Best 10 Tropical Table Lamps for Coastal Designs

Designers are still using tropical table lamps in 2020. If you look at the tropical designs carefully, they are still not outdated! The tropical designs started in the 40s, and it continues to the day. If you want to improve your home’s looks, you can start doing it by getting a tropical table lamp! There are many different tropical styles, including Cuban, reggae, island theme, Caribbean. It always changes according to our environmental needs. The only things stay the same about tropical table lamps; they are still warm and good looking!

Best coastal table lamps have a variety of natural colors; they are generally really heavier on the textures than classical lamps! Most of the time, they are pretty lightweight too! You can always replenish them with new materials if you want to! When you start to use the tropical table lamps, you can smell the ocean breeze in your room!

You can always make tropical lamps do work in your room. There are a variety of items to choose from! You can always start with hand-colored brass lamps with bamboo shade on them! You might also think about a vase of orchids next to your tropical table lamp. Bamboo-inspired wallpapers are always excellent and neutral. It all comes to your personal preference when it comes to tropical table lamps. Now, let’s take a look at the best tropical table lamps together.

Top 10 Tropical Table Lamps in 2019






Tropical Birds Robert Louis Tiffany Table Lamp

  • This lamp also can be listed as a Tiffany-style lamp, but I want to list it here because of the bright colors.
  • If you love the birds and looking for a cheap tropical table lamp, this is the lamp you need!
  • It’s 24.5 inches high from the ground!
  • The shade is 15 inches wide.
  • The pull switch is handy for most situations!
  • It’s one of the best sellers in the Robert Louis collection.
  • Bronze finish cast resin base looks extremely beautiful.
  • The product is durable and sturdy; I suggest it if you are looking for a high-quality tropical table lamp!

As you know, most of the tropical furniture contains all kinds of colors! Imagine that you are in a fruit shop, and you are mesmerized by the colors of fruits! Tropical table lamps need to give you this kind of feeling! This lamp has beautiful and colorful bird designs on it, which looks fantastic!

Kathy Ireland Pacific Coast Lighting Tropical Parrot Table Lamp

  • Another tropical table lamp with parrot design.
  • If you love parrots like me, you should get this instantly!
  • The finish looks extremely lovely because of the multicolors!
  • LED light bulb uses a medium socket.
  • The shade has a rectangular shape; however, you can change it to something you want.
  • The lamp is extremely heavy; the quality is excellent!
  • The height of the lamp is 29.5 inches.

This is a great table lamp, especially for the kids! It will look beautiful in the kid’s room, and most of the kids are falling in love with it! The lamp is extra heavy, which provides the right amount of stability. It’s also vital for kids so you can get it!

Verdugo gift 3798937989 Rattan Rope Style Palm Tree Lamp

  • The shade of the lamp is made of polyresin rattan!
  • It uses a 40W light bulb, which is sold separately.
  • UL listed.
  • The height of the lamp is 24 inches.
  • It’s one of the best seller palm tree lamps on the market.
  • The light shines too much through rattan; if you need an authoritative light source, you can get this lamp!
  • If you are looking for a cheap tropical lamp shape, this is your answer!

The palm tree design makes you feel the tropical breeze! This lamp can be combined with other rattan furniture in your house! It can be used as a desk lamp or table lamp with ease! Palm tree lamps are a great way to enhance the looks of your home so you can prefer this one!

Faux Wicker Jar Table Lamp

  • Twenty-nine inches high from the base.
  • The height of the lamp is pretty high from the average tropical table lamps!
  • It requires a maximum of a 100W light bulb to operate.
  • You have to buy the light bulb individually.
  • Beige linen drum-shaped shade is exceptionally high-quality.
  • One of the most fabulous lamps of Regency Hill.
  • You can buy two sets and pay less than usual!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality lamp at a reasonable price, you should buy this!

I always had a thing for wicker furniture because they look so elegant! This lamp compliments the design of any room. However, I wouldn’t say I liked the beige shade. You can use this lamp in a living room; it’s suitable for corners. It’s a mighty lamp that emits an enormous amount of lighting!

Pacific Coast Lighting Banana Leaves Table Lamp

  • The green leaves on the lamp look magnificent!
  • Transitional style lamp which is also combined with the looks of the Caribbean!
  • Rectangular rattan shade looks good on it!
  • The height of the lamp is 31 inches.
  • The price is a little bit higher than other lamps, but it’s a high-quality tropical table lamp!
  • You can use a light bulb up to 100W.
  • This company generally produces high-tier lamps so you won’t have to worry about the quality. The product is highly suggested!

This lamp can be classified as a rustic table lamp, but it also has left on the body, which looks cool! This one can be used as a nightstand because it has a suitable height.  You can change the lampshade to match its colors with your bed. If you are looking for a high-quality tropical table lamp, you can prefer this one!

