Best Lighting Choices for Bathroom in 2020

We all want to improve the looks of our bathrooms. We can do this by merely enhancing the lighting branch of the bathroom. It is effortless to implement some good lighting in any place. You can improve the looks of your bathroom with simple lights for the bathroom. Most of the people think about tiles or vanities when it comes to enhancing their bathrooms. If you obtain the best possible bathroom lighting for your house, it will be great in the long run, and it’s incredibly cheap to do so.

You should also educate yourself about the variety of lights available inside your home. All of the lights produce a different kind of ambient. Some lights are softer, and they provide more natural light. There are two kinds of lamps which you can use. One of them is halogen lamps, which are great if you want to have bright lights! If you are concerned about ecology and want to save some electricity bill, you should always go for LED lights. You should understand the differences between lamps. The more educated yourself on the lighting subject, the easier it will get. Now let’s take a look at the best lighting choices for the bathroom on the market in 2020.

Top Products

Now we will inspect a different kind of lights for your bathroom. These lighting types include vanity lights, LED lights, and ceiling lights for the bathroom. This will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. I’m going to inspect the top products in each category to give you an idea, and we can compare them with each other easily by doing this!

Best Vanity Lighting for Bathroom 2020

PRESDE Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

  • You can pick the number of lights you can get on the sales page.
  • The materials are perfect for the price you are paying.
  • The transparent crystal glass lampshades are perfect for disturbing the lighting.
  • The stainless steel looks bright and shiny in real life.
  • The product is fully waterproof and rustproof.
  • You can easily install the product with two people. It only takes around 5 minutes for most people.
  • The lamp is suitable for dimming if you use G9 light bulbs! However, you need to buy light bulbs separately.
  • Measurements: Length: 26.8inches, Height: 5.1 inches, Distance from wall: 5.1 inches.

If you are looking for a modern-looking bathroom light fixture, this set can work pretty well!

Wall Light 4 Light Bathroom Vanity Lighting

  • The dark bronze color of the lamp perfectly suits the modern designs.
  • The medium base socket is perfect for 60-watt medium base bulbs. ( You can use CFL, incandescent or LED bulbs)
  • You have to buy the light bulb separately which increases the cost a little bit.
  • The dual glass shade is perfect for disturbing the light!
  • It has a traditional design which is perfect for bedrooms or corridors. You can use it in any place you like!
  • The product is ETL certified which makes it stand out.
  • It has a reasonable price despite the quality!
  • The product comes with a year of manufacturer’s guarantee.

I really like glass shades and transitional vanity lighting because they are perfect for any place. If you know how to implement these, you can easily create a beautiful look in your bathroom!

mirrea 24in Modern LED Vanity Light for Bathroom

  • The total wideness of the product is 24 inches.
  • Provides a lighting level of 1680 lumens.
  • It will provide equivalent lighting of 4 vanity lights.
  • You can easily use this above your sink.
  • It is dimmable, which makes it a valuable option.
  • You can use it with dimmers like Leviton or Lutron.
  • The direction of lighting is adjustable, which makes it flexible for most of the situations.
  • No glare.
  • UL listed LED brand.
  • If you are looking for high-quality vanity lighting for the bathroom, this can be your choice.




Globe Electric Estorial 5-Piece All-In-One Bath Set

  • If you are looking to improve your bathroom with three vanity lights, this one is a great choice.
  • You can use it as a towel holder or a towel ring.
  • The classic design of the product will suit most of the bathrooms.
  • You can easily install the product with the necessary things in the package.
  • This product is extremely versatile. You can even use it in your kitchen!
  • It requires three E26 light bulbs to operate. You have to buy them separately!
  • You should use a bright white light bulb if you want to maximize the benefit of the product.
  • There have a variety of design options if you are looking for something difficult!
  • You can also pick the five-piece light set if you are looking for more light!
  • I can suggest this all in one bath lighting set since it’s one of the best sellers on the Amazon!




