Best 10 Modern Floor Lamps in 2019

When it comes to floor lamps, there is various type of designs you can choose, and modern floor lamps are one of that. We might look into modern floor lamps for our living room or office most of the time. They are most suitable for these places. However, you can use them at any home you want. They have a sleek and elegant look most of the time and complete the design of your room with just staying there. If you don’t know which modern floor lamp you need for your office or living room, I listed a few one for you, you can read the review summaries and gain some information about the products.

Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps Reviews


Modway Swizzle Modern Floor Lamp
Brightech – Eclipse LED Floor Lamp90$9,4
Teamson Design VN-L00011 Versanora90$8,0
Adesso 4046-01 Stix 50" Floor Lantern115$9,0
Floor Lamp Jk102l125$8,2

Modway Swizzle Modern Floor Lamp

  • Aluminum frame and solid black base.
  • You can use up to a 60Watt light bulb.
  • You can correctly compose modern design with LexMod Swizzle modern floor lamp. It can easily brighten up your room with an energetic look. You can complete your designs with this piece of art.
  • This product is one of the best when it comes to contemporary design! You can put this one into a room with creative elements.
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 50 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • You can make a different design by inserting different colored led lights! It’s all up to your creativeness!
  • You can also put out smartphone-controlled led lights in it, which can allow you full control over the led lights!
  • Be careful if you are living with children or pets because they can easily break this lovely piece of art!

The swizzle design of this lamp is fantastic. It’s suggested for people who are looking to add some uniqueness to their room! This product might have some stability problems because of its weight. It only weighs 5.1 pounds, which is pretty light!

Brightech – Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

  • Brightech did an excellent job when creating this led floor lamp; it comes with two pairs of halos which shine good and bright. It shines up your room like an Eclipse. There are led lights inside the circle; you can adjust these rings up and down with ease. If you are into sci-fi like me, this slender design is definitely for you. The outer ring is 18 inches, and the inner ring is 14 inches.
  • Lamps come with a dimmer switch, which allows you to adjust three different levels of light. LED lights are made of energy-saving and 28-watt modules; it will never overheat.
  • You can quickly assemble the product in 30 minutes tops.
  • This product comes with a 3-year warranty like any other Brightech product!
  • Rings stay at an perfect 90 degrees angle!
  • You should be careful if you are living with rowdy children or pets because this product can easily get knocked down!
  • You can configure the hoops to some degree and create the art you want.
  • Fantastic lamp for the price, there are not many lamps in the market like this. If you want a different looking price for this price, you should get it!

One of the most fabulous lamps of Brightech. This lamp has the looks you are looking or. It’s also easy to assemble, which is excellent for newbies! The dimming feature makes it a unique lamp for reading activities! You can quickly put this one into corners because of the thin design!

Teamson Design VN-L00011 Versanora

  • Lamp:11.81″ (L) x 43.30 inch (w) x 66.93 inch (H). shade diameter:11.81.”
  • It requires a 50W e26 bulb which is not included in the package!
  • Heavy base and solid material!
  • The stem of the lamp is perfect and durable.
  • You can quickly assemble this product in 20 minutes if you follow the easy assembly instruction guide.
  • You can get it if you are living with children and pets, it looks stable! ( Not for families with small children! )
  • Golden chrome finish for the which looks fantastic! The shade is high quality!
  •  Some people reported it could be unstable despite the heavy marble base!
  • Estimated assembly time: 20 mins. Packaged with step-by-step assembly instruction

The lamp is excellent with a robust and heavy base, made from quality material! You will pay much more for material quality like this if you are looking for this kind of lamp you can get it! The golden chrome finish makes it suitable for retro and vintage designs with ease. If you love modern arc floor lamps, you might want to try this one!

59″H White/Brushed Steel Tripod Floor Lamp

  • Minimalist and modern design for a floor lamp.
  • You need a standard light bulb for this product; it’s not included in the package!
  • Metal is steel, which provides a simple look and durability!
  • You can choose between two colors, including black and white!
  • Tripod makes the product stable, but you should always be careful!
  • High-quality fabric shade and metal material.
  • You can quickly assemble the lamp in 10 minutes!
  • The power cord is hidden behind one of the legs, which help you to acquire a clean look when designing your room!
  • One of the most durable products in the market, you can get it if you are more into minimalist designs and durability!

