Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

I really like the Brightech lamps when it comes to improving the style of a room because they have a reasonable price and the quality is great! This lamp is not that different when it comes to efficiency! It works perfectly for any environment including living rooms and workspaces. I would use this lamp for my workspace because it creates and upward lighting which is good for the eyes. It won’t cause any strain but still, light up the whole room. This is perfect for working for long hours.

The Brightech Sky LED torchiere is a high-quality lamp with a lot of functions. Let’s take a look at its attributes and learn about it!


  • This product is made of high-quality material! This SKY Torchiere modern floor lamp is different than others! It’s not standard or ordinary! LED lights are used in this product, which is made to last more than ten years! As you know, LED lights don’t cause any overheating, and they don’t burn out! No one should spend dollars on bad lamps, which are not as durable as LED Lamps!
  • The height of the product is 63 inches, which is shorter than other floor lamps. However, you don’t need anything too tall because it is faced upwards.
  • You can easily change to light brightness! This product comes with a dimmer switch, which helps you to set the light rate! It has three steps that allow you to set the mood with a simple touch! LED lights are made of 30 watts, and it produces lighting between 3000 and 1660 lumens!
  • One of the best sellers on Amazon!
  • This lamp is most suitable for living rooms. You can combine it with other floor lamps to create a beautiful ambient.
  • It’s really easy to put together. Even kids can do it.
  • The lamp can be controlled by wall switches if set up correctly! It can also be used with smart plugs like Alexa or other smart home devices!
  • The lamp has three different design options, and all of them look extremely great! My favorite is a dark bronze one.
  • Brightech Sky LED torchiere lamp is capable of providing task and mood lighting at the same time! You can use the dimmers to acquire the lighting you want.
  • The base material is slender and durable! But the most important thing about the slender of this product is you can fit this into any place!
  • You can also rotate the top of the product! You have two choices when you are buying this product, including black and white!


  • The torchiere design provides indirect and bright lighting for your needs! It will also save you some energy bills!
  • You can use the dimmer switch for the task you need! Adjustable light functions are mostly found in torchiere lamps!
  • You can direct the warm white glow in any direction you want! This product alone can provide an adequate amount of light for a 20×15 square room!
  • This lamp looks extremely modern in all of the design types! It’s also extremely sleek, which makes it easier to fit in any type of room.
  • You can easily assemble the product in 20 minutes.
  • The cord is about 7-8 feet length, which allows you to put it anywhere you want! The total product weight is 13 pounds, which means children and pets will have a hard time knocking it down!

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