Effimero 4 Light Bathroom Vanity Light

  • There are different lighting options you can get 2,3 or 4 lights for a reasonable price.
  • It also has five different design options! All of them look extraordinarily great, but my favorite one is the black one!
  • Effimero makes good looking products, and this is one of them!
  • You can use the lighting over your mirror to reap all of the benefits!
  • These lamps are great for farmhouse lighting. You can also suit them to your design if you have rustic or factory design in your house.
  • It requires E26 light bulbs to operate. You can use light bulbs up to 60W.
  • You can use dimmable light bulbs if you want to control all aspects of the product.
  • It is compatible with the smart bulbs.
  • The bathroom vanity light measures 26 inches wide.
  • UL listed.
  • I suggest this one. It’s a high-quality bathroom vanity lamp. It will match all of your needs. The price is also really great!



KingSo Bathroom Vanity Light 3 Light Wall


  • If you are looking for a modern and vintage style at the same time, this lamp can be great for your bedroom.
  • These wall mount sconces for the bathroom are incredibly great. They will provide the 20th century looks you are looking for!
  • It requires three 60w light bulbs to operate. You have to use an E26 light bulb base.
  • If your design is built around retro looks, this one is a great option.
  • The product comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • You can also use this one in your kitchen if you want to.
  • The wall light is hardwired. You don’t have to use a switch or plug.
  • Installation can be hard. However, if you follow the instructions, correctly you can do it in no time.
  • If you are looking for a good looking bathroom vanity light.



SOLFART 4 Lights Modern Glass Stainless Steel Vanity Wall Light

  • CE and ROHS certification. One of the safest products on the market.
  • IP44 waterproof.
  • Easy to install, you just have to connect it to the junction box.
  • It requires 12W LED light bulbs to operate. If you are looking to save some energy, these are great.
  • The product can provide the light level of a 100W light bulb!
  • It’s made of high-quality material.
  • Mirror gloss finishing looks excellent when turned on!
  • You can easily use this lamp in modern designs. It will improve the appearance of your bathroom.
  • If you like crystal design like me, you can get this crystal bathroom vanity light for a reasonable price!



Tangkula Bathroom Vanity Lamp

  • The light has three different amounts of light bulb options.
  • If you are into elegant designs, this lamp can be great for your bathroom.
  • It’s the perfect lighting solution for your bathroom or other rooms. You can even use this one in your bedroom.
  • The one light bulb model is great for bedroom usage.
  • One friend of mine uses it above her dressing table. It looks fantastic!
  • It will provide bright and soft lighting for your bathroom.
  • The product is exceptionally durable.
  • It’s high-quality. You won’t regret it.
  • The metal and brushed finish look great in most environments.
  • The price is excellent for the quality. I suggest this one!



33.5″ SOLFART Crystal Wall Lights

  • Crystal wall lights look great in modern bathroom designs.
  • CE and QCQ certified.
  • Extremely safe.
  • You can easily install the product within seconds.
  • If you are into LED lights, this one is great.
  • It is a 32W LED mirror front light.
  • High-quality material.
  • If you are into excellent and elegant designs, this is what you are looking for!



Progress Lighting Calhoun Antique Bronze Four-Light Bath

  • The apothecary-style of the product looks great.
  • It is also suitable for workrooms or kitchen.
  • The product has three different design options that you can choose from.
  • My favorite model is antique bronze.
  • Clear glass diffusers distribute light well.
  • You can install the lamp in two ways. It can either look up or down.
  • If you are creating a vintage design in your bathroom, these lamps are great.
  • I suggest this one if you are looking for the best vintage bathroom lighting available on the market!



Bathroom LED Light Bulbs

LED lights are great because they can provide the looks you are looking for. They have become cheaper because of the advancements in technology. If you are looking to brighten up your bathroom and save some electricity bill at the same time, LED, light bulbs will be great for you!

Kakanuo G25 LED Vanity Light Bulb 5W.

