color LED light.
  • The base is high-quality compared to other products on the market!
  • It’s resistant to cracking, termites and corrosion.
  • Ul-listed. FCC, CE, RoHS approved.
  • It can be used for yoga and meditation.
  • It provides the right amount of stability compared to its peers!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality heart-shaped Himalayan salt lamp which is made in Pakistan, you should buy this!

AED Moon Light Lamp with Stand

  • The stand of the salt lamp makes it stand out from its peers!
  • It is dimmable, which makes it even more valuable!
  • It has 16 different colors, and all of them look fantastic!
  • The product comes with an adapter, which is pretty useful!
  • It has a 500mAh rechargeable battery. It will probably last about 20 hours in weak mode!
  • The moon’s appearance is cool! If your kids are into science, you should get this one!
  • You can easily control the lamp with remote control or slapping it.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality Himalayan salt lamp, this one is the answer!

Himalayan Glow 903AC Lattice USB Lamp

  • The iron art is hand made, and they look pretty cool!
  • It can be used above your desk because of the design! It looks nice!
  • Every piece is natural.
  • You can create a beautiful accent with this one!
  • The heart-shaped design also looks great.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It will alternate between colors from time to time!

SINYWON Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • The product is all-natural and hand-crafted.
  • The quality is average compared to other ones. Its looks shouldn’t deceive you.
  • The touch control function is excellent. You can change between 7 LED, colorful light options.
  • There are different modes in which you can use the light, including bright/dim/7-color changing/one color fixed/off modes.
  • The USB port is compatible with most of the devices!
  • The customers are somewhat satisfied with the product!
  • This one will look great in modern designed rooms.
  • It is suitable for offices and workspaces!

Hazantree LED USB 2 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Skilled crafters make the lamps. They look great in real life!
  • It’s 5 inches tall.
  • The total weight is around 1.5 lbs.
  • The globe Himalayan salt lamps are imported from Pakistan, like many other products!
  • It changes color from time to time.
  • This one will make an excellent gift for most people!
  • I suggest this one used as a bedside lamp! It looks great during the nighttime!
  • The price is meager because it’s a two-pack.

Tall Round Himalayan Metal Basket lamp

  • I really like the idea of a basket lamp. They look amazing in dining rooms or next to a fireplace.
  • The Himalayan salts are mined from the mountains in Pakistan.
  • This is a perfect gift for anyone because the metal basket lamp is perfect for creating ambiance. You can use it for days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or new year’s eve.
  • The quality of the lamp is perfect.
  • The lamp is great for improving the mood and ambiance in any room.
  • The metal part of the product is corrosion resistant which makes it perfect for long term usage.
  • The product comes with a light bulb so you don’t have to pay for it separately. It’s also ETL certified with a dimmer switch.

This one works pretty well for any situation because it comes with a dimmer switch which allows you to create the ambiance you want. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also perfect for anyone out there.

Elvissmart ES-1002 Natural Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

  • One of the best lamps in 2020.
  • The product is highly preferred by the customers.
  • It comes with a 15 watts bulb which creates a warm amber glow!
  • The cord is around 5-6 feet which is enough for most circumstances.
  • It’s perfect for night-time usage since it creates a warm ambiance.
  • The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The adjustable brightness feature is great for feeling control all over the lamp.
  • The lamp is extremely heavy and sturdy for a reasonable price.

This lamp is perfect for a night-stand lamp. The dim also works perfectly to create the look you want!

What are the Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Salt crystals are based in the Himalayas, and these lamps come from the Himalayas. They all have different shapes and sizes because of their nature. Manufacturers put low wattage light Himalayan salt lamp bulbs within these beautiful crystals and create the Himalayan salt lamps. They might have dimmer switches or color-changing properties. It’s all up to the manufacturer. They generally have wooden bases. However, some Himalayan salt lamps have metal coverages!

Different Designs

The designs of these lamps differ a lot! They look different because they are created by nature! Some of the lamps are hand-carved, which makes them also unique! The texture and color of each lamp is different because of the nature of salts. If you want something unique that no one has, you can think about Himalayan salt lamps!

Unique Looks

You can easily attract your guests with these beautiful lamps! They are accommodating when it comes to creating conversations with your guests! Most of the people notice them instantly the moment they enter the room! They are entertaining to talk to, and you will enjoy the conversation!

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Most of the people use these lamps because of respiratory problems. It’s supposed to help or reduce asthma problems. Some people also use these lamps for allergies! People believe these lamps make air cleaner! If you have cigarette smokers or pet odors in your house, Himalayan salt lamps could be helpful! They also provide the room with beautiful ambient lighting, which is relaxing!

How to Use Himalayan Salt Lamps Properly?

You should learn how to utilize Himalayan salt lamps properly if you want to get all of the benefits! A single 2lbs lamp is enough for an area of 10 square feet! If your room is 50 square feet, you need a Himalayan salt lamp, which is 10 lbs. You should use the lamp on if you want to clean your room regularly!

The salt is excellent for attracting moisture in the air! This is how it works. However, if there is too much humidity in your area, you should cover your lamp with a towel! It is also suggested that you use a shallow tray to catch water drips! You should leave the lamp always open if you want to reap all the benefits!

Some users have noticed moisture on these lamps. The salt attracts moisture in the air. They recommend placing these lamps over a towel and, in extreme cases, place them over a shallow tray or pan to catch the water that drips. Then drain and wipe away the moisture when required. Leaving the lamp on may help reduce the moisture on the surface.

Last of all, if you are intended to make the purchase make sure you remember these lamps are products of nature, which means the color, weight, the texture will change from product to product! You might get something different from photos, and that’s not the mistake of the manufacturer. Happy hunting!

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