The metal is made of steel, which makes the product extra durable. If you are looking to use it in a modern design, you can use the black version of this floor lamp. The power cord is hidden, which is excellent for decorators. Most of the time, cords create a terrible view for guests. The lamp is easy to assemble, which makes it great for newbies.

Adesso 4046-01 Stix 50″ Floor Lamp

  • You can switch it on with a footstep; it comes with a footstep switch!
  • Adesso Stix will add warmness to your room!
  • Modern and sleek design!
  • The twisting frame is made of black cane sticks and black metal poles.
  • Very durable frame!
  • You have to get two 60W Incandescent bulbs or 13W CFL!
  • A very durable product, some people reported up to five years of usage!
  • If you are getting it for reading this lamp, it is not for you, but if you are looking for an accent, this one is the best!
  • Don’t expose it directly to sunlight; otherwise, the sticks will dry out and look bad!
  • If you are into different styles, you can get this one and create the look you want; it has a reasonable price for the material quality!

The lamp can be controlled with a footswitch, which is pretty cool. The modern design of this lamp is different, which makes it extra unique! The twisting frame is extra high-quality. It’s made with black metal poles, which add extra durability! The lamp operates with two 60W light bulbs, but they don’t emit too much lighting! The product wears out fast under direct sunlight! If you are looking for a price-performance modern floor lamp, you can get this one!

YOUKOYI F9 Modern Touch LED Standing Floor Lamp

  • You can easily switch it on/off with remote touch control!
  • The lamp has a sleep setting, which is excellent for the night! You can easily set the timer and go to sleep! There is also a memory function that remembers the last settings you have used!
  • LED lamp bead is high quality and eye caring! It has a long usage time!
  • This is a great modern lamp under 50$.
  • You can easily bend the lamp and create the look you want!
  • Gives excellent light for reading; however, you have to test the settings for the level of light you want!
  • You can quickly assemble the product in 10 minutes!
  • It’s possible to choose between 12 levels of brightness and ten modes of color temperatures!
  • You might create the atmosphere for reading, or if you want to provide another kind of lighting needs for yourself, you can easily switch it up!

The remote control is great for lazy people. The lamp is designed for lazy people because it also has a sleep setting, which is easy to control! The LED lights are specially designed for eyes that don’t leave any strain at all. This lamp has the quality you are looking for. You can use it as a reading lamp because of the adjustable hair! It’s also dimmable, which is a huge plus! It’s highly suggested for lazy people who love to read!

Floor Lamp Jk102l Contemporary Modern Floor Lamp

  • Contemporary style for home improvement! This product is mostly used in the bedroom and living room.
  • The wavy plastic shade creates the look you want; it’s easy to clean because it’s made of plastic!
  • You can fit it into any place you want because it doesn’t consume too much space!
  • You have to get separate three light bulbs! They will produce enough light for the environment! You can use different colored led lights and create a different kind of art!
  • It comes with the footswitch, which makes it easy to switch on/off!
  • The product is stable, which makes it safe and convenient!
  • You have to buy LED bulbs for the product; they are not included in the package!
  • Size: 8.5 inches * 51.2 inches; Weight: 8.8 lbs; Source: Medium Base bulb(E26) * 3, A19 or A21 will be perfect, a LED bulb is recommended, it’s not included in the package.
  • This product is excellent for people who are looking for a modern and different look for their living room or bedroom!

This lamp is suitable for a bedroom or living room usage. The wavy shade is made of plastic, which is excellent if you have pets in your house. Most of the time, these wavy lamps use cotton, which is a problem for people with pets! The lamp works with three separate light bulbs that emit an enormous amount of lighting.