  • Provides lighting at 5000k daylight.
  • Great for makeup or other bathroom activities!
  • It provides lighting equal to 40-45 watt standard light bulbs.
  • Eight percent lesser energy consumption compared to old lamps.
  • Three minutes of easy installation for most of the people!
  • The product comes with a great 3-year warranty.
  • G25 light bulb base.
  • UV and IR radiation free.

LOHAS LED Vanity Light Globe Bulb

  • You can pick between soft and daylight warm colors.
  • The light bulbs are shaped like a cool globe.
  • Provides lighting at 500 lumens.
  • Typical E26 light bulb base, which is suitable for bathrooms.
  • These will give bright and natural illumination to the place you use it.
  • They are great to use as mirror lights because of the quality.
  • Amazon’s choice for LED light bulbs.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Most of the costumers are satisfied with the light bulb.

Sunco Lighting 12 Pack G25 LED Globe

  • The dimming capability is excellent. You can change the lighting level between %10 and %100 with ease!
  • There are different lighting level options available on the sales page!
  • Since LEDs are eco-friendly, if you are concerned about the topic, they will be great.
  • No UV or IR raditation.
  • UL certified and energy star listed.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Sunco is a USA company which is cool.
  • One of the best sellers in the category!
  • G25 LED light bulbs with Edison screw E26 base.

TORCHSTAR G25 Globe LED Light Bulb

  • You can pick between soft, warm, and natural daylight colors.
  • The price is excellent for the number of light bulbs you are getting!
  • You can buy one pack or six-pack according to your needs, but I recommend getting a six-pack because it’s cheaper that way.
  • Omni-directional is excellent to make up activities!
  • Glare and ghosting free.
  • The CRI rate is above 80.
  • Highly suggested if you are looking for a quality LED light bulb!

Kohree Dimmable Edison Led Globe Light Bulb G25

  • If you are into more vintage designs, these Edison light bulbs are great.
  • They are designed in globe shape, which helps make up activities!
  • Great for bathroom usage.
  • You can use dimmer switches to change lighting levels.
  • They can easily replace 40W incandescent light bulbs.
  • 470 lumens output.
  • No lead or mercury.
  • No UV or IR radiation.
  • Provides 2700k warm white color.
  • You can get these light bulbs if you like Edison style light bulbs.

Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 Frosted Light Bulb

  • Suitable for bathroom usage.
  • Provides natural daylight color at 5k color temperature.
  • 800 lumens output.
  • They can fit in the E26 light bulb bases.
  • 8-watt power consumption, but it provides the same lighting power as 60W incandescent light bulbs!
  • High CRI rating.
  • Doesn’t flicker or glare.
  • They are designed for the comfort of your eyes!
  • You can also buy the 40-watt equivalent.
  • I can suggest this one since Philips is a well-known brand and have great products!

How to Implement Bathroom Lighting?

When you look at the ceilings of your bathroom, most of the people don’t notice a thing. However, if you inspect carefully, the ceiling can be improved with small lighting decorations! There are some recessed lighting or other fixtures in the bathroom. You can also use different types of light in your bathroom to improve it. You can efficiently complete the tasks you can do with the help of these lights!

If you are tired of classic lighting up options, you can use the wall sconces in your bathroom. You will get a great vanity by using these lightings properly. These lamps are also great for doing makeup in the bathroom for ladies. Men can also benefit from shaving correctly when they use these lamps. You should always look for the placing of these lamps if you want to acquire the maximum benefit from them. You can use them above the toilets as a first option. They can also be used above your tub or shower easily! You can quickly put them in any place whichever would be suitable for your home! If you use proper lighting in your bathtub area, it will help you to use the facilities easier! They are also great if you are doing constant cleaning at your bathtub.

Mood Improvement

Lighting is also an excellent mood-improving for any place. They can make your bathroom relaxing if you pick the correct colors! You can quickly feel like you are in a spa if you use the right lighting textures! They are great for providing a high ambient! You can use a variety of different lighting sources and control them from separate switches! This will allow you to have full control over the lighting at your home! The dimmer also switches significantly if you want to control the lighting level of the lights!

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