Cheapest IKEA Floor Lamps to Buy Under 30 Dollars

If you just moved into a new home, IKEA is one of the first places you are going to visit. You can find the cheapest floor lamps there and improve the looks of your home with ease. This is really easy when you know what you are doing. It can be hard to create an appropriate interior decor when you don’t know what to do. Financial restrictions can be a part of this. You can avoid this by selecting the best possible lighting options available on the market. Make sure you read my article about the cheapest IKEA floor lamps.

Price-Performance IKEA Floor Lamps for People on Budget

Ikea Not Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp
Ikea 301.451.29 Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp
IKEA Holmo Floor Lamp

Ikea Not Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp

  • One of the best seller uplight floor lamps on the Amazon.
  • It has a standard quality for the price.
  • You can find the lamp cheaper on IKEA.
  • Customers are generally satisfied with the lamp.
  • You can get the lamp with two LED bulbs if you want to pay less.
  • The total height of the lamp is 69 inches.
  • The base diameter is 11 inches.
  • You have to assemble the product, but it’s straightforward.
  • I suggest you get the lamp with light bulbs. One of the light bulbs is very hard to find in regular stores.
  • One light bulb is E26, and another one is E17.
  • The reading part of the lamp is gooseneck. It can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • I suggest this lamp because it’s an uplight and reading lamp at the same time. It can be suitable for students because of the utility.

Ikea 301.451.29 Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp

  • This floor lamp is a little bit different than the one above.
  • The first different thing is its color.
  • If you like white color, this will suit your needs better.
  • The height of the lamp is 69 inches.
  • You should buy the lamp with LED light bulbs if you want to avoid problems.
  • Lamps can be controlled separately.
  • The smaller part of the lamp is bendable. You can point it to the place you want.
  • You should buy the lamp with light bulbs because the smaller part of the lamp is tough to find and it costs a lot.
  • The lamp is easy to assemble.
  • It’s one of the cheapest IKEA floor lamps you can ever find.

IKEA Holmo Floor Lamp

  • The height of the lamp is 46 inches, which is pretty lower than average for a floor lamp.
  • The lamp is excellent for soft mood light.
  • You should buy a lamp with a light bulb set. It becomes cheaper.
  • The shade is made of rice paper. It’s not that high-quality, but it does the job.
  • The cord length is 7 feet.
  • Bestseller lamp of the IKEA.
  • The lamp is extremely easy to set up even kids can do it.
  • Looks great in the living room, provides a soft light.
  • The footswitch is easy to use; most of the customers love it!
  • Some parts are cheaply made, make sure you use the lamp carefully.
  • You can use it in the corner and acquire beautiful ambient lighting.

How to Pick the Best Possible IKEA Lamp?

Lamps play a significant role when it comes to designing a lighting fixture of the room. They are an essential part of a home. You have to pick the lamps to provide the best possible function and ambiance. There are many designs and fixtures available on the market. However, when the budget is an issue, it might be hard to find something suitable. You can still overcome this situation by getting a cheaper floor lamp.

Contrary to popular belief, a cheap floor lamp can be useful and beautiful at the same time. They can provide the looks of a decorative lamp and functionality of a high-quality lamp! You don’t have to sacrifice the quality all of the time. You need to know what you are looking for. It is possible the change the worst looking interiors with just simple touches.


You should be implementing minimalist modern designs if you want to get away with cheap floor lamps. They can easily fit in minimalist design without problems. Most of the time, cheap floor lamps can lack height, and they are generally slimmer than other lamps. If you have a small space to use, this is not a problem. If your room is big, you should be looking for 3-headed floor lamps. The cheaper floor lamps are generally more mobile because of their weight. You can carry them around the house without any problems.


You should make sure the design of your lamp matches the interior design of your room. It should match the color scheme for beginners. After that, you can check the motif of the room and make sure it matches with it too. The color is generally natural to match if you are using a modern design in your room. Modern designs usually consist of white, black, and gray tones. Most of the floor lamps on the market consist of these colors in their products. Material type is another important factor. Most of the cheap floor lamps are made of steel or chrome. These are generally colored with grey or metallic colors. They are easy to use and match the design of your room.

There are other lamps which are made of wood, but they are expensive than standard lamps. You can also change the shades of your floor lamp to create a different motif. Shades are generally determined the light output of the lamp, and they are essential. They have the most effective of the ambiance. These are my most basic suggestions when it comes to picking the best possible floor lamp! Make sure you read the reviews of the products and buy the best one possible! Happy hunting!

IKEA doesn’t have new models in 2020. However, if you know other models they have to feel free to write them here. I will gladly review them for you!

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