Floor Lamp Jk103l Contemporary Modern Floor Lamp

  • Great design for home or gallery! People mostly use this design for the living room!
  • Flower-like shade, made of plastic material! The base is silver chrome, and it’s really heavy! Plastic shade makes it easy to clean!
  • You can fit this lamp into any place with ease! You can even use this lamp without turning it on! It looks like an art piece!
  • You can turn it on-off with a simple footswitch!
  • You have to buy the LED bulbs separately.
  • This lamp is made of excellent quality! It has got a reasonable price for the quality you can get it without hesitation!

This is another lamp which is made by a plastic shade. I really like plastic shades when it comes to maintenance; they are effortless to clean and durable! This lamp is great for corners because of the design. The led bulbs have to be bought separately like any other modern floor lamp!

Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp

  • The total height is 64 inches.
  • If you are looking for a cheap modern floor lamp, you should get this one!
  • It uses three 40W light bulbs to operate, and they are not included in the package!
  • Rotary switch for each socket!
  • The metal base and body look great with brass finish.
  • I can suggest this lamp if you love the brass design! It looks perfect in dark environments and provides an antique look with a modern style!
  • You can also use colored LED lights for different decoration alternatives! You can also read the full review of the product on this page!

This brass floor lamp looks great, but it doesn’t look antique, in my opinion! Each light bulb socket has its own rotary switch, which allows full control over the lamp! If you are looking to add some freshness to your antique design, you can prefer this one!

LumiSource Icicle Floor Lamp

  • 3 Perfectly designed chrome-based arms.
  • It has frosted glass shades.
  • It uses 40W halogen light bulbs; maybe you can use G10 led light bulbs instead of them.
  • The dimmer switch is excellent for ambient lighting.
  • Assembled height is 67 inches, and assembling is really easy.
  • This is another excellent product with a modern look. It looks simple and beautiful at the same time!
  • Cheapest and the most beautiful lamp in the market right now!

If you are looking to get a modern floor lamp at a reasonable price, you should prefer this one! The dimmer switch is great for creating ambient lighting. You can also use this lamp for reading during night time!

How to Pick the Best Modern Floor Lamp?

There are tons of modern floor lamps in the market, and it’s sometimes tough to pick the right one. I’m going to suggest you take a look at these things before you buy a modern floor lamp.

Cord Length and Shape: This can make or break a product, it’s essential cord has adequate length and good shape if you are concerned about the design. Proper placement of the lamp is highly crucial! This can be a huge factor in your room design. Imagine this, you wanted to put the floor lamp in the corner of your room, and the cord length doesn’t cooperate… What can you do in this situation? Absolutely, nothing! So keep this factor in your mind before buying a modern floor lamp!

Material Type and Quality

Shade Color and Material: Shade is the most essential part of designing your room. It can be imperative since it’s the most critical part of lighting distribution. In some cases, you would want to go with darker shades and led lights. These cases can include designing a cinema room; in this type of room, you should always pick darker-colored shades or just colored LED strip lights for design. There are also shades are made of bad material and diffuse the lighting really bad. You should always stay away from bad quality shades since they are the most critical part of a decoration.

Base Material: Base material is another problem if you are living with pets or rowdy children, so make sure it’s made from durable material. There are general choices, including aluminum, alloy, zinc, and steel for the base material. If you want to highest stability, you should always pick the heavier products. Generally, these modern designs don’t have any stability issues; however, you can still come across them!

Wooden Products: I agree that wooden floor lamps generally have great designs, but they are highly unlikely to suit your modern room design! I really like these products; however, the dark-colored ones usually don’t suit in a contemporary environment. If you are still looking to get a modern-looking wooden floor lamp you should always be careful and look at the color of it, imagine the lamp inside your room, if everything fits in your head, you can get the product! There are also wooden floor lamps with tables which go great with modern design! I can suggest those lamps if it fits in your decoration!


I listed the best ten modern floor lamps in 2019 for you! As the years past, there are newcomers in the market, and they always can surprise us! Please always keep in mind, you can find a better product at almost any time, this is highly possible in a growing, developing market like this! If you have any suggestions about the lamps, please write a comment below to help people!

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