Pacific Coast Lighting Tropical Parrot Table Lamp

  • Shade dimensions are tiny because of the design.
  • The total height of the lamp is 16.5 inches.
  • It acts more like a decoration rather than a table lamp.
  • Parrot table lamp is pretty useful if you are looking to color up things on your table!
  • The parrot base of the lamp looks surprisingly unique and real.
  • On/off inline switch is pretty useful!
  • Rattan shade with black chain.
  • If you are looking for a small tropical table lamp, this is the thing you need!

Another tropical table lamp for animal fans out there! The parrot looks realistic, in my opinion! It can be an excellent lamp for kid’s rooms because of the small size. If you have a fancy girl who likes elegant stuff, you can get this parrot table lamp!

Nantucket Tropical Table Lamp

  • This tropical table lamp is great because it can be used on desks or nightstands with ease.
  • The assembled height is 26 inches.
  • It operates with one 150W light bulb, which emits a vast amount of lighting!
  • The shade is made from natural seagrass, which provides you with that tropical look.
  • The 360-Lighting brand makes excellent designer products, and this is one of them!
  • The white drum shade works great.
  • You can use 3-way light to control lighting.
  • Great value for the money!

There four different designs on the sales page! Each design is suitable for that tropical look. The turquoise one looks extremely fine! You can also use this lamp for reading because the 3-way switch improves the utility of it! I highly suggest this one since it has a reasonable price!

Pineapple Glass Table Lamp

  • Everyone thinks about pineapples and coconuts when it comes to tropical places!
  • This lamp makes you feel like you are on the beach.
  • The design could be a little bit better.
  • The height of the lamp is 10 inches.
  • This lamp is suitable for desk usage.
  • It’s made of glass, metal, and plastic!

This lamp is great for gathering the attention of your guests! It also looks beautiful when it’s light up! If you are looking for something unique, you can get this one!

Eneya Coastal Table Lamp

  • The height of the lamp is 31 inches, which makes it suitable for bedrooms or corners.
  • You can also use it next to a sofa or a couch!
  • The lamp uses a light bulb of 150 watts.
  • The cord length is 8 feet.
  • This modern ceramic table lamp looks beautiful because of the turquoise colors in it!
  • The glaze part is hand-applied, which makes the product unique!
  • There are also seven different designs on the sales page. Some of these designs are not suitable for tropical ambiances!
  • It doesn’t have a 3-way work.

If you are going to buy two of these lamps, they won’t look the same! Keep that in mind before you make the purchase. Each of these lamps looks unique because they are hand-made. Other than that, this lamp is great for implementing a tropical look in your house! You can use it as a nightstand or as an accent lamp in the living room!

Mid Century Modern Accent Table Lamps

  • This one is not a tropical lamp by the looks, but you can always use green, turquoise, or blue-colored lamps in tropical designs!
  • This one has a modern look that can be implemented in tropical designs!
  • The total height of the lamp is 14 inches.
  • Each lamp works with 60W light bulbs!
  • The teal blue color finish looks fantastic when lighted up!

I put this one as an alternative for people who are looking to add some modern look to their tropical designs. It can work well because of the design and colors. You can change the lampshade if you want to find something suitable!

How to Pick Best Tropical Table Lamp?

The tropical designs do not vary too much. There are always colorful objects on most of these lamps. There will be flowers, birds, fruits, colored beads. Sometimes designers use tall wicker vases covered with wood, bamboo, or palm. Palm figures are ubiquitous when it comes to tropical design! You can even find some products which are made from porcelain or ceramic! The tropical theme is so easy to implement if you know the basics!


If you want to have a successful design in your room, you should think about tropical colors for a good minute. Most of the time, designers use turquoise, green and white colors for tropical designs! These colors make you feel like you are at the beach. The beach contains 4-5 different colors, which include brown, white, green, and all types of blue in it! If you stick to these colors, you won’t have problems with tropical designs.

Some stained glass lamps in the market contain all of these colors. These lamps can be used for tropical design every time!  Ceramic table lamps are your second if you can’t find something designed especially for tropical designs! Ceramic table lamps can have all kinds of blue or white colors according to your needs! These lamps are also easy to implement in any tropical design! The last lamp I shared is a ceramic lamp which has a turquoise color!

Material Quality

The material quality of tropical table lamps doesn’t vary too much because most of the time, they are made from the same material! However, the brand is essential when it comes to tropical lamps. There are some successful brands out like Possini, Eneya, Pacific Coast, or Nantucket! You can quickly get a lamp from one of these brands if you don’t know what you are doing.


The price could be an issue for some people because tropical table lamps are expensive most of the time! If you are going with the tropical design, I suggest you get the best lamp possible because it will save you some money in the long run! If you read my instructions carefully, you can find yourself a worth tropical table lamp with ease! Please leave comments below and share your opinion about the tropical table lamps!

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